Atmakaraka Jupiter In Different Houses Meaning

Atmakaraka Jupiter: A Wise Soul

Atmakaraka Jupiter means the character of your soul is a philosopher, spiritualist, counselor, religious, and educated.  You are an advisor to your family, friends, and people in your social network. People look to you for guidance and wise counseling for problems or issues they may have. You are highly educated; even if you do not have a formal education, you take time to educate yourself in a skill, trade, or subject. Nevertheless, if you do decide to pursue an education you can obtain a master’s degree or Ph.D., or any advanced degree; higher education intrigues your interest. You are religious or spiritual; if religious, your go-to churches or temples in prayer or worship. If you are spiritual and take interest in spiritual practice you can be a practitioner of chants, mantras, and healing prayers.  You are a philosopher and a seeker of truth; therefore, you contemplate life and the true meaning behind all existence. You are very lucky and fortunate in your life; This is because the planet Jupiter blesses you with prosperity and abundance; this is especially true if Jupiter is involved in Raja Yoga, Dhana Yoga, or Lakshmi Yoga. During the Mahadasha of Jupiter, you experience good fortune in your life.

The planet Jupiter in different houses gives the most beneficial results. . therefore, with Jupiter being your Atmakaraka, your soul’s purpose in life is to enjoy the rewards and blessings of Jupiter in your life. However, if Jupiter is afflicted it will protect the significator of each house.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 1st house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 1st house means your purpose in life is to be a counselor and advisor to every aspect of your life, especially each house Jupiter aspects. From the first house Jupiter aspects the 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, and 7th house. Therefore, you’re a Guru and give wise counsel to your mother(4H), your father(9H), your spouse(7H), and your children (5H). You can give good advice because Jupiter has directional strength in the 1st house; because Atmakaraka Jupiter is in your first house you are wise and intelligent. Jupiter is expanding, therefore, placed in the first house it expands your physical body: therefore, your body can be big, bulky, tall, or wide.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 2nd House

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 2nd House means your purpose in life is to expand your resources. Since Jupiter is benefic, you are blessed with a good relationship with your family: you love to deal with people in your family (cousin, aunt, uncle. Your speech is wise are you love advising family members. You can earn resources through speech, food, or your face. Since Jupiter is a wise guru, you have a wise-looking face and can appear holy and spiritual.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 3rd house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 3rd house means you are born to use your communicative power to preach and to teach. You are very good when it comes to communication, writing, and dictation. You can receive wisdom from younger siblings and people in your immediate environment (neighbors, coworkers, cousins, and friends). Anyone with who you are in close contact can be a messenger of knowledge and wisdom. You learn from your environment and use your own personal experience to counsel others. since Jupiter is the karaka of wealth you can make money from, the 3rd house significator such as, communication, publications, writing, classical knowledge, marketing, business, classical arts.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 4th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 4th house means you have a heart of gold, peace of mind and, love tranquility within your home; however, if Jupiter is afflicted in the 4th house it will give opposite results. Nevertheless, when Jupiter is in good dignity you do not let imbalances disrupt your mental and emotional peace. You have a blessed relationship with your mother; in addition, wisdom can come through your mother, and she can give you wise advice and counsel. Additional resources come through the home and mother. You can also be blessed with a big home of your own.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 5th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 5th house means you are blessed with children, a good education, spiritual knowledge, and you do well in business speculations. You are blessed with an education and if pursued you’re able to obtain a degree, certificate, or be skilled in trade; it’s because the 5th house is all about education and Jupiter blesses you with an education. Jupiter relates to travel; therefore, you may travel when it comes to educational pursuits. The birth of children brings blessings into your life. Your children especially the first child is naturally wise and your child may be a reincarnation of a past life guru.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 6th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 6th house means your wisdom comes from dealing with the everyday mundane life. That is to say, your work routines, working on the job, and servicing people enlighten you with wisdom and knowledge; this is because you learn when dealing with the mundane world. With Jupiter in the 6th house, you are protected from enemies and oppositions. On the other hand, since Jupiter relates to law and the 6th house is service; you could give your service being a lawyer, attorney, litigator, or mediator. this is because Jupiter blesses you with knowledge of the law to deal with disputes. Atmakaraka Jupiter gives you an optimistic perspective when resolving challenges.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 7th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 7th house means your purpose in life is to gain wisdom and knowledge from your interaction with other people. You are blessed with a good spouse who supports you and guides you. The spouse (husband or wife) it’s very intelligent and good when it comes to negotiations. Jupiter is the karaka for husband in a female chart; therefore, Jupiter blesses a female with an intelligent, spiritual, and good husband. Nevertheless, Once married (for both males and females) many blessings come into your life. this is because Jupiter becomes activated when you get married and Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in Vedic Astrology.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 8th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 8th house means your purpose in life is to gain knowledge in occult, mysticism, esoteric, and hidden information, even astrology is known to be a hidden knowledge. researching information on the occult and the hidden supernatural world inspires you with wisdom and knowledge of spiritual laws. A female can marry a man who is a provider and supports her financially. Nevertheless, Jupiter in the 8th house can indicate a rich or financially secure spouse for both men and females; however, Jupiter has to be in good dignity (exalted, friends sign, or own sign). This is because the 8th house relates to spouses’ income and Jupiter is abundance.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 9th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 9th house means you are wise, knowledgeable, spiritual, lucky, fortunate, end up believer in higher education. the 9th house is known as the highest of luck and when you’re Atmakaraka isn’t this house this means that you can attract luck to you like a magnet. things seem to magically work out for you or you can get ahead in life went little work. you are blessed with higher education and can’t have an interest in spiritual and mundane laws. Therefore, you have the talent to be a judge or lawyer. You enjoy religious or spiritual studies it will invest your time learning spirituality, reciting mantras, praying, practically any type of religion or spiritual belief you have. You feel fortunate in life, this is because your mind focuses on positive expectation at the 9th house draw good things to you like a magnet.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 10th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 10th house you are a counselor and very knowledgeable when it comes to the work you perform in your career. People come to you for advice and wise counsel: this is because you educate yourself on how to correctly perform a task on the job. You are blessed with career success, and even when there are obstacles on the job things seem to magically work out; this is because Jupiter protects and brings blessings to your work environment. Jupiter is the significator of husband in a female chart; therefore, a female will meet her husband at work or in a business environment. a female may also have a business relationship with her spouse.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 11th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 11th house means you love expanding your social network and you were blessed with good friends: influential people help you realize your soul purpose and goals. The 11th house relates to your hopes, wishes, desires, and Jupiter brings blessings; therefore, with the help of your support network or eldest sibling, you’re able to manifest your wildest dreams. in addition, Jupiter blesses you with additional resources, earnings, and financial gains. You get good guidance and advice from your friends and eldest sibling.

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 12th house

Atmakaraka Jupiter in 12th house means you can be successful as a spiritual practitioner. however, developing your spirituality requires you to be in isolation, this is good because you enjoy spending time alone. Jupiter blesses you with pilgrimages and overseas travels; therefore, when you travel you become more spiritual. You receive wisdom and knowledge where you are traveling. You may very well have permanent residence in a foreign country. You’re very charitable and enjoy giving what you have to charity organizations. The planet Jupiter is the significator of husband in a female chart. Therefore, a woman’s destiny is to meet her husband in foreign lands, isolated locations, online, or in spiritual centers. Your husband could be a foreigner or of foreign birth.


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