Jupiter in the 10th house

What Does Jupiter In The 10th House Mean?

The planet Jupiter (Guru) in the tenth house shows the native has a very philosophical outlook on their career. Meaning, that when they go to work, they tend to bring their belief system and philosophical thoughts that they grew up with to their workplace. The way they think and how they actually understand the world is deeply ingrained in them during their childhood. Therefore, this placement for Jupiter may be a bit hectic. This is because the workplace presents the place that is outside, with its own certain rules and regulations. As such, they need to go along with it; they cannot bring their belief system from home to their work. Therefore, adjustments are needed. Any kind of prejudice should be left at home while respecting the traditional opinion of the majority. However, the mixed feeling of Jupiter is well shown here. It is strongly attached to its belief, and when the native goes to the workplace, they intend to spread their belief no matter what. It is the omnipresent truth to them; as such, they need to share it, which can cause them trouble.

Jupiter in the 10th house points out their fathers’ abilities. He is someone with astonishing teaching capabilities. He was the native’s guide throughout life who tried his best to lead his children onto the right path. Hence, he enjoyed everlasting gratitude and respect for his offspring. When it comes to their father’s appearance, he had a pleasant voice, which also was carried onto the natives.

Usually, the majority of the ones with Jupiter in the 10th house use their upbringing and belief system to make progress in their career. This placement of Jupiter gives some of the best counselors and psychologists. Also, they can do very well in the teaching profession, along with the university profession, too. The biological field of studies may also be a good choice for natives with Jupiter in the 10th house. Diplomatic skills are highly proficient, so any kind of occupation that points to counseling, group or person, or even being a diplomat in another country, can give the native desired success. Speaking of diplomacy, government positions can also be a good choice for a native’s career. This is because Jupiter’s philosophy is that it wants to follow and it wants to apply the law. They may not tend to be politicians, but they do want to be working in the backend as someone who can set the rights, laws, the bills, someone who is working behind all the known people, making things work and function. Additionally, this is a promising position for making business trades, especially related to foreign countries.

Whenever a benefic planet is positioned in the 10th house, in this case, Jupiter, it shows that the native shall have a pleasant and recognized fame. It does not have to be globally acknowledged, but the native will truly be respected in its community and surroundings.

Jupiter in the 10th house Aspect the 2nd, 4th, 6th House

Jupiter in the 10th house aspects the 2nd house (of speech and family), the 4th house ( of home and mother’s nourishment), and Jupiter aspects the 6th house of work, obstacles, health and service.

While Jupiter is placed in the 10th house, it aspects the 2nd house. 2nd house represents family, business, speech, food that is eaten, and assets. Jupiter’s aspect gives the native inclination toward following their family’s upbringing. Also, the family business may be taken over by the native in order to expand it. The speech is pleasant and calming, and any guidance that is given through verbal expression is accepted and appreciated. Additionally, a philosophical vibe can be felt in the native’s voice. The depth and profound thought can touch other people’s souls and direct them to the right path. Since Jupiter represents knowledge and intelligence, the native’s speech radiates with intellect and worldly knowledge. When it comes to occupation, any job related to public speaking or self-help and motivational speaker can be a good choice. Hence, it can be helpful to others to feel and learn how to truly live a spiritual life.

When Jupiter is positioned in the 10th house, it aspects the 4th house. This indicates both mother’s nourishment and father’s teaching as very solid. No matter if Jupiter is exalted or debilitated, it gives a trustworthy and solid upbringing with both mother and father. This is because not only is Jupiter in the 10th house, the house of the father cherish and care, but also aspects the 4th house, which indicates the mother’s love and comfort. Both the parents can be very religious and philosophically oriented. Also, they are presented as workers rather than businessmen. Their routine is important to them because that is the way they can work behind the scenes, especially in administrative positions. Additionally, the mother’s nourishment is spiritually based; therefore, the home environment and life itself were imbued with a religious way of thinking.

While Jupiter is in the 10th house, it also aspects the 6th house, the house of rivals. Here, Jupiter is in a good position and delivers victory over opponents through diplomacy, speech, and belief system. Overcoming their enemies will not represent a problem. As for the occupations, the native may look for a career in litigations, working as a lawyer, or as a mediator who resolves disagreements among people. Additionally, the native will easily overcome any health problems.

Overall, this placement of Jupiter gives it comfort and sound position. Mixed feelings might be present, as Jupiter likes to share its own beliefs and instill them in others, which can be troubling since other people already have their own system of thoughts and prejudices. With proper adjustment and understanding of others, it should not represent an obstacle in future endeavors for the native.

When Jupiter is placed in the 10th house, for females, it carries the symbol of meeting the husband in the workplace. It may also happen on a diplomatic trip or some kind of Work conference. Mostly, it will be a very professional setting.

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