Sun As Your Atmakaraka: Your Soul’s Purpose

Atmakaraka Sun means you have all the qualities of the Sun and are a shining light in the lives of others. You have an interest in politics and can have a career working for the government. You are confident and have high self-esteem. However, since you are so authoritative, you can be controlling and dominating which intimidate others. In summary you are intelligent, inspirational, creative, powerful, authoritative, and have good leadership abilities.

Atmakaraka Sun in 1st House

Atmakaraka Sun in 1st house means you are a born leader and you have a rulership personality. You are a leading example and inspiration to others. People are inspired by you and follow your lead. Sun in the 1st house is exalted, which is the original house of Aries. Therefore, you must always be in a seat of power. This is because you have a hard time taking orders from others. Your destiny in life is to be a leader and the ruler of your own kingdom. For instance, your own Kingdom could be owning a business or having property in your name. You take action towards self-development and love expressing yourself by fulfilling personal desires.

Atmakaraka Sun in 2nd House

Atmakaraka Sun in 2nd house means your purpose in life is to take the authority role and manage to increase your finances and resources. Your ego and confidence are boosted when things are going well with your family and finances. You can accumulate money through your own efforts; your confidence and self-esteem is boosted when you are making your own money. You have a very powerful and authoritative tone to your voice and when you speak others listen.

Nevertheless, your early childhood was Influenced your personal development. If the Sun is in a friendly sign, family positively influences you; however, if Sun is in an enemy sign, you experience the opposite results. Sun is the significator of the father; therefore, the father is a big influence in your life.

Atmakaraka Sun in the 3rd House

Atmakaraka Sun in the 3rd house means you put effort into obtaining the things that you want. Your soul purpose is to take the leadership role to make things happen in your life by putting in the time, effort, energy, and work. You may have a career in writing, communication, or social media. Your youngest sibling or people in your immediate circle (friends, Coworkers, neighbors, coworkers) support you and your path in life.

Atmakaraka Sun in 4th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 4th House means you feel at ease and comfortable at home. You feel confident, powerful, and authoritative being in the safety of your home environment. Your ego is connected with your home; however, you could become so attached to your home that you may be an introvert or homebody. When you have purchased a home that you love you feel confident and illuminated. With Sun in the 4th house, you prefer a large and spacious home; your home is your castle where you are the king or queen. You can have a home office will work from home; However, if you commute to work every day you may notice that you take a lot of work home with you. Your mother is a strong influence in your life, and she could have been the authority figure in your childhood home.

Atmakaraka Sun in 5th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 5th House means you experience a lot of good luck and fortune from past life deeds. This is because the 5th house is Purva Punya (past life good Karma); you could experience this good luck especially during the Mahadasha of Sun. You are very intelligent and have visual creative talents. Your education is important to you and your career development. You have intelligence when it comes to speculative business investments. You have an interest when it comes to learning ancient texts such as scriptures. The 5th house relates to stage performance: therefore, you could be in the entertainment business.

Atmakaraka Sun in 6th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 6th House means the majority of your life revolved around routines. Your Dharma’s (Purpose in life) is to be involved with the mundane world. To clarity, that everyday work routines, running errands, and performing tedious tasks are how you burn your karma. With Sun in a 6th house, life can feel like an obstacle; however, you have the vitality and the power of authority to come out on top no matter how hard things can get. The power of the Sun shines a light and burn away opponents and obstacles that can get in your way. Because of this sun here is a good placement.

Atmakaraka Sun in 7th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 7th House means your power can be lost. This is because the Sun is debilitated in the seven house which is the original house of Libra. You can have trouble exerting your power and getting others to follow your lead. People can test your ego, especially your marriage partner (husband or wife. As a result, your self-esteem and confidence can take blows because you feel people do not respect your authority. Taking blows to your ego is how you burn your karma in this life. However, to assert your power you may have a controlling personality to prove yourself to other people. Nevertheless, you can lose your ego or identity when you are in personal relationships. However, once you realize life is about compromising then Sun in the 7th house can give good results.

Atmakaraka Sun in 8th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 8th House means you have a deep interest in mysticism and esoteric knowledge. Your soul inspires you to explore the occult and hidden subjects because this is your purpose in life. You are a researcher, and you bring to light any information that is hidden, secretive, rare, or hard to find. You enjoy delving into the unknown and can work for a company at which secrets or hidden information it’s the main part of your job. You can either discover other people’s secrets or have your own secrets exposed. Nevertheless, you are very magnetic, and people are drawn to your alluring energy like a moth to a flame. This is because the sun is light, and the 8th house is darkness; therefore, you are like a beacon of light glowing in the dark. If Sun is in good dignity other people can freely give you resources or you can benefit financially once married.

Atmakaraka Sun in 9th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 9th House means you feel inspired and have a sense of purpose when you are performing good deeds, practicing faith, being involved in religion, or spirituality. You put your heart and soul in religion, spirituality, or a belief system because your soul is guiding you to this practice. You have very strong beliefs that help you identify who you are: you live your life according to your beliefs. With Sun in the 9th house, your father is very authoritative and a natural-born leader. You can have a career in higher education, teaching spirituality, or religion. You can travel a long distance for work or enjoy traveling in general.

Atmakaraka Sun in 10th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 10th house means your purpose is to be the boss, authority figure, and ruler of your own kingdom when it comes to your career. You do best when you are in business for yourself as opposed to working for someone else. You do not get along with bosses and supervisors because you are meant to rule. However, if you are working for someone else, you’re best suited to be the boss, supervisor, CEO, etc. of the company you’re working for. Therefore, you make a wonderful entrepreneur, businessman, and businesswoman because you have natural leadership abilities. Nevertheless, with Atmakaraka Sun in 10th House, you can have a career in which you give you a service to the government. A government position is the type of job you easily attract.

Atmakaraka Sun in 11th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 11th House mean means your friends, elder sibling, and people in your social network look to you as the authority figure. You are a natural group leader and take the leadership role when it comes to gatherings of large groups. People look up to you for guidance on how to go about performing tasks. If Sun is not afflicted, your eldest sibling follows your lead. You have a lot of influential and powerful people in your network circle who will help you with your soul purpose and destiny.

Atmakaraka Sun in 12th House

Atmakaraka Sun in 12th house means you have a very reserved personality and enjoy solitude. You do not like to be in the spotlight unless other planetary alignments show otherwise. Your purpose in life is to seek spirituality and enlightenment; you achieved this by being in isolation in which you can pray, meditate, chant, or practice your spiritual beliefs. Nevertheless, part of your personality you keep private and hidden from the world, only those close to you can truly know who you are. On the other hand, Sun relates to your energy and vitality and 12 houses relate to expenditures. Therefore, with Sun in the 12th house, you give your energy to your purpose in life. You can also work for a foreign government or work for a local government in which the majority of your work is related to a foreign entity.

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