Sun in the 2nd house

Sun in 2nd House

Sun in the 2nd House – Family Lineage Drive Ego

If the Sun is not debilitated or in an enemy sign, Sun in the 2nd house in Vedic astrology illuminates the positive aspect of the 2nd house. The person family history, relationship with father, and early childhood can shape their ego and how they feel about themselves. A lot of their strength can come from having a supportive family. A person ego can be built-up or broken down depending on if they view their family in a good or negative light. Even if the family history is bad Sn in the 2nd house can influence and person to express or talk to others about the positive aspects of the family and not even mention the negative experiences. They will publicly display their family in high esteem as if they come from a Royal family.

Father Authority Figure

Since the 2nd house rules family, you have come from a family where your father is the authority figure. The authority of your father may have a positive or negative effect on you. If the sun is debilitated or in an enemy sign (or if the depositor of 2nd house is damaged) the father’s influences may have been negative or demoralize you in some way.

Authoritative Speech

Since the 2nd house governs speech and your vocal cords. A person’s speech will be authoritative and powerful. People will listen when this person speaks or be inspired to follow what they have to say especially when a person passes the age of 30. After the age of 30, the Sun matures and so will the power of your voice. The older you get the more power and brighter the sun is in your chart.

Luxury Taste Buds

Since the 2nd house rules your taste buds (what you like to eat) and the sun is a symbolism of Royalty, natives with Sun in the 2nd house have expensive taste, they like to eat luxury foods, foods that are delicious and appealing to their taste bud. They eat like Kings or Queens and the refrigerator is always stock with foods they love.

Ego Connected with Ability to Make Money

Natives with Sun in the 2nd house in vedic astrology, their ego is connected to their ability to make money. If they are not making the amount of money they desire, this will take a blow to their ego and they may feel bad about themselves or feel they are not living up to their potential. When they start making the amount of money they desire or have a career they love, this boosts their ego and self-confidence and they can start to feel good about themselves. Since Sun matures after the age of 30, these people may start to make after the age of 30.

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