Sun in the 3rd house
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The destiny of Your Soul

The planet sun in each house is an indicator of your soul purpose or destiny in life. The planet sun is a mild malefic it can illuminate any house it is positioned in but at the same time it punished the soul by burring your karma through life experiences (both good and bad. When the planet Sun is in the 3rd house in vedic astrology, you feel alive, vibrant, and energetic when you are involved in 3rd house activities such as communication, traveling (short distance), being involved in a hobby of your choice, or involved with younger siblings. These engagements make you feel alive and inspired.

Sun in 3rd House – Younger Siblings

The 3rd house relates to younger siblings and the sun represents power and authority. If you have a younger sibling, the sibling can be very authoritative and a natural leader. Government is also another 3rd house indicators and younger siblings can work in government or have some type of political job or interest.

Sun in the 3rd House – Career

Sun in the 3rd house in vedic astrology influences a person to have a career involving communication. Communication jobs are best suited for these natives. Since Sun illuminates any house it is positioned in, the communication is magnified as is a main focus in life. The 3rd house represents communication of all kinds, letters, writing, journals, article, books, social media, Youtube, bloggers. With sun in the 3rd house, you could have a career as a professional blogger or Youtube sensation.

If Sun is conjunct the lord of the 4th house (home) or is in the zodiac sign Cancer, natives with Sun in the 3rd house could work from the privacy of their own home in a communication field. Well-developed computer skills can open doors to online research or data mining employment, especially if the ruler of the 8th house (research) aspects or conjunct the Sun in the 3rd house. The 3rd house also represents hobbies, any type of hobby you are interested in can be turned into a career, especially hobbies that involve your hands (hands are another 3rd house significator) crocheting, knitting, or any type of handcraft hobby can be a career.

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