Sun in the 12th house

Soul Purpose

Natives with Sun in the 12th house in vedic astrology love being alone. When the natives take trips to the park, walks on the beach, or spending time alone in the confinement of your own home can recharge your batteries. You feel your soul come alive and more joyful when you are spending quality time to yourself. You can receive a message from the higher realms when you are isolated. Your soul purpose is to connect with your spirit, and this can be accomplished when you are in isolation. The love of isolation is magnified with Sun is your Atmakaraka positioned in the 12th house. Natives with the sun in the 12th house also come alive when foreign traveling. The native feel inspired when they foreign travel; trips to a distant land and faraway place lure you. When the sun is positioned in the 12th house the native may move permanently to a foreign land, especially if there are malefic planets in the 4th house or aspect the 4th house (Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars). Your entire life you may have felt that it was your destiny to live in a foreign land where you will be exposed to a new culture and lifestyle that will help you grow and develop in life.

Self Esteem

The 12th house is the house of losses and when the Sun is positioned in the 12th house in vedic astrology an individual can lose self-esteem. The self-esteem loss depends on what planet the sun is conjunct or aspected by. If the planet Sun is aspect by Mercury and ruler of Mercury is positioned in the 8th house of secrets a native loses self-esteem when their secrets are exposed through gossip (3rd house indicator).


There can be an estranged relationship with the father. If Jupiter aspect the Sun in the 12th house that estranged relationship can be resolved over time. The estranged relationship with the father can be caused by the father being imprisoned in jail, asylum, or even hospitalized. The father could even have a substance abuse problem that causes the estrangement. If the planet Sun conjunct Mars, arguments, disputes, and fights can create a wider gap in the relationship. Because of this estrangement, an individual feel as if they do not have a father in their lives.

Sun in the 12th House Career

Natives with Sun in the 12th house in vedic astrology can have careers working in an asylum, hospital, jail, or any place of isolation. You take the leadership role in these positions. Sun in the 12th house can also indicate a job involving foreign travel. Natives may work for a foreign country or company in their homeland. If working for a company in your homelands the native foreign travel for business meetings, company merges, or training opportunities.


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