Sun in the 4th house

Your Home is Your Castle

Natives with Sun in the 4th house in vedic astrology feel comfortable at home. These individuals can be addicted to their homes and be introverts or homebodies because the home is where these natives feel the most comfortable. The home is closely attached to their emotional happiness. They like to decorate their home lavishly, with decorative that brighten up their home or signifies their power or status in life. Their ego is strongly associated with the appearance of their home. When they have established a home that they have envisioned, these natives feel good about themselves and love to brag about their home. Natives with Sun in the 3rd house prefer to live upscale, They prefer to live in a large home. If not living high in life, they will strive to get where they want to be. They want to be in charge of their home and be the King or Queen of their domain (household).

Sun Not Visible in Sky at Time of Birth

People with Sun in the 4th house in vedic astrology were born at nighttime (when the Sun was not visible in the sky). Sun in 4th house can mildly weaken the power of the Sun in a birth chart. The Sun in the 4th house has no directional strength (Dig Bala). This is not a negative aspect but can be incredibly positive when it comes to accomplishing task at home. Your light and energy can be more focus on the home like managing the home, being the boss of your castle (home), decorating, or being successful self-employed. This position is exceptionally good for natives to work from home. Nontraditional jobs like bloggers or Youtube sensations can be accomplished with this position.


Natives who have Sun in the 4th house tend to be private people, due to the Sun not being visible in the sky at the time of their birth. They enjoy their privacy; and may feel more comfortable at home.

Mother is Father

When these natives were younger living under their mothers roof, they often have mothers who played a dual role of mother and father figure, even if the father was around the Mother was more dominant. Their mother may have been the bread winner or in charge of the household.

Mother Inspires with Creativity

Since Sun represents creativity and 4th house indicates Mother, the Mother may have inspired the natives with creativity. Mother can inspire the native to be an actors, painter, sculpture, writer, or any other creative endeavor. The type of creative pursuits depends on planets sitting or aspecting the 4th house. These creative pursuits can be used to start your own business (since sun aspects the 10th house of career).

Sun Matures After the Age of 30

After the age of 30, you may begin to feel or experience the roles of Sun in the 4th house stronger. Your personal power, confidence, and career can rise after 30 years old.


Sun in the 4th house in vedic astrology aspects the 7th house of career. Any planets in the 4th house can influence career. Natives with Sun in the 4th house may have a home business or have a desire to have a home business. In addition, to work at home jobs, Natives can pursue careers in real estate or dealing will fixed assets (property, vehicles, lands) .

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