Sun in the 7th house

Sun Debilitated in Libra

The 7th house is ruled by the zodiac sign Libra. The planet Sun is debilitated in the sign of Libra. The planet Sun was setting at the time at birth and has no directional strength (Dig Bala) in the 7th house. This means a native will have to put others needs first (especially in marriage or long termed relationships). If there is no cancellation to debilitation, marriage relationship can suffer due to the partners dominance. A native ego is often tested by others. In this placement is not about the native, but it is about pleasing others.

Sun in the 7th House – Loss of Power

A natives power can be lost when sun is in the 7th house in Vedic astrology. Natives have trouble exerting their personal power due to their ego constantly being put to the tested by others, especially the partner. A natives, self-esteem and confidence can suffer because one may deal with a lot of people who will not respect their authority, and this may take a hard blow the natives self-esteem and ego. Natives with Sun in the 7th house have to strive to gain respect from others, which may make them seem aggressive, demanding, and authoritative. Aggressive personalities from natives with sun in the 7th house is the result of not being able to effectively exert personal power and natives feel they always have to prove themselves to other people.

Self-Centered Spouse

If married (or in a long-term relationships) natives with sun in the 7th house will be involved with a partner who is powerful, strong willed, forceful, dominating, and often controlling. If the partner feels (at any moment) they are not getting the attention they desire, the partner can come off needy and demanding to the native. The native can invest an enormous amount of time and energy satisfying their partner needs over their own. The partner will want things their way or the highway. Marriage could be like an employee boss relationship, (where the native is the employee, and the partner is the boss). And the native have to take orders from the partner. The partner may constantly remind them that the relationship is not about the native but about them (the partner). If Sun is conjunct Mars in the 7th house, the dominating personality from partner can lead to fights, arguments, and disputes which can cause breaks in the relationship.


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