Sun in the 5th house
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Sun in the 5th House – Destiny of Your Soul

Sun in the 5th house in vedic astrology, illuminates the 5th house like a beacon of light. The 5th house is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. The planet Sun feels extremely comfortable in the 5th house. Natives with Sun in the 5th house feel a soul purpose with 5th house indicators (speculations, children, politics, creativity, fun, entertainment). Natives with this position feel a soul purpose to raise children (5th) work with children (5th) deal in politics (5th). and learn classical knowledge and mantras (5th). Sun in the 5th house can illuminate visual creative, you can feel alive when you are painting, drawing, or involved in graphic designs (any type of visual creativity). A Native intelligence is illuminated in the 5th house especially if Sun conjunct Mercury, this creates a Bhudha Aditya Yoga (planetary combination of high intelligence).

Purva Punya – Past life Good Karma

The 5th house is Purva Punya (past life good Karma). Sun in the 5th house indicates rewards due to past life deeds. The 5th is an indicator of talents, you can have a natural talent for politics, speculations, performance, spiritual practices, dealing with children or be a talented visual artist.


Your children can be extremely proud, powerful, and have good leadership abilities. Sun in the 5th house can limited children. Children can be indicated with Sun in the 5th house , however, natives with this placement may have no more than two children. Since Sun is a male planet, it can indicate having a son.

Sun in the 5th House – Career

Natives with Sun in the 5th house can pursue careers in business speculation, stock market, teacher of children (or teacher in general), government, politics, be a performer, or in the entertainment business. Natives with this position can study politics as a formal education and become Governor, Senate, Mayor or be in a high government job. Natives may also work for people in these political positions. If your 5th lord is damaged (debilitated, enemy sign or in the 12th house) natives can lose money in stock market or business investments.

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