Sun in the 10th house

Directional Strength

Sun has directional strength (Dig Bala) in the 10th house in vedic astrology. The 10th house is where the planet Sun is the highest in the sky. If the planet Sun is in good dignity in the birth chart (D1) and the Navamsha (D9) chart, a Native career rises during the dasha of the Sun.

Soul Purpose

Natives with Sun in the 10th house in vedic astrology have a soul purpose to be a leader, the boss, or take some type of leadership role in career. You come alive when you are taking charge in career instead of being told what to do. When you are being dominated or around controlling people this dims your light and can affect you ego in a negative mannerism. Your ego is connected to being your own boss, being in charge can boost your self-esteem and add value to your self-worth.

You Are the Boss

Natives with Sun in the 10th house will have trouble working for other people because you are the Boss. You will get into conflict with supervisors, superiors, and managers in your career because you cannot be told what to do. This is an amazing position for entrepreneurs. It is highly advised that natives with Sun in the 10th house acquired their own business where they are the authority figure. Native with this position have natural leadership abilities and a talent for delegating task. However, If natives decide to work for someone else these individuals are best suited as a CEO , Executive, Partner of a Company, or anytime of position where you are you are the leader. .

Government Career

You may have a career working in government or politics. You attract these positions easily and can often work long-term in this field of work, especially if you are running a dasha (planet time period) of the 10th house lord or the dasha of a planet position in the 10th house in either the birth chart or the Dashamsha (Career chart). Becoming a Senate, Governor, Mayor, or even President can be accomplished if the Sun is involved in a powerful raj yoga (rise in status).

Sun in the 10th House – Father

Natives with Sun in the 10th house father (or father figure) influenced your career (for good or bad). On a positive note, You may be inspired to pursue a particular career due to the father’s advice or you may be in business with your father.


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