Sun in the 11th house

Your Soul Purpose

Natives with Sun in the 11th house in vedic astrology have a soul purpose to be involved in some type of humanitarian work especially if Sun is conjunct your ascendent lord or Atmakaraka. You desire to shine your light on those less fortunate or in need of a savior. You can be part of a large group, organization, or charity that will help people who are in need. When you are involved in humanitarian activities your Soul illuminates with joy. Since Sun represents leadership, you may be the leader of such an organization. If you are in fact the leader of a humanitarian organization, people will look up to you for guidance on how to help solve other people’s problems. .

Eldest Sibling

Your eldest sibling can be dominating but a natural leader. If Sun is damaged or in bad dignity, the eldest sibling may be dominating and controlling. This can cause problems in your life especially If Sun is conjunct Mars in the 11th house. With a Sun and Mars conjunction, you can get into argument, fights, and disputes with the eldest sibling over control issues.

Powerful People

Sun symbolizes power and the 11th house indicates hopes, wishes, dreams, and desires. With Sun in the 11th house in vedic astrology, a native will have powerful and influential people help realize their dreams. Since the 11th house is also the house of friends, you can make friends with people in high positions who can help you gain in life. A gain could be an elevation in status, the friend can recommend you to high-status jobs. The 11th house is the 7th from the 5th (Bhavat Bhavam) which is the 1st child spouse. Your first child will be married to a dominating and controlling spouse, or the first child can attract relationships (long-term) with powerful individuals.


Sun in the 11th house can indicate a career as a humanitarian. You can be working for a company or an organization that fights for the underdogs or help communities or a particular group of people in the world. Regardless, if you are involved in a company that helps others; the focus of your career is working for organizations and groups of people.


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