Sun in the 9th house
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 Soul Purpose

Sun in the 9th house in vedic astrology illuminates the house like rays of sunshine. The 9th house is the original house of Sagittarius and the sun feels comfortable in this house. Natives with this position feel alive, inspired, and a sense of purpose in life when involved with performing good deeds, practicing faith, being involved in religion, or spirituality. When natives with sun in the 9th house are engaged in these activities, they feel their souls come alive and feel a sense of divine purpose in life. You put your heart and soul in religion, spirituality, or a belief system because your soul is guiding you to these practices.

Anytime natives with sun in the 9th house feel lost in life or their light is dimmed either their Father, Advisors, Guru, Mentors or Counselors can help then find their soul purpose. These individuals will be an important figure in your life and will direct you on the right path, the path you are supposed to be on.


The 9th house represents father, and the planet sun indicates ego. Your father may have been an enormously proud man and often egotistic. The father may have been dominating and overpowering. You may have a father who worked in government or serve in the military. The influence of your father also effects your ego and how you feel about your self-worth. If your father is praising you, you will feel good about yourself; however, if your father is degrading you (regardless of whether he is aware of it or not) you will feel bad about yourself and may develop low self-esteem.


Sun in the 9th house in vedic astrology can indicate a career in legal profession or law. You could be a lawyer, judge, or paralegal. Since the 9th house is also related to religion and spirituality natives could have a career working in a church, temple, or place of worship. Priest, Ministers, and Spiritual Teachers have this position.

The 9th house is an indicator of long distant travel and foreign lands. Natives may be required to travel long distances to work. You may work in a foreign country or a company that requires you to travel long distances for training, meetings, or business merges. Natives with sun in the 9th house can also have a career working as a travel agent or travel bloggers. As a blogger natives can travel long distances then blog about their experience (especially if the 3rd house ruler of communication is conjunct or aspects the Sun).

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