Venus in the 5th house

Venus in the 5th House

Venus – When Venus is in the 5th house in Vedic astrology; you are passionate about romance, fun, creativity, children, speculation, education.

Creativity – Venus is the planet of creativity in the house of visual creativity. You have great creative talents. You have a passion for the visual arts (pictures, painting, drawing, artwork). You may also be an artist who loves to devote time to your visual creativity. Venus in this house can also influence the native to pursue the art of stage performance (5th house). You may be an actor, musician, singer, or stage performer. If Venus is conjunct Mercury, the native may be a comedian.

Where You Meet Her – Venus is the wife in a males chart. If you are a male, you will meet your girlfriend, wife, or significant other anywhere there is entertainment and fun. This could be at a club, party, festival, carnival, sports game. You also have good luck meeting a romantic partner in these places.

House Activation for Men – The 5th house becomes activates once a male is married. If you are a male, once you get married you may have the interest to invest in stocks.

Children – You are passionate about your children (especially your first-born child). Children bring a lot of love, inspiration, and joy into your life. Your children are very beautiful and can be profoundly creative.

Transformation – When you are feeling defeated, sad, or depressed your children can help uplift your spirits. Also, having funs, engaging in a creative project, or watching a movie can bring you out of the slums.

Education – A good education is of utmost importance. Venus in this position gives you a desire to pursue higher education. You love learning and are passionate about feeding your intellectual mind.

Politics – You have a passion for politics. If the 10th lord influences Venus in any way (aspect, conjunct, poisoned), you can have a career in politics.


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