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Saturn in 10th House

Serve Government – If Saturn is in your 10th house in Vedic astrology, you will give service (Saturn) to the government (King 10th house). You are attracted to any positions related to government or politics. You can work in this type of field long term especially if you are going through the 19-year Dasha of Saturn.

Career Karma – You have karma to pay back in your career (10th house). You may have career success later in life when Saturn matures (after age 36) or when Saturn returns to your natal Saturn. You have to work harder than others to succeed in your career. Saturn in the signification of hard work and discipline; Therese are the qualities that will be required to climb the corporate ladder or be self-made. Success will not come easily but career status can be accomplished with diligence and patients.

Menial Jobs – If Saturn is afflicted (debilitated, enemy sign, combusted) and you are under the age of 36. You may be only able to acquire menial jobs. A job that requires a lot of hard work and is low-skilled. If you work or worked for a corporate rate in early in life you may start as an intern or doing the office work no one else wants to do like filing paperwork or data entry. When Saturn matures you will be able to acquire a better job or work your way up the corporate ladder.

Image – The 10th house represents your image (how other people see you). With Saturn in 10th house, your image and reputation can be damaged or tarnished.

Strict Job Rules – There can be strict rules and policies at work, especially if one has a government position like security checks a lot of structures in their work environment.

Routine Work – You can have a strict routine at work or may have to constantly replicate a task on your job. You could have a job that requires you to perform the same task over and over again since Saturn is the karaka or systematic routines.

Knees – The 10th house signifies the knees and Saturn represents health issues. With Saturn in the 10th house, you will have problems with your knees.


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