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Vivah Saham Point – Marriage Timing

The vivah saham is a sensitive point in your birth chart and is calculated by adding the longitudes of Lagna Lord (LL) and 7th House Lord (7L). The calculation is summarized as longitude of LL + 7L = vivah saham. The vivah saham is used to predict the timing of marriage and significant relationships. If you a running a dasha showing a promise for marriage, and Jupiter is activating the vivah saham, you could be married or in a committed relationship. Jupiter can activate the vivah saham by being positioned in the vivah saham, Jupiter aspecting the vivah saham, or conjunct the vivah saham lord. Marriage can be indicated if you are running a dasha associated with the Darakaraka (DK), 7H House (7H), 7th House Lord (7HL), Upapada (UP) while the planet Jupiter is activating the vivah saham point. This is only a brief summary of marriage activators. I have written an entire article on all the variables (marriage activators) used to predict your marriage.

How To Calculate Vivah Saham

Calculation: By adding together the longitude of the lagna lord and 7th House Lord this will arrive at a point in your birth chart. This point is your vivah saham point. I provide an example on how this is calculated.

Angelina Jolie Vivah Saham

  1. Lagna Lord: Angelina Jolie is a Cancer ascendant. The sign Cancer is ruled by Moon, the planet Moon is at 19:34 (19 degrees and 34 minutes). Moon is positioned in the 9th house in Pisces (the 12th sign in the zodiac)
  2. Aries to Lagna Lord: You must count how many places the zodiac sign Aries is from Lagna Lord (Moon). The Moon is positioned in Pisces (12th sign of zodiac) . Start counting from Aries to Aquarius (do not count from Aries to Pisces because lagna lord (Moon) has not completed that sign. So, from Aries to Lagna Lord (Moon) 11 signs have gone by. Or, since you know Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, just subtract 12 – 1 = 11 (this is easier).
  3. 7th House Lord: The 7th house lord is Saturn. The planet Saturn is at 23:52 (23 degrees and 52 minutes). Saturn (7th lord) is positioned in the 12th house the zodiac sign Gemini (the 3rd sign in the zodiac)
  4. Aries to 7th House Lord: From the sign Aries to 7th Lord (Saturn) position in the 12th house in the sign Gemini (the 3rd sign of the zodiac) 2 signs have gone by. Since you know Gemini is the 3rd sign of the zodiac, just subtract 3 – 1 = 2 (this is easier). Remember the 3 related to the 3rd sign of the zodiac Gemini where 7th Lord is poisoned.
  5. Add Minutes of LL + 7L: Add the minutes of the Lagna Lord and 7th Lord. Remember, the lagna lord (Moon) is at 19:34 and the 7th Lord (Saturn) is at 23:52. Add the minutes, 34 + 53 = 86. The number you get is 86;however, there are only 60 minutes in an hours (an hours is never higher than 60 minutes). When the minutes are higher than 60 (86 is higher than 60) you need to subtract 60 from the minutes until the number is 60 or less. So, 86 – 60 = 26. The 2nd degree of the vivah saham point is 26 degrees.
  6. Add Degree of LL + 7L: Add the 1st degree of the lagan lord and 1st of the 7th Lord. Remember, the lagna lord (Moon) is at 19:34 degrees and the 7th Lord (Saturn) is at 23:52 degrees. Add 19 + 23 = 42. The number you get is 42, when the 2nd degree number is higher than 30 (42 is higher than 30) you need to subtract 30 until the number is 30 or less. So, 42 – 30 = 12. Carry Over 1 Minute: since you subtracted 86 – 60 to get 26 (in the previous step), you must add 1 degree to 12, so 1 + 12 = 13. The 1st degree of the vivah saham point is 13 degrees.
  7. Degrees: From the calculation you now know the 1st degree the vivah saham 13 and the 2nd degree is 26. The vivah saham point is at 13:26, now you must find what zodiac sign it falls in.
  8. Zodiac Sign VS Position: Find in what zodiac sign the vivah saham is positioned in. The LL (Moon) is 11 signs from Aries and the 7L (Saturn) is 2 signs from Aries. Add 11 + 2 = 13. Since 30 degrees was subtracted from 42 degree (in step 6) you have to add 1 to 13, so 1 + 13 = 14. Since there are only 12 zodiac signs not 14, you have to subtract 12 from 14, so 14 – 12 = 2. From Aries to vivah saham point 2 signs have gone by this put the vivah saham point in Gemini. (counting from Aries to Taurus is 2 signs do not count Gemini because the vivah saham has not complete the sign Gemini even though it is positioned there)
  9. Vivah Saham: The vivah saham point is 13:26 Gemini.
Signs From Aries (12 signs) Degrees (30 degrees) Minutes (60 minutes)
LL (Moon) is 19:34 11

11 signs gone by from Aries to LL

19 34
7L (Saturn) is 23:53 2

2 sings gone by from Aries to 7L

23 53
Total: Add (11 + 2) = 13

(Carry over 1 from the the degree since 30 was subtracted from 42)

(13 + 1) = 14

(Subtract 12 from 14 since there are only 12 signs is zodiac not 14

(14 – 12) = 2

From Aries to vivah saham point 2 signs have gone by. This puts vivah saham in Gemini

(19 + 23) = 42

42 – 30 = 12

(Carry the 1 over from 86 add it to the 1st degree number 12)

12 + 1 = 13

(34 + 52) = 86

86 – 60 = 26

(Subtract 60 from 86 when total is higher than 60)

Vivah Saham 13:26 Gemini

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