Characteristic of a Scorpio Rising / Ascendant

Scorpio’s are sexual, magnetic, secretive, emotionally intense, and have an interest in the occult. Your rising sign represents your Dharma (path in life). Because of this, Scorpios go through a lot of ups and downs. It is not an easy life for them because they face many upheavals and sudden events. Scorpio is the original 8th sign of the zodiac, therefore; they experience life from an 8th house perspective.

Scorpio Rising (8th House) Meaning)

Secretive, Transformations, Magnetism, Karmic Debts, Esoteric, Research, Chronic Illnesses, Unearned Wealth, Surgeries, Misfortunes, Addictions, Psychic Abilities, Unsuccessful Attempts, Sudden Ups & Down, Psychology, Kundalini.

Secretive Nature of a Scorpio Rising

Scorpio is the secret sign of the zodiac meaning they are secretive. Because of this, it is truly hard to figure out what they are feeling or thinking. They are never transparent (open). In other words, their lives and true characteristics are hidden from the world. People may not know the true nature of a Scorpio rising until years later. They have the keen ability to keep secrets. They could be doing things that you have no idea they are doing. It’s easy for them to live a double life. They also love to hide money. Cash can be hidden in their house or a foreign bank account.

Driven Towards Sex

Scorpios are extremely sexual. They are passionate and driven towards intimacy. They want to know their lover sexually. It is encoded in their DNA to explore people sexually first. When you go on a date with a Scorpio the first thing you notice is that they want to get you in bed. They are not loose they just appreciate physical connections. Through a physical connection, they can truly know a person. A Scorpio sexual drive is not a bad thing. They need a partner who understands and appreciates their sexual needs. When two people both have Scorpio risings in their chart or a planet in the sign of Scorpio, they are in alignment with sexuality. Even though they get to know people through sex, this is the most committed sign because all their fixation and passion go toward their lover. On another note, Scorpio naturally represents the internal reproductive organs of both men and women. Through sex is how the reproductive organs become activated.

Transformation and Change

Scorpio is a sign of major transformation and change. Scorpios ascendant people go through many ups and downs. One moment they may be on top of the world and then the next moment they feel as if they hit rock bottom. Changes are constantly taking place in their lives. On the other hand, they seem to magically transform their physical appearance. When they take pictures, they can look like a different person from one photo to the next. You often heard the phrase “It Takes One To No One” only another Scorpio can truly understand the transformational nature of this sign.


They are very magnetic people. That is to say, there is a magnetism about them that is hard to resist. It is difficult to take your eyes off a Scorpio. When looking at a Scorpio, there something is truly unique about them that you cannot quite put your finger on. Because of this, people are naturally drawn to them because are captivating. Their eyes illuminate light and can suck you in and hypnotized you. Famous women like, Princess Diane Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie are truly remarkable and magnetic women.

Karmic Debt

It is not an easy life for a Scorpio ascendant. in other words, there is a lot of karmic debt they have to pay back. The Graha (planet) Ketu, which is the South node of the Moon, co-rules Scorpio. Ketu signifies past life karma. Therefore, these people have to deal with a lot of karma baggage from a past life. This karmic baggage comes with being a Scorpio.  This is why they go through many upheavals, traumas, and unexpected events. Because of this, they can have chronic health issues.

The Base Chakra – Kundalini Energy

The Muladhara or root chakra relates to Scorpio. This chakra is found at the base of your spine. The base of the spine is where the pure energy of Scorpio dwells and where the Kundalini energy begins. The Kundalini energy starts from the root chakra and rises to the crown chakra. When this happens, an induvial becomes enlightened and operates on a higher consciousness. The power to awaken your Kundalini is the real power of Scorpio rising. Scorpios can open their Kundalini through occult practices. This is the main reason why the 8th house relates to the occult, sorcery, magic, tantra, metaphysics, and mysticism. Everything in the world starts from the bottom (Scorpio,8th house) and rises. This is why Scorpios is naturally programmed subconsciously to think about things that no one else thinks about. They know they need to understand the secrets of the world to raise their Kundalini

Ketu and Mars

Both Mars and Ketu rules Scorpio. The planet Mars is a soldier ready to fight external battles and Ketu internalizes the fight. Ono the other hand, Mars also rules the sign, Aries. Aries people fight external battles while Scorpio’s fight internal battles. With Both Mars (external) and Ketu (internal) ruling Scorpio, this signified that these individuals are aware that the fight is within us. They fight a lot of emotional and psychological battles. With every internal battle that is won, they become stronger. With the Mars energy, even if you think a Scorpio appears to be a week on the surface never test them. If they are attacked, they will come after you. They can unexpectedly ‘chew you up then spit you out and you will not see it coming. If you test their patients, they will keep coming after you. The fight is the Mars within them ready to attack anyone who threatened them or the ones they love.

Fixed Water Sign

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. All the other zodiac signs flow; however, the Scorpio sign is still (fixed). When I think of this sign I think of ice. Ice is solid water that does not flow. Scorpio is the only sign in the zodiac that is water energy but not flowing. Another way to understand this fixed water sign is to think of mud. Anytime water does not flow (like a stream or river) it becomes muddy (like unfiltered waters). This is why Scorpios have internal baggage. It’s hard for them to let go (filter) psychological and emotional issues. It is not their fault; they are just naturally programmed to hold on to things. Since Scorpio is the natural 8th house of the zodiac and the 8th house is like a deep dark hole. Scorpios can view the world as a dark hole. Anyone going into a deep dark hole (a place that is dark and unknown) is fearful. This is how a Scorpio feels, fearful but willing to investigate the fear. Even though they may be fearful (of some things, but not all) they will dive into the unknown and explore it. Mars gives them the courage to face fears. This is why Scorpios can appear to be the bravest people. They will fear the fear and do it anyway. They love scary movies. Even though they may be frightened they continue to watch

Planets in Scorpio

Any planet that is in the sign of Scorpio is activated with the energy of this sign. In other words, when you have planets in Scorpio rising, the planet is taking on the energy of Scorpio (natural 8thhouse) and energy of your ascendant (1st House). Any planet position in the sign of Scorpio will shape the personality of the individual. I provide the meaning of each planet in Scorpio rising without any aspects or conjunctions. Any planets aspecting your ascendant, which also aspects the planet positioned there, can alter the nature of the planet and the Scorpio energy. Furthermore, The lord/ruler of each planet will tell the planet how to use the energy of the planet. For instance, if mercury is in Scorpio rising and the Lord (Mars) is in the 4th house it will indicate that a person uses their secret information and communicate with the mother (4thh house).

Moon in Scorpio Rising

People with Moon In Scorpio rising are sensitive, deep thinkers, mystical, and have an obsessive nature. Moon is debilitated in the sign of Scorpio. This is because Moon is the mind and for one to have peace of mind there can be no upheavals (8th House, Scorpio). So, the moon can feel uneasy in the sign of Scorpio. As a result, these people are very sensitive. They absorb the energy of an environment. That is to say, when the environment is negative, they can feel uneasy. However, if the environment is peaceful, they feel relaxed. Their feelings can be hurt very easily; however, the Scorpio energy influences them to seek revenge when someone hurt their feelings or bruise their ego. The Scorpio energy is a deep dark abyss. Therefore, with the moon In

They go deep into every aspect of their life. They can become very obsessed (fixated) with something or a love interest. They are committed in the relationship because they are so fixated on their lover. That it’s hard to take their mind of the one they love.

Even though Moon is debilitated in Scorpio, there is a lot of positive things that come from this position. They are extraordinary researchers and can dig up hidden information and bring it to light. Because of this, they make wonderful detectives, investigators, and researchers. Even if what they are researching (or learning) frightens them, they continue to go deeper and deeper in the subject. Going into the deepest depth of water is how life is viewed.

They are natural mystics/occultists. They explore the secrets realms of the mind. When you talk to them, they want to have a conversation about things unknown like aliens. With the moon in Scorpio, the three-dimensional world we live in make very little sense. This is why they are into esoteric science (metaphysics, new age, mysticism, astrology, numerology, medication). They try to understand who they are to awaken the hidden part of their nature. This can easily be achieved by them through the kundalini energy. The Moon is the sign of Scorpio is in the debt of deep water. To clarify they can awaken a high concourse within themselves and experience their higher self (God) through esoteric practices.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is in its own house here. Therefore, Mars has strength in Scorpio. People with Mars in Scorpio rising are magnetic, passionate, researcher, assertive, athletic, and action-oriented.

Scorpio is already a sexual sign and Mars in this placement gives them a powerful magnetism that draws people to them like a moth to a flame.

They are passionate about life and try to accomplish as much as possible. They love starting new things by taking the initiative. Nevertheless, this placement makes them very competitive. They love to compete and use their physical body. They are wonderful athletes and competitors.

On the other hand, Mars in your birth chart shows where you exert energy, and it is your strength. The strength goes into looking for secrets, digging for secrets, and even keeping secrets. This makes them warrior researchers. Energy and strength are exerted in digging for information and secrets. Individuals spend a lot of time and energy researching and finding out the truth. Anything dark and unknown they will go into battle looking for the right answers.

Because of this, they make extraordinary mystics and metaphysical teachers.

On another note, they have profound strength and willpower to overcome any sudden life changes. They go to battle to win over, psychological issues or explosive changes in their life. When sudden changes happen the Mars, energy gives them the courage to handle the upheavals.

Sun in Scorpio Rising

People with Sun in Scorpio rising are natural leaders, authoritative, Entrepreneur, powerful, inspirational, and have the power to reveal secrets by bringing things to the surface.

A natural leader is born with this placement. They are the masters of their fate and do not like to be told what to do. They are the boss of their lives. They also can fall into the habit of trying to manage other people’s lives; however, they must remember that other people cannot be controlled. Controlling others takes away the free will of the individual.

With this placement, It is best to have your own business instead of working for someone else. These people are exceptional Entrepreneurs and business owners. However, if these individuals are forced to work for someone else, they have to be in a position of power. They are talented CEO, CFO, Supervisors, and Managers. Being in a position where people follow their lead is important.

They are also an inspiration to others. The planet Sun is illuminated in the rising sign. Because of this they can be a shining light to others and guide them on the right path. If Jupiter conjunct Sun, natives have the wisdom to help others through inspiration.

Nevertheless, Sun’s energy is in a dark place in Scorpio. The energy of the sun in Scorpio always brings darkness to light. Because of this, these people have the power to take things out of the dark (Scorpio) and shed light (Sun). They can reveal people’s secrets regardless of if they are aware of it or not. People may tell secrets willfully or by accident. Also, these individuals may overhear someone talking about their secret matters. This is why people with this position make exceptional astrologers and occult leaders. They love shedding light on the dark world.

Saturn in Scorpio Rising

Saturn here makes a person mature, work-oriented, responsible, bring karma to the physical body and a fear of change. People are mature with Saturn in Scorpio rising. Even as a child they act older and more mature. They also have a mature outlook on life. Their physical appearance can look older than their age because Saturn is the karaka of old age. If other planetary alignments support it, people with this position may grey faster or have wrinkles on their faces prematurely.

Responsibilities come at a young age; as a child, these individuals may have to take on adult responsibilities. For instance, they can be responsible for taking care of younger siblings or doing a large amount of housework or may have to work early in life.

People are very hardworking in this position. Saturn is the significator of the work and the 8th house is the karaka of death. Because of this, these people take their work to the grave. Even if a person becomes sick or hospitalized, they will continue to keep working.

There can be karma with the physical body with Saturn rising in Scorpio. Since Saturn is in the 1st house and this house represents our overall health. Individuals can have chronic illnesses. Physical alignments like arthritis, joint issues, or bone problems are likely.

Saturn relates to our fear and Scorpio (the natural 8th house) represents sudden changes. These people have a deep-rooted fear of change and transformation. They can block change from happening in their life because they prefer the status quo. In other words, life being predictable is their comfort zone.

Jupiter in Scorpio Rising

Jupiter here makes a person a philosopher of the occult and an advisor to people. The planet Jupiter is known as a Guru (advisor or counselor). People with this placement love to giving guidance and advice to all the people in their lives. Because Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio, they based their guidance on the esoteric belief system. When you come to a Jupiter is Scorpio rising person, they are the ones that will give you advice on astrology, numerology, metaphysics, or any occult spiritual practice that they believe in. Because the planet Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio it must abide by the laws of the 8th house. This is why their guidance comes from a Mystic point of view.

These people cannot rest until they either learn about the highest of philosophy of occult science. They can be astrologers, tarot readers, numerology experts, Yoga instructors. These are the people who like to talk about the occult 24 hours a day/7 days a week. They also use their time to research the occult. The reason behind this is because they want to be able to guide people with esoteric wisdom. No matter how deep the rabbit hole goes when studying the occult and mysticism they keep expanding and expanding their knowledge. Even if they are fearful of what they are reading and learning they will continue to delve deeper and deeper.

Jupiter signifies the husband in a woman’s chart. With Jupiter in this position, a woman will meet her husband in a secret location or place of mystery. This can also indicate that your husband is a mystic or have secrets. There is an ‘air of mystery and secret energy to your husband.

Venus Scorpio Rising

Venus here makes a person devoted, beautiful, sexually passionate, explore secret love, and marriage can go through its ups and downs.

People with Venus in Scorpio rising have a magnetic beauty. The type of beauty that sucks you in and you cannot take your eyes of them. Both men and women like to dress in Colorful clothing and love wearing accessories.

They are sexually passionate. They are passionate lovers and love exploring their sexuality. The planet of love and passion is in the house of secrets. Because of this, these people can have secret love affairs, or they may like to keep their love interests private. You may not even know these people are even dating because their love life is hidden from the world.

Venus is all about devotion. Devotion is what we give our love to. Once a Scorpio rising person is intimate with someone, they become devoted to that person. They will attach themselves to the person they are intimate with.

They are social butterflies; however, they prefer socializing with people either in secret or in a hidden location. They meet up with friends in the privacy of their homes or a private location.

Because Venus is the indicator of marriage in both men’s and women’s charts. Marriage life can have many ups and downs and sudden events.

In a man’s chart, Venus is the indicator of the wife. The wife can be secretive and into esoteric knowledge. With this position, the wife will come to the man, or a man can meet his wife in a secret or hidden location

Mercury in Scorpio Rising

Mercury here makes a person intelligent, analytical, mentally curious, and occult researcher. Mercury has directional strength in the rising/ascendant because our intelligence is in the brain. The 1st house represents the mind/brain; therefore, these people are very intelligent. They have an intelligent mind to take problems and develop a rational solution. Information is absorbed in their mind like a sponge, and they can process a large amount of information. They have good at mathematics, accounting, finance, calculations, or basic problem-solving. However, if the planet Saturn is conjunct mercury this starves the planet, and it takes them longer to learn things.

Mercury is the planet of curiosity and learning. This placement shows devotion towards understanding the occult, astrology, numerology, mysticism, tarot, etc. They use their intellect and intelligence to research hidden information and bring it to the surface. They are always curious about the unknown. Any information that is considered hidden, secret, dark, or mystical captures their attention. They put so much critical thinking in hidden knowledge, they become authors. They write on a subject related to the metaphysical and secret. They make talented mystery novelists where clues solve a dark secret.

They are mentally curious; a deep-seated desire compels them to want to know more about unknown things. They collect books on in secret subjects. They are naturally talented at writing research papers Because their mind analyzes and like to document what they have learned. They are critical about the secret subjects that they study. They like to have all the facts and accurate and concrete information. They make excellent astrologers because they love to analyze every aspect of a subject. This is a skill that is needed to be exceptional at any subject They like to communicate about the supernatural. When talking to a Mercury rising in Scorpio person, you’re sure to have a conversation about metaphysical science.

These people also like to talk about other people’s secrets. They can be gossipers or like to read about other people’s gossip.

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