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What Does The Twelfth House Mean?

The twelfth house (sign of Pisces) is known as the house of retreat and spirituality. This house serves as a refuge from the world, allowing us to retreat and engage in introspection. Similar to the 8th house, it has a mysterious and secretive reputation. This house is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the zodiac sign Pisces. Consequently, Jupiter is known as the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. Therefore, where the planet Jupiter is positioned in your birth chart the energy of this house is activated. Because of Jupiter’s influence, I have seen this house bring many blessings into a person’s life. It is important to get your Vedic astrology horoscope report to know exactly what house Jupiter is positioned in.

In this article, I discuss how the energy of the twelfth house influences our lives through escapism, spirituality, self-realization, enlightenment, daydreams, love, and the zodiac sign Pisces. The information in this article will provide you with a more profound understanding of the twelfth house.

Spending Your Private Time In The Twelfth House

The twelfth house is a ‘sanctuary of the mind’. This house is where we find peace of mind and escape from the daily routine of everyday life (6th house). The 4th house rules the ‘sanctuary of your home’; but the 12th house is the ‘sanctuary of your mind. For this reason, it allows you to escape without leaving your physical environment For instance, listening to soft music, meditating, reading a book, or taking a nap: the person can escape and experience tranquility in the mind.

By knowing what planet(s) are positioned in your twelfth house, you can gain valuable insights into how you seek refuge from daily mundane life. For instance, mercury in the twelfth house can indicate that a person may read a book, do a crossword puzzle, or do anything mentally stimulating to escape the world. For instance, a person with Venus in the twelfth house escapes by daydreaming about a fantasy lover.

Twelfth House: Spiritual Self-Realization And Enlightenment.

This is by far the most spiritual house; this is because it rules self-realization and enlightenment. Many monks, nuns, priests, ministers, and spiritual practitioners, have the 12th house prominent on their chart. This is because solitude, isolation, and spending time alone in devotion (Venus) are required for these professions. The planet Venus is exalted in the 12th house (Pisces), and Venus is all about love and devotion; Therefore. a person with Venus in the 12th or Pisces is wholeheartedly devoted to spirituality or religion. Even if a person doesn’t have Venus in this house, the energy of both Venus and Jupiter can influence a person’s spiritual progress.

The Twelfth House The World Beyond Our Physical Realm’

This house governs everything ‘beyond the physical realm’. To clarify, ‘the space outside this world’ is the most practical way of describing the energy of the twelfth house. Therefore, this includes extraterrestrial experiences, astral travel, dreams mulita dimensions, the spiritual world, outer space, etc. are ruled by this house. I have seen the chart of many astronauts with a strong twelfth house in their birth chart. When this house is strong in your chart this means there are many planets in this house, or one particular planet that is strong (exalted or owns the sign). Consequently, the energy of this house makes a person an explorer of space, things beyond Earth, and deep oceans. Because of this many scuba divers, deep divers, submarine explorers, and lovers of oceans have this house strong in their charts.

Nevertheless, as mentioned, this house is often referred to as a deep ocean where life dwells, however, Scorpio is ‘still water’ where life perishes, however, both houses are responsible for dreams and the abyss. Consequently, when it comes to the ‘dream world’’ the 12th house inspire a dream of spiritual master, angels, ascended masters, gurus, and enlightening being. Nevertheless, the 8th house inspired a dream of suppressed emotions. Both houses are used to help uncoil karma and raise our energy to a higher vibration.

What Does the 12th House Mean In Love?

In love, the 12th house plays an important role, especially in revealing your preferences for intimacy and partnership. For instance, the type of passion that is experienced behind closed doors is what this house rules. For instance, Mars in the twelfth house can indicate fireworks in the bedroom. So, this house reveals the kind of partner you are likely to be in a relationship with. For instance, if your Darakaraka, 7 House Lord, or Venus, all significator of relationships is in the 12th house this indicates, you will have a romantic relationship with someone of foreign birth.

The 12th House: How Do It Relates To A Pisces Personality?

To understand this house a person must comprehend the energy of Pisces. Therefore, Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign. So, Pisces and the 12th house mean the same thing. Therefore, both Pisces and this house represent true liberation, loss of physical self, moksha, and purification. It is purification because when we ‘ascend from this world’ the soul (atmakaraka) is purified. This house is ‘life beyond this physical world’(the spirit world). Because of this, the 12th house represents the loss of our physical self. On the other hand, Pisces is a sign of experience because it is the last house on the zodiac belt. However, many people think that Pisces person is lazy and wants to live carefree in a daydream and not much of anything. However, this is not true. A Pisces person is very creative and they enjoy foreign travels. They desire to fulfill their lives within activities that are related to the 12th house (foreign travel, artistic pursuits, spirituality, solitude, daydreaming, reflection, and meditation) It is hard to truly understand a Pisces person. A Pisces person is well above society’s understanding and consciousness level, and so is the energy of the 12th house. Only people who have planets in Pisces can truly understand the energy of Pisces.

The Energy Of Pisces Is The Highest State Of Yourself

The energy of Pisces is the highest state of yourself. Since Pisces is the sign of experience, these individuals’ souls (atmakaraka) have traveled through the 11 zodiac signs in a past life, because of this they have gained experiences and even worked hard in their past lives by mastering specialized skills. In this current incarnation, they want to relax and take it easy, because of this others see them as lazy, but never underestimate a Pisces person, they are far more advanced than the average person.

However, because they have worked so hard they are like retired soldiers, they have fought wars, gained experiences, mastered skills now they want to retreat from the physical world. Pisces have reached a certain state where they simply just do not have that attachment to worldly desires. While others are setting goals in this mundane world, a Pisces person’s soul (atmakaraka) is like ‘Been There Done That’ and the person prefers to relax instead of chasing mundane goals.

Which Planet Is Strong In The 12th House?

The planet Venus is Exalted (strong) in this house and in the original sign of Pisces. This is because this house represents nighttime and the Planet Venus is the most visible in the sky. For this reason, the planet Venus does exceptionally well here.

Meaning of The Twelfth House

Human Relations: Foreigners, Paternal Grandmother (Father-Mother). This house represents Father-Mother because it is the 4th house (mother) from the 9th House (father). Because of this, your Paternal Grandmother is seen from this house.

Type of House: Moksha, Dusthana.

Body Part: Feet, Visions (Left Eye). Planets in this house can indicate the type of feet you have. If you have Venus in the twelfth house, you naturally have beautiful (Venus) feet.

Escapism: All Escapism, is how we leave or escape everyday routine.

space outside this world: Aliens, UFOs, other dimensions, spiritual world

Your Private Time: spending time to yourself.

Dreams/Sleep: your sleep patterns and dream. Saturn in the 12th house can indicate trouble sleeping.

Deep Waters: This house is deep oceans where there is life, however, Scorpio is still water where there is no life.

Loss/Endings: All losses are the 12th house. For instance, Sun represents your vitality: therefore, Sun in the twelfth house can indicate a loss of energy.

Shedding Worldly Attachments: detaching yourself from materialistic desires.

Places of Isolation, Confinement: isolation from people and society. Places like hospitals, asylums, and spiritual retreats. Places where there is no or very little contact with. people.

Foreign lands: travels to a foreign land.

Expenditure, Expenses: spending money or having expenses.

Charity: charity expenses.

Subconscious: the hidden realm of the Subconscious mind.

Bedroom Pleasures: the secrets of the Bedroom.

Moksha: Self-realization and enlightenment

Secret Enemies: This house is secret enemies; however the 6th house is the enemies you know about.

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