11th Lord In 5th House

Meaning of the 11th Lord in 5th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 11th lord in 5th house for all ascendants means you will be taking risks in many areas of your life. This is because the 5th house is where you take risks. But it is also the house of creative self-expression.

Therefore, you may be making risky moves in areas such as children, education, and sports, but that might mean you will be able to access your creativity more freely. So you may be investing in the stock market or some similar type of speculative business where you don’t know how much money you’re going to make or lose.

This house also shows you are someone who creates friendships with people who enjoy expressing themselves through creative art forms. So your social circle welcomes friends who are involved with art, dance, singing, or writing, for example. As a result, they may write scripts, produce movies or play sports.

Further, you love children because you are inspired by children. This means that if you have kids, you will immediately start developing and growing as a result. Therefore, your children become the source of your happiness. They will help you fulfill the vision you have for your life. Thus, anything you hope for your kids will come true.

Consequently, this is the perfect placement for somebody who’s in entertainment or the stock market. This is because it all entails risk-taking. So, you may start a business that few people believe in, but you see it prosper. And you will attain sudden success.

Also, you will benefit greatly from your social networks. And they will be creative networks. For example, you may be an actor who has many actors as your friends. Or you may be an author who has many writers as confidantes. Subsequently, you will benefit from having these creative friends, so for example, you may pick up an acting role because you know someone in the movie business. Thus, your connections exist to advance your self-expression.

11th Lord In 5th House Sun for Libra Ascendant

The 11th lord Sun in 5th house for Libra Ascendant means creative projects are helping to craft and mold your personality. This means the feedback you receive from art, writing, dance, and other creative activities you take part in is building your self-esteem and your confidence. Thus, your friends make you feel wanted and needed. So, anytime a member of your social circle praises your work, you are gaining strength in yourself and thus, you are able to put that attention back on your relationships. But you also like to give positive feedback to your friends so they feel strong and confident as well.  Therefore, you may be someone who is attracted to social reform or social work because you are dedicated to supporting your community. Or you may be involved in politics so you can make significant changes for the betterment of society. Therefore, you use your opportunities and dynamic skills along with your creativity to improve the lives of others.

Consequently, you may feel an intense duty towards helping children. Therefore, you might be a social worker who assists in placing kids in good homes or takes them out of turbulent homes. Thus, you feel it is important to work alongside people and understand the predicaments they face.

But, you also may feel that it’s important for you to raise children and care for them. And you will want to emphasize education and creative self-expression to your own kids. So you will feel this is like a calling for you; it is your duty to raise children who have a sense of morality.

11th Lord In 5th House Moon for Virgo Ascendant

The 11th lord Moon in 5th house for Virgo Ascendant means you will explore creative outlets without taking risks.  This is because your mind is disciplined, organized, and structured. So, you can be creative, but it’s not about breaking the rules or going outside of your comfort zone. Thus, you find it difficult to expand on your self-expression because you don’t take risks.

Further, you have strong emotional connections to your children.  Consequently, you may find yourself constantly thinking of your kids.  So, for example, you are always concerned about how they are doing in school.  This is because you tend to be strict and believe in having some authority over your kids.

Conversely, your artsy side could take you towards having a career as an actor or singer.  But your creativity is contained, so you won’t go off and explore new aspects of your chosen field.  Therefore, you will follow the script closely or stick to the given music sheet because you believe in self-restraint.

Your mother also plays a big role in this house. So, she will assist you in achieving your objectives in what will likely be speculative business dealings. Therefore, you are acquiring success through the wisdom and nurturing of your mother. For example, she may provide you with money to invest in real estate and then you profit from that. But since you don’t take risks, you will not go overboard on how much you invest.

11th Lord In 5th House Mercury for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant

The 11th lord Mercury in 5th house for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant means you have a fundamental need to communicate in every aspect of your life. So, you are expressing your thoughts, and feelings with your family, your workplace colleagues, and your friends. Further, you are someone who articulates your ideas throughout your community.  So, you likely believe in a collective responsibility where you must share your moral philosophies with your neighbors. As a result, your principles of being kind, fair, and just inspire you to build an ethical society.  Because of this, you enjoy teaching others, especially children, about the value of education and self-expression.

As a result, you are likely to be someone who is highly intelligent and does well in financial fields such as stocks or property investment. But you could also be an amazing writer because of your artistic preferences. So, you may write scripts for a movie because that allows you to be creative.

Also, you tend to want to further your education because you are constantly learning. As a result, you will earn that degree while maintaining a network of friends who also influence and support your education. This may mean that even as you get older, you may choose to return to school.

11th Lord In 5th House Venus for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Venus in 5th house for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant means that you are a natural-born actor. This is because you are a creative person who has a rich imagination and enjoys the challenge of learning new roles and meeting new people. You are also someone who doesn’t mind taking risks. So, you are able to express yourself freely through creative jobs and activities.

In addition, you believe strongly in protecting your children. As a result, you put a lot of energy into teaching them how to be creative. Then you find that your kids love to take risks just as you do and they learn how to harness their abilities to be expressive. Thus, you are fulfilled by educating your kids; you are happy to see them be creative.

Therefore, education is strongly connected to creativity in this house. For example, if you’re in school, you will be drawn to art classes, drama, or maybe music.  Also, entertainment could be a big lure for you.

Plus, you have a desire to form friendships, but you will find your social circle is mainly feminine in nature. This means that your friends will be nurturing, supportive and expressive. Further, you are attracted to people who are compassionate, empathetic, and patient. So, even if you have male friends, they will embody this feminine energy.

11th Lord In 5th House Mars for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant

The 11th lord Mars in 5th house for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant means you have a drive to be the best in whatever pursuit you undertake. This is because you have an assertive and commanding nature that pushes you to be a leader. Perhaps your objective will be to win the most cases as a lawyer or design the most complex, advanced office building as an engineer. Or you will practice day and night to be the best forward on the basketball team. In fact, this is a position that suits a great athlete because there is this constant yearning for excellence. You also have a strong desire to beat out any competition. You may be a tenacious banker, but you definitely like to take risks. And so, you would be somebody who would risk your life to save someone else’s. This is because you will use their strength and determination to improve the lives of others.

However, you will focus your attention mainly on education. This means you could be learning about advanced technology like computer science, technical aspects of engineering, or architecture. So, you are practical and grounded, but creative. Thus, you could be a great clothing designer, a hairstylist, or an interior designer. This is because you are seeking structure and innovation.

11th Lord In 5th House Jupiter for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Jupiter in 5th house for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant means you are somebody who prefers to build friendships that are creative and spiritual. Consequently, you may choose those friends who would enjoy a spiritual retreat, or perhaps, you like to meditate with your social circle. Or you may have group yoga sessions.

Further, you are learning from your friends and so you, in turn, become a great teacher. As a result, you educate others, especially your kids. This is because Jupiter signifies your true divine intelligence. Therefore, you have a moral compass that you are always trying to share. This means you just know intrinsically what paths to take and you prefer to take the morally just path. But, you are keen to learn from your children as well. So, you are learning from each other and building your morality; you are strengthening your ability to decipher what is right and what is wrong. And as your kids learn from you, they have a desire to study and know more.

But, Jupiter also represents classical arts, music, and dance. And the friends you choose will share the same interests as you. Therefore, your social circle may enjoy playing in a band where you can play classical music. Or, you may be part of a classical dance group where you perform Indian dancing or perhaps classical ballet.

11th Lord In 5th House Saturn for Aries and Pisces Ascendant

The 11th lord Saturn in 5th house for Aries and Pisces Ascendant means your creative endeavors will be a little more restrained and mixed with physical activity.

This is because this house shows you are blocked or bottled up. So you are not so concerned about having fun; you are focused and practical. Even your need for risk-taking is suppressed. Thus, you may delay the risky venture of having kids until later in life. Or, you may find it difficult to handle a family before the age of 30. Consequently, you will have fewer social networks as well. But you will have mature friends.

This translates into your creative self-expression being practical. So you would choose to do work like landscaping or cleaning. As a result, you are mixing physical activity in with your creativity. This means you also may study mechanical subjects such as civil or electrical engineering. Or you may go into manufacturing. You may also be someone who would work in social welfare like working with large non-profit organizations. Because you are disciplined, and determined, once you make up your mind, you’re doing it. Therefore, you are a dedicated, driven person.

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