11th Lord In 4th House

Meaning of the 11th Lord in 4th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 11th lord in 4th house for all ascendants means your happiness and comfort are tied to your home. This is because the 4th house is your home dwelling. So when you create your social circles, they are connected to your household. Consequently, you enjoy having your friends over to your house for parties and get-togethers. Thus, you love to make friends but you prefer to do it in the privacy of your home. And so, your home becomes sort of a network, where people are coming and going frequently.

Additionally, investment is important in this house. In particular, any time and money focused on real estate pays off well for you. Again, the idea of house and home comes into play. You benefit from being at home, but also by dealing with other houses or the homes of people in your group or community. So, you may have properties in different locations which earn profits for you.

Also, you will have your mother as a significant resource for you. Consequently, she will guide you through the formation of your friendships, and be the motivation behind your desire to help others. This will lead you to become involved in social reform. You may choose to change laws or practices that have to do with women, children, or health care. Therefore, you are about changing and improving people’s lives. But you will likely concentrate on supporting people in your homeland. So, you will focus on reforms in your hometown or in the city you were raised because it will be easier and more convenient for you. Thus, you benefit through your homeland and in turn, the people around you or close to you will gain from your philanthropy.

11th Lord In 4th House Sun for Libra Ascendant

The 11th lord Sun in 4th house for Libra Ascendant means the friendships you form revolve around the home and those friends will have a major impact on your ego. This means that you will choose your friends according to what they can do for you. Consequently, you tend to be honest and direct with your friends. And you are happy with those who can help you move up in society.

Therefore, when you invite your social circle to your home, you are managing them by figuring out which ones can help you to advance in your career, your education, or move up to the higher echelons of society. Thus, you treat your friends differently based on what they can do for you. So, you might be a politician who chooses to socialize with only those people in society that can help you in your career. This is because politicians are known to have an innate hustle to get ahead and tenacity to fulfill promises.

Also, you are dedicated, disciplined, and organized when it comes to investments in the home or in real estate. And you are also a problem solver. But you are controlled in how you invest, which means you prefer not to take crazy risks. So, you may be someone who works in a business that makes life more convenient for your community such as a car dealership or selling homes and trailers.

11th Lord In 4th House Moon for Virgo Ascendant

The 11th lord Moon in 4th house for Virgo Ascendant means you are empowered when you have your social circle in your home. This means that you are someone who enjoys interacting with your friends and bringing them into your private space. They will likely share mutual interests and have personal similarities to you. As a result, your friends will ground you, meaning they will influence your sense of morality and spirituality. Also, you make friends with people who can enlighten you and enhance your perspective. Maybe you share similar insights or share your individual journeys. Therefore, they provide you with the wisdom that helps you make emotional connections, but it all takes place in your home. Thus, your social network is filled with philosophical, spiritual, and or religious people who are kind and of good character.

Further, your mother is a good person. This is because she likely has a strong morality and empathy for others. So, she is the one who revealed the philosophical ideas in your life, and thus, she was your primary moral guide. Therefore, you have a strong emotional connection to your mother because, through her, you feel like you can do anything.

11th Lord In 4th House Mercury for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant

The 11th lord Mercury in 4th house for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant means you are drawn to friends who share your interest in the mysterious and the unknown. Also, you are someone who loves forming social bonds in the privacy of your home. And your friends tend to enjoy talking about philosophical subjects like ethics and religion. Consequently, you may chat about topics like unsolved mysteries, cold cases, or conspiracy theories. So, you prefer to talk about meaningful subjects and you choose your friends based on that. As a result, your friends may happen to be police detectives, police officers, or surgeons, but they spend time with you in your home.

Further, you love to interact with your elder siblings within your dwelling. Maybe they come over for meals and you sit around discussing the meaning of life or the complexities of deep space.

Also, your mother is significant. This is because she was likely the influence of your attraction to those subjects that interest you. Perhaps she is the one who spent time with you discussing her experiences with the unknown or maybe shared her philosophical theories. Consequently, she may have watched detective shows with you on TV or loved to ponder the existence of life on other planets.

11th Lord In 4th House Venus for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Venus in 4th house for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant means you prefer friendships that enhance your creativity. Thus, you tend to have strong connections with people who embody more feminine energy. That is because the feminine energy allows you to develop your creative self-expression and helps promote communication. As a result, the presence of your social circle puts you at peace and creates a blissfulness for you.

However, you are somebody who will likely not have a lot of investments. This is because you are big on traveling. But you also bring people into your home from other countries because you want to experience all types of cultures in your private space. So you tend to have a lot of parties where you can interact with a lot of different types of people. And when you have these parties you are a social butterfly, enthralled with the diversity of your guests.

Further, there is an emphasis on the position of the wife in this house. This means the wife can bring good luck in the way of investments, so your financial goals will be achieved. Therefore, you may marry your wife and business improves. Thus, she will be elemental in changing your life.

11th Lord In 4th House Mars for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant

The 11th lord Mars in 4th house for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant means you create social ties with people who are masculine. So your friends may be structured and logical in their thinking and behavior. And they may lean towards the practical and be more dominant. But the dominance in the personalities can lead to sporadic relationships where connections are up and down. This is because of power struggles within the group. So the masculine aspect of the network makes for some aggression which can make the group destabilized. And so, you may be the type of person who is direct in business, but that can put some people off.

However, you may call on your friends to come to your home to play physical activities like sports. This is because the masculine energy helps to feed that desire to be competitive and action-oriented. So, you and your friends might play a game in the backyard or play basketball in your driveway.

Further, your friendships will be limited until you leave home. This is because your mother is creating power struggles between you and your friends. Or she may have been critical of the people you brought home. And so, she asks a lot of questions or is never satisfied with your choices. Therefore, she may be judging your friends on the basis of their academic prowess. So, if they are doing well and getting good grades, she approves of them. If they are doing poorly, she disapproves and may suggest that you break your ties with them. Therefore, your mother is displaying some masculine dominance and acting as an obstruction within your social group.

However, once you leave the home, you may be in a better position to achieve your goals. You may be someone who would be a successful real estate agent or make a lot of profit investing in properties.

11th Lord In 4th House Jupiter for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Jupiter in 4th house for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant means your circle of friends is wise. Consequently, they are financially savvy. Therefore, your friends are helping you to grow and expand in wealth and knowledge. So as you age, you are developing and improving your position in all facets of your life.

Thus, you are somebody who likes to make friends who can educate you on building wealth but also be a guiding light for your spiritual enlightenment. This means that you prefer to always be learning and are open to new ideas and perspectives. Therefore, you may have friends who are gurus, teachers, or counselors. Or you may connect with spiritual leaders like pastors or priests. But you will invite them home and learn from them in your home.

11th Lord In 4th House Saturn for Aries and Pisces Ascendant

The 11th lord Saturn in 4th house for Aries and Pisces Ascendant means you would rather be alone at home without a particular social network. Therefore, you don’t want people to visit you at your house. Further, you may be someone who avoids friendship groups or social circles. So you ultimately don’t need friends to guide you or motivate you. As a result, you are not interested in joining Facebook groups or Twitter chats.

But, you are someone who would do well in politics. So, you may have learned about government or political parties in school and been motivated to participate. As a result, you are interested in social welfare or civic duty in your homeland. As such, you attract voters because of your political prowess and concern for helping different groups.

Or you could utilize your strengths of organization and discipline to be an army general or soldier. Thus, you know how to build a cohesive team who are working alongside you, however, you do not share your thoughts or feelings with them. And you strive to carry out your mission with clear intent and understanding. But you prefer to be private or secluded. Thus, you have a disciplined environment both outside and within the home which keeps you away from social networks.

And even when interacting with elder siblings, you are elusive. This is because their maturity is not appealing or helpful to you in this stage of your life.


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