11th Lord In 2nd House

Meaning of the 11th Lord in 2nd House for All Ascendants

In general, the 11th lord in 2nd house for all ascendants means that your friend circle tends to become your family. Since the 11th house represents elder siblings, it means that you may benefit through them, along with your family. Even though you may not be the one benefiting, your oldest sibling has immense say on how valuable your family is to you. Friends are a big part of your life. Hence, they have the need to be in contact with you often and spend time with you. They are your emotional and practical support. Accordingly, your sense of value is acquired through friendship connections. This is one of the most powerful Dhana yoga’s, which is wealth yoga, one can get, besides the 11th lord in the 5th house.

Also, when the 11th lord is stationed in the 2nd house, it shows that your family is the inspiration for making your hopes and dreams come true. Thus, the family becomes a very valuable asset, because, through them, you can get a hold of some immense gains that you set your heart on. Additionally, some of your family members may be in the field of banking and finance, stock market, or part of any financial institution. Finally, the 11th lord and the 2nd house are strictly money-oriented. Even though they represent family and friends, they are all acquisitive with a main focus on requiring assets.

11th Lord In 2nd House Sun for Libra Ascendant

The 11th lord Sun in 2nd house for Libra Ascendant means that your elder sibling and the father were the ones in charge of the family assets and family lineage. Your elder sibling is represented as a person who may try to exploit the family assets. Additionally, your debauched father could have tried to secretly spend the family’s belongings. Since the Sun here is in the sign of Scorpio, for Libra Ascendant, it represents the karmic placement, especially if the Sun is positioned between 7 to 12 degrees. For instance, it can show often disagreements and ego struggles with your siblings over parental property, or your dad can suddenly take your assets away. Next, if the Sun is beyond 14-15 degrees of Scorpio, for Libra Ascendant, the elder is represented as a very authoritative figure, and someone who you were even scared of, perhaps, surprisingly, more than the father. However, with the lord of the 11th house in the 2nd house, you are capable of taking over your family business and earn money through that.

11th Lord In 2nd House Moon for Virgo Ascendant

The 11th lord Moon in 2nd house for Virgo Ascendant means that you value all the creativity that your elder sibling brings to you. You possess the need to emotionally connect with people who are very kind, creative, and diplomatic. Hence, there is the urge to make them be an important emotional part of your family. In addition, you gain a lot through the mature women in your life. Your mother represents one of the greatest advantages and ways to accumulate assets, whether she funds you or she educates and helps you save money.

Besides, you can truly gain from being part of an organization that can really emotionally connect with the world, and that cares for the betterment of the world.

Additionally, you tend to create emotional relationships and through them, you may gain, especially if these connections are very honest and true.

11th Lord In 2nd House Mercury for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant

The 11th lord Mercury in 2nd house for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant means that your elder sibling was very smart in terms of managing money, and through that, you learned how to accumulate assets and wealth. Your friends and siblings made you business-minded with an eternal goal to work and handle the money. Since you were a child, you were interested in well-known people who were earning a lot of money. In fact, the 11th lord Mercury in the 2nd house created you to be a very savvy person in terms of money and savings. Accordingly, your earnings come through accounting, banking, stockbroking, and other similar financial services.

11th Lord In 2nd House Venus for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Venus in 2nd house for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant means that you love being part of a creative society. Additionally, you tend to make your celebrity friends part of your family. Therefore, through these connections, you become very creative, you can express yourself innovatively, and you want to gain your income through inventiveness.

Furthermore, women may become your biggest fan. No matter if you are a female or a male, women make a big part of your life. Your home and everyday life are always full of females. As a woman, you may have a lot of girlfriends who are constantly in contact with you. You can always count on them in time of need. As a man, you may suddenly get a hold on a lot of money through your wife, after you get married.

Finally, you gain wealth through creativity, artistry, and especially nourishment. Also, entertainment can be a big part of your wealth, too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be film or acting, but rather owning a restaurant, a club, or a small theme park.

11th Lord In 2nd House Mars for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant

The 11th lord Mars in 2nd house for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant means that the power struggle with the elder sibling would waste the family’s money along with your assets as well. If Mars is between 13th to 18th or 25th to the 29th degrees, there would be especially involved some physical confrontations with the elder sibling. Nevertheless, your entire family could be affected by these doings. Now, if Mars receives an aspect from Jupiter, you can have a rather different situation. Specifically, this aspect signifies that your elder sibling is always there to protect you. He is the one who gives you the willpower, and support and teaches you how to be tough in the outer world.

11th Lord In 2nd House Jupiter for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Jupiter in 2nd house for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant means that your source of income and earning will come through higher knowledge of money itself. This is because Jupiter is Karaka of money and finance. Also, you earn a lot of money through your gurus and teachers, who are very wise, and they can easily become part of your family.

Furthermore, your hopes and wishes consist of gaining knowledge through your gurus and teachers, and that is what you value the most. When Jupiter is found in the 2nd house as the lord of the 11th, it is a very good position for him to be in, because you are then easily able to understand through your soul and being what money is and how money is created. Besides, Jupiter is the creator of money and prosperity, so the full recognition of the value of your wealth comes through comprehension and appreciation.

Finally, with the placement of Jupiter as the lord of the 11th in the 2nd house, you can definitely have tremendous love for singing. You are fond of music, especially classical, along with classical and historical art. Indeed, these affections are shown more exceptionally than with Venus as the lord of the 11th in the 2nd house.

11th Lord In 2nd House Saturn for Aries and Pisces Ascendant

The 11th lord Saturn in 2nd house for Aries and Pisces Ascendant means that the family’s earnings were quite limited. Also, you did not have a lot of friendships throughout life. Accordingly, this position of Saturn can also indicate that, at some point, you had to choose between your family and your friends. These moments were rough and awkward, but you learned a lot. This is because Saturn gives you far more knowledge about money and savings, even more than Mercury. In fact, you are more type of person who would live a modest life and at the same time have more money than someone who likes to live in a luxury and show it off. You are aware of the value of savings and accumulation of money because Saturn was controlling your incoming gains for quite some time. To be precise, you could not even have gained profit until your Saturn return to its natal placement, the age of 28. Now, if Saturn, as lord of the 11th house, positioned in the 2nd house, is receiving an aspect from Jupiter, or if Saturn is conjunct Jupiter, where Jupiter is holding the lowest degrees, then Saturn is now getting the support that he needs. It means that you will get money, but with hard work.

In addition, the mentioned position of Saturn shows that the elder sibling was a very disciplined and organized person, especially on you and how you spent your money. Also, it can indicate that the elder sibling was handicapped or needed a lot of assistance from the family.

Finally, your hopes and wishes had to be realistic and down to earth. You felt like you had always been with a lack of friends and with only a little bit of savings, enough just to do the basic things in life. Since the gains with Saturn come with age, have in mind that with hard and disciplined work, earnings will be made.

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