11th Lord In 3rd House

Meaning of the 11th Lord in 3rd House for All Ascendants

In general, the 11th lord in 3rd house for all ascendants means that your source of earning and investments are closely related to media, creativity, and skills that you possess. You are very fond of forming network circles with people who are very skilled. Additionally, these people that you like to connect to are very informative with innovative ideas which they selflessly share.

Furthermore, your hopes and wishes are to be surrounded by people who are vastly artistic, technical, overall, very skilled in life.

The lord of the 11th in the 3rd house allows you to become a great salesman by presenting yourself as somebody’s sibling. Hence, the family relations are securing your trading.

Namely, gains are acquired through communication with people around you and by the usage of your network circles. Friends are the ones who eagerly help you in your marketing, along with your artistic ventures.

Since the 11th house represents the elder sibling, and the 3rd house represents the younger sibling, the lord of the 11th in the 3rd house means that the younger sibling acts like the elder one. The younger brother may dominate, but this doesn’t have a bad influence on you. On contrary, the relationship with the siblings is exceptional. Therefore, your siblings are your friends, or they might become your colleagues. Additionally, they may help you fulfill your wishes and hopes.

With the lord of the 11th in the 3rd house, you gain a lot through teamwork with people who are talented and know one’s way around.

You are able to succeed especially because the 3rd and the 11th house are part of the Kama Trikona houses, which also includes the 7th. Kama Trikona’s houses are all about being social. For example, the 3rd house shows how you socialize with your friends, dear ones, cousins, and siblings, and the 11th house is more focused on your network and professional circles that you form in order to do business.

Overall, your earnings come from being social and close related to your friends. By participating in social events, you may gain connections that help you make progress.

Now, if the lord of the 11th house is harmed in the 3rd house, you are not that social, and it is harder for you to gain as much as you would if you were to socialize and be a part of a bigger network circle.

11th Lord In 3rd House Sun for Libra Ascendant

The 11th lord Sun in 3rd house for Libra Ascendant means that, your father had a big role in your socialization. Your dad taught you how to interact with people and how to gain through acquired contacts. Since he put up a lot of effort into you becoming sociable, it means that he also might have been a businessman himself, in sales, marketing, or even an artist.

Hence, your ability to form relationships with people came through your siblings and your father. Also, you are ambitious in taking over a group whenever you work in a team environment. On these occasions, your personality is all about becoming the leader of a team, and through this, you indulge your ego.

However, the Sun is a mild malefic. Accordingly to this, the Sun somewhat combusts the significance of the house that it sits in. Consequently, in order to satisfy the excessiveness of your ego, you may become rigorous and dominant. At the same time, you have outbreaks with your siblings or co-workers in order to dominate, and show authority over them.

11th Lord In 3rd House Moon for Virgo Ascendant

The 11th lord Moon in 3rd house for Virgo Ascendant means that you are experiencing some trouble with keeping yourself in a balanced state. Either you are emotionally connecting with your siblings on very intense levels, or you have a strong desire to dispatch them. Your mind is very intensified with the gathered information. Therefore, your ability to make network circles depends upon how deep you can dig into other people’s lives. Also, your hopes and dreams consist of reading up on your dear and near ones, their everyday lives, and secret information they tend to keep from the outside world.

When Moon, as the 11th lord, happens to be in the 3rd house, it manifests as your strong urge to put your mind to words and learn new tasks and skills. For example, you can be a type of really intense artist whose network circle consists of profound people who are able to dig deep to search for things in life, or, they will become confrontational and focused on fulfilling the ends, no matter what.

11th Lord In 3rd House Mercury for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant

The 11th lord Mercury in 3rd house for Leo and Scorpio Ascendant means that you are a natural people person who makes many friendships with ease. Therefore, you are an affable person who may gain through doing business with siblings, friends, or close neighbors. Through mutual collaboration, your siblings become your friends, since Mercury is a natural allegory for a friend. Also, your income may grow, especially when you invest in your communicative skills, or in sales and marketing skills. Even if your Mercury is harmed by the aspect with the malefic planet, you should start using the best out of your communicative skills, because, without communication, you are not going to get gains of the 2nd house, which represent wealth and assets. Accordingly, you may also attain wealth through writing and public speaking, or any dexterous skills.

Besides, your sibling was the wind beneath your wings who showed you how to make deals with people, and how to communicate with them. This great relationship that you had taught you how to do business and make earnings.

11th Lord In 3rd House Venus for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Venus in 3rd house for Cancer and Sagittarius Ascendant means that you usually tend to make relationships with women who you could have a lot of artistic camaraderie with. Also, you are perhaps in a group of people, or women, who are very artistic and talented, who are great at mimicking and acting, with thriving media skills.

Additionally, your elder or younger sibling is a sister who gave you the artistic skills that you needed for boosting your skills and for achieving wanted assets.

How the 11th lord in the 3rd house shows earning through putting yourself as the investment, it means that just doing your job under someone doesn’t work for you. Hence, it’s mandatory for you to do your own business and make your own money. With Venus as the lord of the 11th, in the 3rd house, you should invest in entertainment, creative skills, and art. Also, you can invest in female clothing or cosmetics. Opening a restaurant or a dance club that has a lot of females in it, would also be an investment worth money.

In addition, your elder and younger sister might be the ones who helped you by investing in your venture. Overall, Venus as the lord of the 11th in the 3rd house is a great placement. You possess a great talent within you to express yourself creatively. If you are a male, you might want to be surrounded by many women, or even become very popular in the media. Nevertheless, your hopes and wishes consist of recognition in public life, or even in the world.

11th Lord In 3rd House Mars for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant

The 11th lord Mars in 3rd house for Gemini and Capricorn Ascendant means that your hopes and wishes are to be very competitive and dominant in the outer world. Hence, the goal would be to achieve success in sports or aggressive business fields. Furthermore, you are a courageous person who is able to blend in any group setting and find your own way to make the money. You are capable of thriving in many awkward and difficult situations and rise up to the challenge with success.

On the other hand, Mars represents a power struggle that is indicated in a relationship between your elder, which is represented by the 11th house, and your younger sibling, which is represented by the 3rd house. In this case, when the lord of the 11th is in the 3rd house, the elder brother or sister has internal strife with your younger sibling creating problems and situations when things can get out of hand.

However, when it comes to getting recognition in physical activities, engineering, and mechanical skills, you thrive. Also, you like to be surrounded by that type of person, too.

Active and challenging situations are what get your motor running.

11th Lord In 3rd House Jupiter for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant

The 11th lord Jupiter in 3rd house for Taurus and Aquarius Ascendant means that you want to be a part of a group that wants to spread information regarding higher philosophy, spirituality, and ethics. In addition, the relationship between your elder and the younger sibling is exceptional. This is because here Jupiter, as the lord of the 11th, and in the 3rd house, becomes that sibling who will give you guidance through life. He, or she, will motivate you to do good in your life, along with trying to steer you off the wrong path, too.

At the same time, you may gain a lot through publicizing and publishing material that motivates and brings on the good sides of society. So, with writing or speaking about the things that are good for society, especially conservative ones, Jupiter will help you the more you connect with people on a higher level.

On the other hand, Jupiter, which represents the finance and is the Karaka of the 11th house in the 3rd house, shows that you might be someone who is a stockbroker or into banking. Your path is built on your own, with a lot of effort. Also, you are a very bright and exceptional businessman that is able to make big deals, thankfully to Jupiter, which represents expansion.

11th Lord In 3rd House Saturn for Aries and Pisces Ascendant

The 11th lord Saturn in 3rd house for Aries and Pisces Ascendant means that you probably are the youngest sibling in the family. Thus, Saturn blocks the younger sibling for you and shows that after the birth of you, your parents may not have any more children or you will have an estranged relationship with younger siblings.

Besides, the relationship with the elder sibling is karmic. Therefore, you are not able to get along with him, or her, since they are constantly moving from place to place disabling you to have the normal relationship that you always wanted.

Accordingly, you might feel gloomy and unhappy whenever you spend time with your friends, neighbors, or your elder siblings. Working as a part of the team is not the best choice for you. Instead, you should have your own business, where you can make money through your own effort. Hence, the more effort you put off, the more you are going to earn.

On the other side, if you choose to work as an administrator, or to keep doing the work provided by the corporation, your gains will be limited. This is because, Saturn, as the lord of the 11th, positioned in the 3rd house, wants to see you putting a lot of effort out there.

In addition, you like to constantly gather information and learn about everything. Since it is never enough, you will constantly feel the urge to improve your knowledge and broaden your sights.

Overall, this is a great position to have in your chart. If you thrive to be a CEO of the company, you may reach a higher level, but if you choose to be a part of the team, you will have some trouble blending in. Thus, aim high!

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