Rohini Nakshatra
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Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is the fourth nakshatra and comes after Krittika Nakshatra. Rohini zodiac range is from 10o 00’ Taurus to 23o 20’ Taurus. The entire zodiac sign is in the earth sign Taurus. Rohini Nakshatra is related to desire, magnetism, fertility, prosperity, and growth. The animal associate with Rohini is a male cobra. A male cobra (snake) is hypnotic, seductive, and charming which are the main themes of Rohini Nakshatra.

Rohini Nakshatra Name

Rohini Nakshatra name means ‘the Red One’. The name is translated to mean teen girl who has started her menstruation and is fertile to bear children. Therefore, the name conveys the message of desire, fertility, procreation, and creativity (power to a child). The name expresses a message of desire because a young girl in red who is fertile to bear children is desired to be a bride to a young male bachelor. Also, the color red relates to attraction, passion, and energy. The meaning of the name is the qualities of Rohini Nakshatra.

Rohini Nakshatra Symbol

Rohini Nakshatra main symbol is an ‘Oxcart Pulled by Two Bulls’. The Oxcart is overflowing with resources (2nd House) and it is heading to the market (7th House). Bulls are a symbol of fertility, and a filed oxcart relates to prosperity. In ancient times an Oxcart was equivalent to cars and trucks, and they were the only way to haul large amounts of goods. Therefore, Rohini’s name relates to agriculture, vehicles, fertility, prosperity, and abundance which are the themes of this nakshatra.

Rohini Nakshatra Deity Brahma

Rohini Nakshatra Ruling deity is Brahma (Universe Creator). The deity Prajapati is also associated with Brahma. However, In the ancient text, Brahma created Rohini and because of her magnetism, Brahma fell in love with his daughter. This is why Rohini nakshatra is often related to incest relationships. However, in modern times this incest is seen as favoritism or chasing after someone.

Rohini Nakshatra Ruling Planet Moon: Chandra

Rohini Nakshatra Ruling planet is Moon (Chandra). In ancient mythology, Chandra married the 27 daughters of Prajapati (Brahma). However, Chandra favored Rohini because of her magmatism, sensuality, and charm and he stayed with her the most. The eldest sister Jyeshta (eighteenth nakshatra) was jealous and told her father Prajapati. Prajapati curse Chandra to die. However, the 27 wives (twenty nakshatras) felt bad for Chandra so the curse was modified so Chandra would die ‘waning moon’ and come back to life ‘waxing moon. Therefore, from the mythology, the symbol of the moon is related to lust, magnetism, desire, and jealous natures (Jyeshta).

Nature and Behavior of Rohini Nakshatra People

Rohini nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet Moon (Chandra), the ruling deities Brahma (Prajapati the creator), and the main symbol a ‘Bull Oxcart. Therefore, people with Rohini nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Rohini is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Rohini nakshatra.

Rohini people are mesmerizing and have the power of attraction. That is to say, they are hypnotic, alluring, magnetic, and leave lifelong impressions. Rohini natives attract attention and lure people in like a moth to a flame. Also, similar to a cobra (main symbol) they can hypnotize others. They have such an inviting atmosphere people love being in their company. Both Rohini men and women have compelling eyes that get many compliments. Rohini natives especially women love decorating their eyes. They like wearing dark mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner this embellishes the seductiveness in their eyes. Like a snake, one gaze at Rohini native will charm you. They are natural charmers and can seduce the object of their desire. Because people can become intoxicated by a Rohini native other people ‘sike themselves up’ so much that they feel a hollowness once they truly get to know them. Because of this, other people can view them as being shallow and hallow

Rohini people are good at music and creative pursuits. They can have vocal abilities or can play an instrument. They are also inspired to pursue creative or beauty ventures. They can be makeup artists, designers, photographers capturing beauty, fashion designers, decorating, into the arts, models, or into any creative or beauty endeavor.

Rohini nakshatra is also related to fertility, growth, and agriculture. If no malefic impacts this nakshatra, Rohini natives are very fertile their bodies are ripe for having children. They are also natural agriculturalists and can grow and cultivate lands.

Rohini people love luxury and the finer things in life. However, they prefer quality over quantity. That is to say, they desire one valuable item over hundreds of counterfeits. For instance, they prefer one diamond over a hundred cubic zirconia. They love being surrounded by luxury and beauty. If Rohini is in the 4th house they will beautify their home.

Rohini people are very sensual and sexual. They can paralyze their partner with lust and passion. If another planetary alignment supports it, they can have multiple affairs and cheat on their partner.

Sun in Rohini Nakshatra

Sun in Rohini influences personality, career, authority figures, and father with the energy of Rohini (creativity, favoritism, mesmerizing, fertility, agriculture).

Sun in Rohini Nakshatra people are creative, mesmerizing, hypnotic, attractive, and favored by someone in their lives. They have natural artistic abilities and can be talented vocalists. Natives have profound creative intelligence, and they love to be surrounded by beautiful and luxury items especially in their homes. A Rohini person love to wear name brands and high fashion clothing, especially if Rohini is in the 1st house or is your Atmakaraka. However, there can be people in a Rohini person’s life who is jealous of them. Nevertheless, a Rohini person can receive favoritism from bosses and authority figures. Also, the father or a family member influence career in some way.

Since Sun is the karaka of career and Rohini zodiac range is in Taurus. The sign Taurus is the natural 2nd house of money, resource, voice, mouth, face, and family. Therefore, a person with Sun in Rohini Nakshatra can have a profession in banking, finance, accounting, singing, modeling, handling food. Other career choice includes Artist, Creative Work, Growing Crops or Plants, Agriculturists, Farming, Herbalists, Traveling, Transportation and Tourism, Gemstone, Jewelers, Precious Stones.

Moon in Rohini Nakshatra

Moon in Rohini influences mind, emotions, desire, home, comforts, mother with the energy of Rohini. Moon is exalted in Rohini; therefore, Moon here gives excellent results.

People with Moon in Rohini Nakshatra minds are focused on creativity, luxuries, fashion, creative, and money. In addition, these individuals are extraordinary hypnotic, magnetic, alluring, and beautiful. They can attract people to them like a moth to a flame. Other people are naturally drawn to their aura and people love being around them. They have youthful faces (2nd house) and musical vocal talents. Moon in Rohini people is very sexual and sensual they enjoy sex, food, and emotional pleasure especially the joy of living. They have creative minds and are constantly thinking about the next creative project. They enjoy decorating their home (Moon) and like to live in luxury. On the other hand, their minds are focused on family and the natives have strong family values. Also, these individual have their money and resource always on their mind. They can easily be blessed with money since Moon is in good dignity here. They can be favored by a family or a particular family member. Also, there can be jealous people in their lives who often cross their minds. Finally, The mother is very beautiful, and others enjoy being in her company.

A Moon in Rohini person’s mind is focused on traveling. These people are constantly thinking about traveling and places they like to visit. If Moon is in the 9th house, they love long-distance traveling. However, if Moon is in the 12th house of foreign travel, they like to travel overseas. Finally, If Moon is in the 3rd house of short-distance travel, they often travel locally close to their homeland. A Moon in Rohini person will travel more often in Mahadasha of Moon. Emotional happiness and mental peace come to these individuals when they are traveling.

Mercury in Rohini Nakshatra

Mercury is enemies with Rohini ruling planet Moon. However, Mercury is in a friend sign in Taurus (Rohini zodiac range). Therefore, there will be both auspicious and inauspicious results here.

A Mercury in Rohini person is very business savvy (knowable) regarding how to manage finance, money, and resources. Therefore, natives are suitable for careers in banking and finance. They have the intellectual capacity to make logical financial decisions and are very calculative with money. Because of this, they can use their knowledge to accumulate money and wealth. On the other hand, these individuals love to communicate (Mercury) on topics related to money, creative pursuits, luxury living, food, and fashion. They also enjoy eating foods that are salty or saltish.

Mercury is the karaka of friends and Rohini is related to jealousy. Therefore, natives can have jealous friends in their lives. If Mars conjunct Mercury, friend jealously can lead to fights and arguments which can eventually break some friendships. Mercury also rules younger siblings and coworkers, so there also can be jealousy issues from these people.

Mercury rules education and mental curiosity. Mercury in Rohini people can get an education in managing money. The family the native grew up with (parent, siblings, cousins) can somehow influence the native’s mental curiosity and education. Also, the Mother (Moon) is involved or influenced in the native’s education.

Venus in Rohini Nakshatra

Venus in Rohini influences marriage, relationships, creativity, and artistic gifts with the energy of Rohini. Venus owns the sign of Taurus; however, it is neutral with the ruling planet Moon.

A Venus in Rohini Nakshatra person is passionate about luxuries, finance, money, family, food, and their facial appearance. They enjoy eating at a high-end restaurant and love the taste of foods that have been sour and acidulous. They also have a sweet tone to their speech that lures people in when they talk. These individuals have very beautiful faces that attract attention.

Venus is the karaka for marriage in both men and women charts. This indicates Venus in Rohini people have a passionate and lustful relationship with their spouse (husband or wife). They can be so much passion it’s hard to leave the intoxication of the bedroom.

Venus is the significator for wife in a male’s chart. A man’s wife is beautiful, magnetic, and hypnotic. A man is drawn to his wife or lovers like a bee to honey. His wife had hypnotic eyes that suck people in. People are drawn to your wife’s magnetic aura, and she can have many admirers such as followers on social media. The wife enjoys agriculture and can take pleasure in planting. She is artistic and enjoy decorating the home and often is engaged in creative project.

Venus relates to creative talents. A Venus in Rohini person uses luxury items and agriculture (plant life) and beauty in their creative project. They use precious stones, jewelry, fashion, flower, and plant life in their creative projects. They are the type of people who would decorate a picture frame with flowers and gemstones. They can turn an ordinary item into a high fashion piece of art.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra

Mars in Rohini influences passions, drive, exertion of energy, siblings, real estate with the energy of Rohini. Mars is friends with Rohini’s ruling planet (Moon); however, Mars is in an enemy sign (Taurus); therefore, there can be mixed results here.

Mars in Rohini Nakshatra people are passionate about art, music, luxury items, and living the best materialistic life on earth. These individuals are passionate and driven toward making money and accumulating resources. However, Mars is a malefic planet, and it brings war to any house that it is positioned in; therefore, there can be family disputes. Mars also relates to cuts and scars and the 2nd house represents the face; therefore, these natives can have a cut or bruise of the face.

Mars represents siblings (brothers and sisters): Therefore, Mars in Rohini indicates that One of your siblings could be favorited. However, if Mars is your Atmakaraka, Ascendant Lord, or Mars is placed in your 1st house. You could be favored by people or a particular person. However, there can be jealousy with siblings due to favoritism.

Mars relates to activity and Moon (Rohini ruling planet) is the mind: Therefore, Mars in Rohini people have very active minds that rarely rest. Often their mental energy is focused on money, resources, family, and vocal musical interest.

Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra

Jupiter is friends with Moon (Rohini ruling planet): However, Jupiter is in an enemy sign in Taurus; therefore, Jupiter will give mixed results here.

People with Jupiter in Rohini Nakshatra have beautiful children. Their children or a particular child is creative and enjoys being on the go. Also, children or a particular child is favored by the native or a particular person. Rohini is related to fertility and Jupiter is expansion. Therefore, these natives can procreate and are blessed with offspring.

Jupiter represents the husband in a woman chart. A woman husband is attractive, magnetic, and you are drawn to him like a moth to a flame. The husband has hypnotic and seductive eyes that suck people in. Many people are drawn to your husband’s magnetic aura, and he has many admirers. Because of this, he can be a social medial celebrity. The husband also enjoys agriculture (farming, gardening, planting). Husband is very creative and enjoys and could have a profession in the arts (musician, artist, painter, singer, actor, etc..).

Jupiter represents expansion and wealth, and the 2nd House represents money and resources; Therefore, money can expand. A Jupiter in Rohini person can experience financial abundance and money blessings especially during the Dasha of Jupiter or the Chara Dasha or Taurus.

Saturn in Rohini Nakshatra

Saturn in Rohini influences the working hard, delay, discipline, patient with the energy of Rohini. Saturn is in a friend sign in Taurus; however, it’s enemies with Rohini ruling planet Moon.

Saturn in Rohini Nakshatra people have impatient minds. These people want their thoughts and ideas to manifest without putting in the hard work; As a result, they are impatient and often impractical especially early in life. However, Saturn gives the natives results after hard work, patient, perseverance, and time. These individuals must learn to follow the rules of Saturn when it comes to their dreams and desires. That is to say, they must put in the hard work (Saturn) into their ideas and wait for their desires to manifest even if it takes years.

Saturn represents delay and the 2nd House relates to your money; Saturn here can delay money until Saturn matures at age 36. Before this time, these individuals will have trouble saving and making money on their own; however, the good news is that once they start making their own money they can hold on to it longer since Saturn relates to longevity.

Creative expression can be delayed: These people can experience a delay with creative and artistic expression. They often discover their creative talent later in life. However, in their youth, they can struggle to find creative outlets (their artistic talents). Also, success with creative pursuits can be delayed or stagnant in their youth.

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra

Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra is exalted; therefore, individuals can have financial abundance here.

People with Rahu in Rohini Nakshatra money and resources can explode, and the natives can experience financial abundance. These people like to take shortcuts when increasing their money. They are not accustomed to playing by the book when it comes to increasing their finances. I believe this is a good quality because they can think outside the box to get ahead financially. However, once a Rahu in Rohini person achieves their financial goals, they are never satisfied even if they have millions in the bank. They will keep setting new financial goals and reaching them. Because of this they can be rich and have massive wealth. Nepenthes, Rahu in Rohini individuals can have luck with foreign investments (Rah). In addition, they often have a bank account in a foreign country. However, Rahu is all about obsession and it is easy for these people to get observed about accumulating money and resources. On the other hand, blow-ups with family members can happen suddenly. As a result, this can lead to a detachment from family or a particular family member.

A Rahu in Rohini person mind (Moon) think about things beyond this world. Their minds are focused on UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Ghosts, Hauntings, etc. They have creative minds that can tap into other worlds. For instance, if the individual is an artist they draw and paint other dimensions and worlds, aliens, spirits, and surrealism. They are extraordinary with tapping into the unknown and illusionary world in creative projects.

Ketu In Rohini Nakshatra

Ketu is debilitated in Taurus (zodiac range of Rohini).

Ketu in Rohini Nakshatra people had a past life experience dealing with money and resources Therefore, these individuals have instinctive knowledge on how to manage money and resources. On the other hand, the natives have karma from a past life with being the favorite or center of attention. Therefore, they may not desire to be the center of attention in this life.

They also experienced a past life with their mother. This is because the ruling planet of Rohini is Moon (karaka of mother) and Ketu relates to past lives. On the other hand, the native can experience a detachment (Ketu) from the mother or a particular family member.

Ketu in Rohini Nakshatra individuals can easily experience spirituality and enlightenment. Their minds are focused on how to detach from the material world to experience spirituality. In addition, their minds can tap into their past lives through dreams, visions, or through their imagination.


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