Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is the first nakshatra of the twenty-seven nakshatras. Ashwini zodiac range is from 00o 00’ Aries to 13o 20’ Aries. The entire nakshatra is in the headstrong sign of Aries. The zodiac sign of Aries is fast, headstrong, aggressive, assertive, goal-oriented, and takes initiative. Therefore, these are the qualities of Ashwini Nakshatra.

The ruling animal of Ashwini Nakshatra is a Male Horse which is associated with Ashwini Kumars (twin horse). On the other hand, the name Ashwini Kumars means ‘Born to a Female Horse. Both the name and symbolism relate to horses. Therefore, horses strongly influence the character of this nakshatra.

Ashwini Nakshatra Constellation

There are two stars in the constellation of Aries that represents Ashwini Nakshatra. These two stars are known as Beta Arietis (Sheratan) and Alpha Arietis (Hamal). The two stars form the shape of a ‘horse head’. Again, the horse head symbolism is found even in the sky.

Ashwini Nakshatra Symbol

Ashwini Nakshatra’s main symbol is a Horse’s head. This is a fascinating symbol since this nakshatra is complete in Aries (the natural 1st house) and Aries relates to the head. When we come into this earth, we are born head first, and the 1st house (Aries) relates to our ascendant which lays out our karma path in life. Therefore, the Horses head represents new beginnings and start in life and birth. Therefore, birth can be the start of a new project or venture in life.

The horse’s head also conveys a message of being headstrong. The term headstrong relates to strong will and taking actions impulsively which are the qualities of Ashwini Nakshatra.

Ashwini Nakshatra Deity: Ashwini Kumars

Ashwini Nakshatra’s ruling deity is the Ashwini Kumars (Physician to the God’s). Ashwini Kumars are ‘conjoined twin’ horse brothers. Their name is known as Nasatya and Dashra. The name Nasatya means ‘truthful’ and Dashra means ‘bring help’. As the Physician of God’s, they are ‘truthful’ when they ‘bring help’. That is to say, they are knowledgeable with healing techniques. They are also insightful when solving problems. Ashwini Kumars are illustrated riding in a chariot. This chariot relates to travel, and speedy help or healing. They are the Physician of God because they have the wisdom of all herbs and can cure any disease or illness fast.

Ashwini Nakshatra Ruling Planet Ketu

The ruling planet of Ashwini Nakshatra is Ketu (South Node of the Moon). Ketu is the tail of the serpent (head without the body). Ketu relates to spirituality, moksha, enlightenment, detachment, karma, the past, and internalizing. It is interesting to mention that Ketu (Head without the body) is used to symbolize Ashwini. This is interesting because Ashwini’s main symbol is a Head (horse head). I believe Ketu is the ruling deity of Ashwini Nakshatra as a message that healing techniques don’t require the Head (logic analytical skills) but it is naturally inherited in all of us.

 Behavior of Ashwini Nakshatra People

Ashwini Nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet Ketu, the ruling deities Ashwini Kumars (Physician to the God’s). and the main symbol is a ‘Horses Head’. Therefore, people with Ashwini strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Ashwini is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Ashwini Nakshatra.

Ashwini people are fast and enjoy speed. They want things fast and do not like to slow down for anyone or anything. They move, eat, drink, and drive extremely fast. This need for speed can make them adrenaline junkies. They are fascinated with excitement and adventure. As a result, they have a passion for race cars, fast sports, trains, helicopters, drones, airplanes, jets. They love to be on the go and have their day filled with activities. Because Ashwini people love movement and speed they enjoy traveling around the world. However, because they like to move so fast, they can often be impulsive and act without thinking. They must learn to slow down and make sure the pool is filled before they jump in.

Ashwini natives are natural athletes. Therefore, playing sport or any physical activity comes naturally to them. Ashwini people have a passion for, karate, martial arts, judo, kendo, or any self-defense discipline because these sport are fast-moving and energetic. Bruce Lee who was well-known for martial art has his Ascendant in Ashwini nakshatra. He was fast with this discipline. When he was thought to be paralyzed for life, Ashwini nakshatra miraculously healed him from paralysis.

Ashwini people are natural healers. This is because Ashwini Kumars (Physician to the God’s) rules this nakshatra. They make wonderful Doctors, Physicians, Surgeons, Spiritual healers, Herbalists. And alternative medicine specialist. Ashwini’s native gift of healing often comes from a past life because Ketu (past lives) rule this nakshatra. Ashwini people also can heal people by solving their problems. Because they are wonderful problem solvers they can have a career as Counselors, Therapists, or Spiritual Advisor.

Ashwini people love Gardening. They enjoy growing herbs, planting, farming, or being in an agricultural environment. They are known to have gardens in the backyard where they can cultivate herbs. Because of this, they make wonderful Ayurveda specialists, herbalists, Aromatherapists, and Nutritionist (focused on a plant diet).

They are known to have twin personalities. At one moment they can be serious at the next a prankster. It’s like two people are living inside of an Ashwini native. This dual personality is because Ashwini Kumars are ‘conjoined twin’ horse brothers (Nasatya and Dashra ) who have two separate personalities.

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra

Sun in Ashwini influences personality, career, authority, and father with the energy of Ashwini. Sun is exalted in Aries; therefore, all the significations of the Sun are intensified in this nakshatra. It is important to mention that Bosses, Father, and Authority figures can have similar traits identified below.

Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra people are impatient, overly confident, have an inflated ego, have high self-esteem, and are natural athletes. This is because the Sun represents personality, identity, and ego; therefore, these people identify strongly with the energy of Ashwini. Sun in Ashwini individuals always put themselves first and think of others later. Nevertheless, I view all these traits as good qualities because they use their confidence to get ahead in life and will not let others put them down. On the other hand, they take the authority role to help solve problems. Also, when their vitality (Sun) becomes drained they can recharge their batteries quickly.

Sun is the karaka of career and Ashwini zodiac range is completely in the goal-oriented sign of Aries. Therefore, an Ashwini person desire high career success and they are very goal-oriented. Therefore, a person with Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra can have professions in Athletics and Sports. Professional Athletes, Stunt Person: Travel, Adventure, and Speed Professions. Racecar Driver, Explorer, World Traveler, Adventurist, Travel & Tourism Business. Careers Involving Horses: Horse Rider, Horse Trainers, Horse Keeper, Horse Breeder, Horse Racer. Healing and Alternative Healing: Medical Doctor, Nurse, Physicians, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Acupuncture, Herbology, Chinese and Oriental Medicine Chakra Healing, Chi Healing Techniques, Aura Cleansing, Meditation Healing. Advisory Careers: Therapists, Physicians, Counsellors, Physiotherapists. All Law Enforcement Careers. Generals, Solder, Policemen, Military. All Agriculture Careers Gardening, Plant, Herbalist, Farming, Crops, Herb, Flower, Agriculture.

Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra

Moon in Ashwini influences mind, emotions, intuition, desire, home, comforts, and mother with the energy of Ashwini.

Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra people have active and restless minds. They are always thinking about the next adventure, activity, or initiative. They like to act on their thought and put in motion what they are thinking about. These individuals have a very impatient nature and want their goals, desires, and dreams to come fast with no delay. On the other hand, they have Healing Intuition. A Moon in Ashwini person instantly knows how to naturally heal alignments. On the other hand, because Ketu is the ruling deity of this nakshatra, their mind can be focused on mysticism, metaphysic, and spirituality. Their Consciousness/Mind wants to experience moksha (Ketu) fast.

These people emotions can fluctuate fast. That is to say, one moment they can be feeling like the King or Queen of the world; however, the next moment they can feel overwhelmed. Then again, when they are feeling down and out; they can pick themselves up quickly and be the King or Queen of the throne again. Also, Mother is a healer and can have a profession as Doctor, Nurse, Physician, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Herbologist.

Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra

Mercury in Ashwini relates to communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings. Therefore, all these signification of Mercury are done fast (Ashwini)

Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra people have fast speech, are outspoken, think quickly, and can process information at rapid speeds. However, if Saturn aspects or conjuncts Mercury it can slow down these characteristics. Nevertheless, these people can read fast; they can quickly scan books and the written word and retain what they have read. They have impulsive speech and often can talk without thinking (Ketu) They can move fast and are prone to driving too fast. These individuals are fast with hand movement and often use their hands when talking. They can curse or swear when speaking, this is because Aries is ruled by Mars and the planet Mars influences curse words in speech.

Both Mercury and Ashwini relate to humor; therefore, these natives can be very humorous. They can have professions as comedians especially if Mercury is in the 10th house or the 10th lord. Also, there can be a healer in the family. younger siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins can be a healer. Coworkers, Colleagues work fast and can often do a task without thinking (Ketu). A coworker can also play a prank on the job or like to joke around.

They also have the mental curiosity to want to know about spiritual subjects. This is because Mercury is the original 3rd House of research and information and Ketu (the ruling planet) relates to the Metaphysical and Occult; Therefore, these people like to research the mystical and occult subjects.

Venus in Ashwini Nakshatra

Venus in Ashwini Nakshatra influences transformation, marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, artistic talents. Therefore, all these significations of Venus are done fast and impulsive (Ashwini).

Venus in Ashwini Nakshatra people moves fast in marriage and relationships. They are prone to marry someone quickly. They also experience quick change, transformations, and rebirths in relationships. A marriage partner can have a twin personality. These individuals can have an argumentative relationship with their spouse. Arguments with spouses can start fast this is because Mars the signification of wars rules the zodiac range (Aries) of Ashwini. Marriage partners can have a career as a Healer, Doctor, Alternative Medicine Specialist, Herbalist, etc.

Venus in Ashwini individuals are passionate about alternative healing, occult, mysticism, and metaphysics as a technique for healing (Ashwini).

Venus is the karaka for wife in a male’s chart: Wife is confident, impatient, fast, and like to be active. The wife can have an inflated ego and can be adventurous and a true pioneer. The wife can be advisors (Ashwini) in the relationship. These qualities of the wife are especially true If Ashwini the Darakaraka, 7th House Lord, or Venus is in the 7th House.

Venus relates to creativity talents: When working on a creative project a Venus in Ashwini person can often complete the project fast without thinking (Ketu). This is because they are impatient with creative endeavors and want a task completed in a little time as possible. I believe this is a good quality because they do not overthink things which could slow down their efforts.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra

Mars in Ashwini influences passions, drive, exertion of energy with the theme of Ashwini. The planet Mars owns the sign of Aries (the zodiac range for Ashwini), so Mars is strong here.

A Mars in Ashwini person is courageous, active, and are self-starters. Because of this, they are very strong-willed. When they set their minds on something they dare to see it through. They are also very athletic and enjoy physical activities. They enjoy sports like Martial Arts, Karate, Judo, etc. Also, Mars in Ashwini people are technical depending on which house Mars is positioned in. For instance, if Mars is the 4th house, these natives like to fix things around the house. If Mars is in the 5th house of education, they will pursue and technical education. On the other hand, they can explode or get angry quickly and without thinking (Ketu). Because of this, they can be temperamental, and their anger can flare without any rational thought. Nevertheless, they have a passion and are skillful with the use of sharp object swords, knives, blades. This is because Mars is related to cutting so these people can be master chefs or surgeons. If Mars is the 10th house these individuals can have a career in real estate, engineering, or technology. On the other hand, they use fire as a healing technique. For instance, they can participate in fire waling practice to cleanse their souls. Also, Male friends are quick, impulsive, and impatient.

They often act (Mars) without thinking (Ketu). They act on instincts and impulses. Because of this they take initiative without hesitation and dive headfirst into a project, idea, goal, and dream.

A Mars in Ashwini person is passionate regarding the occult, mysticism, and metaphysics (Ketu). They exert energy toward metaphysical healing (Ketu) or healing professions. They like to explore Spirituality, Meditation, Moksha, Enlargement, Yoga, Chants, Mantras, Astral Projection, Faith Healing, etc.

Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra

Jupiter in Ashwini influences, advisors, children, higher education, money, and husband (for women) with the energy of Ashwini. Jupiter is in a friend sign in Aries and blesses natives with healing.

Jupiter in Ashwini Nakshatra people can experience miracle with healing. This is because Jupiter expands the healing qualities of this nakshatra; therefore, miracle healing can take place. They are naturally knowledgeable (Jupiter) with healing practices. Because of their innate healing knowledge, they are teachers or advisors in metaphysical healing. These people are naturally wise regarding occult and mysticism (Ketu). They make wonderful Counselors, Mentors, Teachers, Gurus, and spiritual consultations. They are like to pursue higher education (Jupiter) in healing or alternative medicine. These people also like to make money quickly. If Jupiter is involved in raja yoga, dhana yoga, or Lakshmi yoga money can come to them fast especially during the Mahadasha or Antra Dasha of Jupiter.

Jupiter represents children in both men and women charts: Children or a particular child enjoy playing with trains, jets, airplanes, race cars, or any fast toy. Children enjoy running around and playing sports. However, children can become restless fast, so it’s best to always have children involved in some type of activity.

Jupiter is the Karaka for Husband in a women’s chart: A woman’s husband is confident, impatient, athletic, fast, and likes to be active. He is a true macho man with his inflated ego and adventurous nature. The husband is an advisor and loves traveling. He can be a metaphysical healer or doctor. The husband is also impulsive, impatient, and action-oriented.

The husband could be a twin or have a twin personality. These qualities of the husband are especially true If Ashwini the Darakaraka, 7th House Lord, or Venus is in the 7th House.

Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra

Saturn in Ashwini relates to patients, hard work, delay, discipline, and karma. Saturn is debilitated in Ashwini, so here fast action is delayed.

Saturn in Ashwini Nakshatra people are extremely impatient. They want things to happen fast and now with no delay; however, Saturn delays results. Because of this, they can become frustrated fast because they think things are not moving. They can feel as if their efforts are wasted, and they are fighting and uphill battles. Therefore, they display massive impatience especially regarding the house Saturn is positioned in. For instance, if Saturn is in the 10th house, they want their career to surge and rise fast. On the other hand, If Saturn is in the 5th house of education and children it can delay these things which causes frustration. However, the good news about Saturn is that it provides successful results after hard work, delay, and persistence: Therefore, after delay and perseverance, a Saturn in Ashwini person gets results in life. When Saturn matures at 36 or returns to its natal position in the birth chart, they start to realize their hopes, wishes, and dreams. On the other hand, these individuals can serve as counselors and healers. However, when purchasing land, they can have karma with the land (Saturn). Also, Spirituality can be delayed until Saturn returns to its natal position.

They can have estrangement (Saturn) with people because of impatience. They may want someone in their life to act or do something without hesitation. If the person is slow to act, they cut the person off from their life.

Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra

Rahu in Ashwini relates to shortcuts, the unexpected, explosion, foreign, material world, and illusions with the energy of Ashwini.

Rahu in Ashwini Nakshatra people have explosive energy. This is because Rahu explodes the qualities of this nakshatra. Therefore, Rahu gives explosive energy to Ashwini people. As a result, these people are too fast, overly assertive, extremely impatient, and overly driven. Rahu is the head without the body which is never satisfied; therefore, natives are never satisfied with their accomplishments and have an unquenched thirst for adventure and taking initiative. As mentioned, Rahu is the head and Ketu represents the body. Therefore, they can glue their heads to their body and eventually get satisfaction from their goal but if take spiritual practice to to be fully satisfied.

Ketu In Ashwini Nakshatra

Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra relates to the occult, moksha, seclusion, introverts, past lives, investigation, research, nonattachment to worldly desires with the energy of Ashwini.

Ketu in Ashwini Nakshatra people have natural healing abilities from a past life, but they may not have a desire to pursue healing as a career unless other indications show otherwise. They can also take fast action (Ashwini) without thinking (Ketu). When they are doing something, they might not have their heads screwed on and act out of impulse. Also, Paternal Grandmother or Maternal Grandfather could be a healer or doctor.


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