Swati Nakshatra
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Swati Nakshatra

Swati Nakshatra is the fifteenth nakshatra and follows Chitra Nakshatra. Swati zodiac range is from 6o 40’ to 20o 00’ Libra. The entire nakshatra is in the zodiac sign Libra. Therefore, the Libra energy dominates this nakshatra. The ruler of Libra is Venus, and this planet represents art, entertainment, music, and artistic talent. Therefore, Saraswati the Goddess of music and learning is associated with this Swati. On the other hand, the main symbol of Swati Nakshatra is a ‘blade of grass swaying in the wind’ The blade of grass is a symbolism of independence and self-reliance which are qualities of this nakshatra

The name Swati (Svāti) translates into “Independent”, “Self-Starter”. Swati is also spelled Svāti in which the ‘Sva’ means ‘one’s own, or self-reliance.

Swati Nakshatra Star: Arcturus

Swati Nakshatra is ruled by a solitary star called Arcturus (Alpha·BootiS). The star Arcturus is part of the constellation of Bootis which is positioned between the constellation of Virgo and Libra. The star Arcturus is known as the star of the arts, prosperity, and success in arts and business.

Deity Vayu, God of Wind: Ruling Planet/Lord Rahu

Swati Nakshatra is ruled by the deity Vayu, God of Wind. Vayu is the God of wind, prana (breath), and musicians. It is important to mention that wind relates to our breath. Our breath keeps us alive and sustained our life force. Also, through breath exercise is how deep medication and enlightenment is is obtained. Yoga practices such as Pranayama are breathing techniques to acquire deep meditation and relaxation. Nevertheless, Hanuman is the son of Vayu. Therefore, many of Vayu’s qualities are manifested in Hanuman. In the ancient mythology, Hanuman was cursed by the rishis to forget his powers and gift. Because of this mythology people with Swati strong have hidden talents and abilities and through breath meditations, those talents can be revealed.

Rahu is the ruling planet/lord of Swati Nakshatra. The graha Rahu is the north node of the moon. Rahu is the head without the body which is never satisfied. Therefore, people with this nakshatra strong are never full (satisfied) with what they have.

Characteristics of Swati Nakshatra People

Swati nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet (Rahu), the ruling deities Vayu, (God of Wind), and the main symbol ‘A Blade of Grads in the Wind’. Therefore, people with Swati nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra intensely. When Swati is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in Swati a nakshatra.

Swati Nakshatra people are very independent. They are aware of their individuality and are independent thinkers. They do not sway with the crowd, that is to say, they are not followers but leaders in their own right.

Because they are so independent, they are natural entrepreneurs and businessmen, and businesswomen. They have strong desires to start their own businesses. They are excellent at marketing to the masses. This is because they are good with communication and the written word.

They are gifted with artistic talents and are creative. However, these artistic talents are often hidden, and it takes knowing oneself to release the hidden aspect of their creativity. Once they discover their talents, they can utilize them effectively.

Swati Nakshatra people are good at communication. This is because the wind element is associated with this nakshatra. The wind is related to communication and breath. Therefore, the people know how to get a conversation flowing or blowing in the right direction.

Since Swati is ruled by Rahu, people with nakshatra strong in their chart are never satisfied, this is because the graha Rahu is the head without the body. Without a body (stomach) one can never get full. So, these people are never full, that is to say, they are not satisfied with just one thing. If they have a successful business, lots of money, successes they will want more. This is not a negative aspect of this nakshatra this is just who they are.

Planets in Swati Nakshatra

Planets in Swati Nakshatra inherit the qualities of this nakshatra. Swati Nakshatra gives the energy of independence, individuality, talent, and good communication skills to each planet.

Sun in Swati Nakshatra

Sun in Swati influences the significators of Sun (soul, ego, pride, character, creativity, career, identity, authority figures, father, etc.) with the energy of Swati. However, the Sun is debilitated in Libra (zodiac sign of Swati); therefore, the significator of the Sun, can lose power here.

Sun in Swati Nakshatra means individuals have a strong desire to climb to the top in their careers. they have a big appetite for success, accomplishments, and achievements. Individuals have skies are the limit perspective. However, because of this limitless viewpoint in life, they can have unreachable career goals. This is because, in the mythology, Hanuman thought Sun was a fruit, so he climbed into the sky and tried to swallow the Sun; however, Hanuman was struck down by Indra and unable to accomplish this goal. Because of this mythology when a Sun in Swati person climbs to reach an unattainable goal, they will have to swallow their pride when they are unable to accomplish it. On the other hand, the rishis curse Hanuman to forget his skills; consequently, Sun in Swati people can forget their gifts, talents, and skills, especially in their career. They may have to reread training manuals or documentation to refresh their memory. Or, bosses and coworkers may remind Swati natives of their job skills. Nevertheless, when individuals are placed in a seat of power, such as supervisors, bosses, or owners of their own business; their employees and subordinates, will try to dominate them. However, Sun in Swati person must remember they are the authority figures, and by knowing this they can gain control again.

Sun is the karaka of career in Vedic Astrology. Swati zodiac range is in the creative, social, contractual, and business sign of Libra: Therefore, people with Sun in Swati Nakshatra can have a career in Business, Enterprise, Entrepreneurs, Business Owner, Marketing, Communications. Music: singing, vocalist, songwriter, or playing a musical instrument. Contract Negotiation: Lawyers, Mediators, Attorney, Contract Writers. Wind Professions: Meteorologist (weather reporters), Manufacturers of Kite, Balloon, Bubbles (anything that blows in the wind or require prana/breath or air )

Moon in Swati Nakshatra

Moon in Swati Nakshatra influences mind, emotions, desire, home, comforts, the mother with the energy of Swati.

People with Moon in Swati Nakshatra have boundless minds. That is to say, they can think outside of the box and come up with many inventive ideas. Swati is a fast-moving nakshatra; therefore, individuals think fast; their minds can blow into the debt of infinity. To clarify, they have limitless thoughts and can look at life from a fresh and new perspective. Because Rahu is the ruling deity of Swati, natives have unusual and rare thoughts. They have an unquenchable thirst for fresh ideas, and they like to spread their wings and fly with their ideas. They have very independent thinking patterns, in which they can come up with their own ideas instead of being influenced by the thoughts of someone else. However, because they think so big their ideas are often unreachable. On the other hand, Moon in Swati people are leaders and follow the beat of their own drum. Nevertheless, Libra (Swati zodiac sign) is social; therefore, they can enjoy socializing with people. Libra is also related to business contracts; therefore, natives can have business-oriented minds and love negotiating and making business agreements.

Mercury in Swati Nakshatra

The meanings of Mercury (business, communication, logical intelligence, learning capacity, skills, mental curiosity, friends, younger sibling, etc.). are influenced by the theme of Swati. Mercury is in a friend sign in Libra, Swati zodiac sign; therefore, Mercury can give good results regarding the themes.

People with Mercury in Swati Nakshatra are business-oriented and intelligent. Individuals have a natural talent for Marketing and developing a Business. In addition, they are very intelligent and know how to dissect information. In other words, they are good when it comes to analyzing data and information. Individuals have the natural talent to write marketing copyright and campaigns that can spread like the wind. To clarify, they know how to get a product and service that spread to the masses. Individuals like working independently because of this they are exceptional Entrepreneurs and Businessmen and Businesswomen. On the other hand, since Swati’s ruling planet Rahu relates to foreign. Mercury in Swati Entrepreneurs desires businesses all around the world, especially in foreign countries. They can never be satisfied even if they have hundreds of businesses, they will have to keep developing and spreading their business. This is because Rahu is the head without the body, which is never satisfied. On the other hand, their mental curiosity is unquenchable. That is to say, they love learning especially when it comes to business, contract, negotiation, and. marketing. However, they often forget what they have learned and must keep reading their notes and documents to refresh their memories. Or a friend or younger sibling can remind them of what they have learned.

Venus in Swati Nakshatra

The meanings of Venus (marriage, relationships, passion, creativity) are influenced by the energy of Swati. The planet Venus is in its Moolatrikona (Home) sing in Libra; therefore, the planet Venus does well here

People with Venus in Swati nakshatra have musical talent. Individuals have natural talents in music, singing, songwriting, or playing a musical instrument. This is because the ruling deity, of Swati, Vayu is associated with music. Vayu is known as the God of wind; the wind is what carries music and sounds. So, Vayu is responsible for spreading music. Therefore, a Venus in Swati person’s musical talent can spread like the wind. That is to say, the masses (people) will know about their musical talent. Because of this individuals can achieve fame and recognition for their musical gifts. However, they have to practice often, or they may forget their abilities. Venus is also the karaka of relationships and marriage for both males and females. Swati is a fast-moving nakshatra, as a result, individuals like to move fast in relationships. On the other hand, their marriage partner (husband or wife) will have the qualities of Swati. The marriage partner is independent, business-oriented, musically talented, and has an unquenchable thirst for life. Venus in Swati people can marry someone from a foreign country or of foreign birth. This is because Rahu, the deity of Swati nakshatra relates to foreigners.

Mars in Swati Nakshatra

The meaning of Mars (passion, drive, willpower, exertion of energy, property investment, engineering, mechanical, and technical, etc.) is influenced by the energy of Swati.

People with Mars in Swati Nakshatra are free spirits. Individuals exert their energy by spreading their wings and flying high in life. They are true go-getters because they do not see any limits to their abilities. They do not like any type of restrictions and limits; they see the world as a sea of opportunities and like to dive into initiatives head first. However, they can often scatter their energy doing too many things at one time. They have assertive communication skills especially in business and negotiating because of this they can often cut other people off in a conversation. However, when playing sports, they can often forget their athletic abilities. They are good when it comes to gathering people for a sports game or event. They know how to exert themselves so others will follow their lead. When it comes to business and contracts, they can be involved in property investment, engineering, construction, mechanical, and technical projects. Nevertheless, when Mars in Swati people are dealing with others, they can be over assertive, aggressive, and strong-willed which can intimidate people.

Jupiter in Swati Nakshatra

Jupiter in Swati influences, wisdom, knowledge, higher education, advisors, expansion, money, and husband (for women) with the energy of Swati.

People with Jupiter in Swati Nakshatra love spreading their knowledge, wisdom, and information to the masses. They like to share what they have learned; because of this, they make wonderful Teachers, Professors, Mentors, and Advisors. Nevertheless, the information they give to the masses (world) spreads fast and far. However, Jupiter is a Guru who likes to give information to only a select few, and Libra ruled by Venus is about giving information to all people; Therefore, there can be a tug-of-war on what information they want to share and how much they want to share it. The dignity of Venus must be seen to see if Jupiter or Venus wins: For instance, if Venus is exalted in Pisces, then Jupiter will lose this tug-of-war game and the native will spread information to everyone. However, Jupiter in Swati can easily forget the information they have taught people, and a student may have to remind the natives what they have learned from them

Saturn in Swati Nakshatra

The meanings of Saturn (responsible, disciplined, hard work, karma, servants, employees, delay, patients) are influenced by the energy of Swati. Saturn is Exalted in Libra, so Saturn can give good results to some degree. However, Saturn is malefic; therefore, it can suppress the house it is placed in and the themes of Swati.

People with Saturn in Swati Nakshatra are patient, hardworking, disciplined, and enjoy negotiating. Saturn is exalted in Libra, so natives are patient and willing to wait for results. Individuals enjoy working with people and creating harmonic balances. Individuals have the discipline and maturity to handle business agreements. They love negotiation and they feel balance when they come to rational agreements. When they talk their words are well structured, however, they can overthink their choice of words. On the other hand, Saturn is malefic and can suppress the energy of Swati. Therefore, individuals can feel restricted in life. Because of this, they may be dependent on other people. The dependability is related to the house Saturn is placed in. For instance, if Saturn is placed in the 2nd house of money, the native may have to be depended on someone financially early in life. Their karma blocks them from being independent until Saturn matures (around 36) of return to its natal placement in the birth chart. Because of this dependent feeling, natives can feel as their wings have been cut off and they are unable to fly. However, they have many hidden talents in which they will discover later in life. On the other hand, business agreements and marriage can also be delayed since Saturn is in Libra (a sign of marriage and business contract). Nevertheless, when hiring servants, employees, and subordinates; these individuals are very independent, self-reliant, and good communicators

Rahu in Swati Nakshatra

The meanings of Rahu (shortcuts, magic, acceleration, illusions, extraterrestrials, foreign, digital world, etc.) is influenced by the energy of Swati. Rahu is in its own sign since Rahu is Swati’s ruling planet, so Rahu gives good results here.

People with Rahu in Swati nakshatra will climb to the edge of the world to realize their hopes, dreams, and desire. They have a unique and untraditional way of doing things. They are very independent and like to spread their wings and touch the heavens. However, they can never climb high enough in life. Their thirst for life is never quenched; they can drink the waters of their heart’s desire and still be thirsty. That is to say, they can accomplish all their dream, goals, and desire and never feel fulfilled. Nevertheless, Rahu in Swati people are extroverts, enjoy socializing and engaging with other people. Because Rahu represents the digital world (internet) and Swati relates to entrepreneurs, Rahu in Swati people can have an online business or make money through social media, like Youtuber.

Ketu In Swati Nakshatra

The meanings of Ketu (detached, isolation, mysticism, past lives, past-life expertise, etc.) are influenced by the energy of Swati.

Ketu in Swati nakshatra means individuals were social in a past life; therefore, they have the innate expertise when it comes to diplomacy, negotiation, contractual agreements, and dealing with others. On the other hand, individuals have artistic and musical talents they developed in a past life. However, in their current life, they may have forgotten they developed talents; however, they can tap into their hidden talents through spiritual practice, mysticism, and meditation. However, people with Ketu in Swati nakshatra marriage partner (husband or wife) can be an introvert. This is because Ketu relates to introverts and Libra (Swati zodiac sign) represents Marriage. So, the marriage partner can be withdrawn and dislike facing others.

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