Punarvasu Nakshatra Vedic Astrology

Punarvasu Nakshatra

Punarvasu Nakshatra is the seventh Nakshatra and comes after Ardra Nakshatra. Punarvasu zodiac range is from 20o 00’ Gemini to 3o 20’ Cancer. Therefore, the energy of Geminis and Cancer influenced the energy of Punarvasu. On the other hand, Punarvasu’s name means ‘Return of the Light’. The energy of this nakshatra is all about renewal and rebirth. This signifies ‘what is lost return again’. Therefore, a ‘quiver of arrows’ is the main symbol of Punarvasu Nakshatra. This is because once an arrow is used it must be retrieved (returned).

Punarvasu Nakshatra Animals: Female Cat

A female cat is the ruling animal of Punarvasu Nakshatra. This is because cats always return home. A house cat can go missing for months and always seems to find its way back home. Cats are also well known for retrieving items and bringing them home. It is common for a house cat to bring home mice, birds, insects, and even objects. The cat’s energy is all about Returns like the energy of Punarvasu.

Punarvasu Nakshatra: Constellation Castor & Pollux

The constellations governing Punarvasu Nakshatra are the twins’ Castor and Pollux. Castor is the mortal twin and Pollux is the immortal twin. Mortality and Immortality are extreme opposites. The moral twin Castors is associated with honors, fame, intelligence, and losses. On the other hand, Pollux the immortal twin was well known for his athletic boxing skills; however, Pollux was not known for intelligence like Castor his mortal twin. Therefore, Castor and Pollux represent extreme energy of the same force. This is similar to Yin and Yang in Chinese ancient philosophy. Castor and Pollux is part of the constellation Gemini (the twins). Because of this, Duality is also a characteristic related to this constellation.

Ruling Planet Jupiter: Deity Aditi – Mother of the 12 Solar Deities

The ruling planet of Punarvasu Nakshatra is Jupiter and the main deity is Aditi. Aditi is the mother of the twelve Adityas (solar Gods). The twelve solar Gods represent the twelve months of the years or the 12 hours in a clock. The name Aditi means unbounded or infinite. Aditi is the goddess of abundance and prosperity. She blesses the native with unbounded wealth, good fortune, and prosperity.

Nature and Behavior of Punarvasu Nakshatra People

Punarvasu nakshatra is the power to gain objects or objectives. Because a quiver of arrows is the main symbol of punarvasu nakshatra. People with this nakshatra strong in their chart also can retrieve the things they desire.   This nakshatra brings the energy of renewal after a storm. The previous nakshatra (Arda) brought storms and rain clouds (struggles) now Punarvasu Is a triumphant victory after a period of struggle.

As mentioned, Punarvasu nakshatra is all about renewal it is the first light that peeks through the clouds after a heavy storm.   After a storm harmony and balance are restored.

Punarvasu natives do not like negative energy in their life they will work hard to make sure that everything is in harmony and well-balanced. They are -balanced mentally and emotionally.

Punarvasu nakshatra energies stimulate a spiritual quest for the natives.  People under its influence are practitioners of spirituality and seek enlightenment. This is a very advanced nakshatra that influences the native to understand their true selves which is the soul. Because these natives are on a spiritual journey, they are the type of people to go in isolation. They could be backpackers who travel remote parts of the world or take a spiritual pilgrimage to a secluded location.

Punarvasu Nakshatra Love and Marriage

When your Darakaraka, Atmakaraka, Ascendant Lord, or 7th House Lord is in Punarvasu Nakshatra you will have issues in marriage and relationships. At some point in your life, you will experience a failed marriage or relationship. Once you experience the failed marriage, the second marriage is more successful. This has to do with the Punarvasu ‘return of the light’ meaning’. Things are better and bright after the storm of a failed relationship or marriage. Lost love can return with a bright future. Sometimes the person will return to you or will find new love with a new partner.

Punarvasu People Have A Major Come Back in Life

Native with Punarvasu Nakshatra strong in their chart will have a major come back in life after a defeat. These natives can fall to the absolute bottom then rise to the top. If you failed at a business, career, goal, or objective you were striving for. After the defeat, it is advised that you try again, and success usually follows the storm of failure. Failure is never permanent because the native knows how to wash their hands from a failure and start again. The second attempt to bringing them success. Their rise in life after a failure can shock other people who also may have thought they would never rise again. It’s the ‘return of the light’ energy that gives them the power to have a major come back. For instance, if your 10th lord is in Punarvasu Nakshatra you will have to fail at a career to be a success when you try again. Punarvasu Nakshatra guarantees success but only after a failed attempt.

Sun in Punarvasu Nakshatra

The Sun in Vedic astrology represents r soul, identity, ego, authority, vitality, and career. In addition, Sun is the significator of authority figures, father, and government (law and legal documents.

Sun in Punarvasu Nakshatra means that the natives’ first attempt at a career can fail. However, if the individuals try again, they can experience success in their chosen careers. This is especially true if Mercury in Punarvasu is involved in a Raja Yoga or Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. On the other hand, these individuals love cats and have a fascination for any animal in the cat family (tiger, lion, cheetah, Bengal). These people can own a few house cats and are blessed with any deity that symbolizes a cat. For instance, Bastet/Bast (Egyptian Cat God) can bring the natives blessings. Nevertheless, these people have a love for guitars or any string instrument (harp, violin, cello, etc.). Sun in Punarvasu people likes to listen to the sound of a string instrument because it soothes their soul. This can make them feel renewed and recharged. These natives like to listen to songs in repetition. That is to say, they will replay a song again and again. Nevertheless, If the Sun is positioned in your 7th house, is your 7th house lord, or your Darakaraka, you will restart a relationship with someone from your past. If Ketu (the past) influences your Sun in Punarvasu this can be someone from a past life.

Sun is the signification of career; therefore, people with Sun in Punarvasu Nakshatra careers include. Sales and Business Trades, Fantasy Writers, Astrologers, Metaphysics and the Esoteric, Seers, Clairvoyants, Travel Agent, Career that deals with Tourism and travel, Priest, Priestess, Monks, Spiritualist, Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Resorts, Real Estates, Architects, Construction, Transportation Sectors, Philosophers; Psychologists, School Teachers, Teaches in General. Farmers, Communication Industry (Telephone, Bloggers, Youtubers, Radio, Writers, Social Media Experts). Sports using hands, Real Estate Investors (Landlord), Astronauts.

Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra

The Moon represents mind, conscious awareness, emotions, nurturing, imagination, mental disposition (happiness or sadness), emotional disposition (pace of mind or mental unrest). Moon is also a significator of Mother, Home, Home Land, and State/Local Government.

When Moon is in Punarvasu Nakshatra this means the individual has a habit of repeating emotions related to mother, family, or home. The native childhood home or homeland is constantly on their mind. These individuals may have moved away from their hometown and are constantly thinking about where they use to live (homeland). On the other hand, these individuals enjoy boxing sport (kickboxing, martial arts, karate, Judo). They have a fascination with any or fighting technique with the use of their fist. They can have a workout routine like kicking boxing which helps them balance their mental and emotional disposition.

The mother loves cats or any animal in the cat family. The mother may own a cat or have pictures of cats on her wall. The mother experiences a restart in life in which she failed at something and tried again and again until she was successful. Nevertheless, Moon in Punarvasu Nakshatra blesses the native with a Home since Jupiter is the ruling planet of this nakshatra. However, when home shopping these people tend to look at many homes but will purchase one of the first homes they viewed.

Mercury in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Mercury represents communication, social media, logical intelligence, learning capacity, memory, skills, and education. Mercury is also a significator of the people in your lives such as friends, family (younger siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins), coworkers, colleagues.

Mercury in Punarvasu Nakshatra people goes through a repeated pattern with a friend, younger sibling, cousin, or aunt or uncle. The pattern is repeated until they have learned a karmic lesson. For instance, if Mars is conjunct or aspect Mercury these individuals can have a repetitive argument with a friend or family member until the issue is resolved. When the issue is resolved it is the only way karma can be released and you can move on from the repeated dispute.

Since Jupiter rules Punarvasu Nakshatra and Jupiter bring blessings. Therefore, these people are naturally gifted when it comes to dealing with business, marketing, and trading. They are naturally talented with communication, speaking, writing, and social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc.). Nevertheless, Mercury in Punarvasu people are highly intelligent and able to process and retain a large amount of information. In addition, their mind are sharp enough for coding, accounting, mathematics, computer program, or any type of skill that requires processing large amounts of data. If Mercury is in the 10th house of career these individuals may very well have a career in one of these professions.

Venus in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Venus in Punarvasu influences marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, and artistic talents with the energy of Punarvasu.

Venus is the karaka for marriage for men and women: Venus in Punarvasu Nakshatra people have to fail in a relationship or marriage to restart again and have a stable love life. For instance, if they were to break up in a marriage and when they find someone new or return to their marriage partner the relationship is better and stronger. This is because Punarvasu is the “return of the light”. Because of this, love can return with a brighter and better future. On the other hand, a spouse or significant other may be seduced and taken away by another person, then return. This is because Jupiter is the ruling planet of Punarvasu, in ancient mythology, Chandra (Moon) seduces Tara (Jupiter Wife); however, Tara eventually returns to Jupiter, pregnant with an illegitimate child (Mercury).

Venus is the karaka for wife in a male’s chart: For males, the native may have broken up with his wife (before marriage) only for her to return. Males had many relationships in which there were breakups and coming back together. The wife has a twin personality or dual trait. The wife can bring to the marriage resource, prosperity, money, and abundance. The wife is philosophical, charitable, and spiritual. In the Cancer rage, the wife is caring, nurturing, and enjoys domestic life. However, In the Gemini range, the wife is communicative, witty, humorous, traveler, and can enjoy gossip.

Venus represents passions and devotion: A Venus in Punarvasu person is passionate about retrieving things. That is to say, if the individual puts energy into an idea, project, goal, they are passionate about retrieving the desired results. Since Aditi is the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity whatever these people put out in the universe multiplies. For instance, if they were to donate money to a charity, money can return to them 10 folds.

Venus relates to creativity talents: When working on a creative or artistic project, these people will have to return to the project, several times to get the desired results. These individuals are very resourceful when it comes to creative projects. When making jewelry, they keep extra beads around to make sure they have enough to complete their project.

Mars in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Mars in Punarvasu influences passion, drive, exertion of energy, and siblings with the energy of Punarvasu.

People with Mars in Punarvasu Nakshatra energy is exerted in retrieving objectives or goals. Mars represents drive and where energy is exerted. Therefore, energy is exerted in trying to reclaim something that was lost. With persistence, Mars in Punarvasu people can regain anything they have lost. They can accomplish their goals because they put so much energy into an objective. On the other hand, this nakshatra is about renewal and Mars is energy. When these people are exhausted, they have the power to renew their batteries. That is to say, they know exactly what to do to feel energized and empowered.

Mars is the karaka of siblings: The native can renew a relationship with siblings or a particular brother or sister. With each renewal, the relationship is stronger and more stable. On the other hand, siblings especially younger siblings can have a comeback or restart in life. Siblings can be a twin or have a dual personalities.

Jupiter in Punarvasu Nakshatra

The planet Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer range; however, Jupiter is in an enemy sign in the Gemini range. Jupiter is Punarvasu ruling planet, so Jupiter is strengthened here.

Jupiter represents children in both men and women charts: People with Jupiter in Punarvasu Nakshatra children go through many restarts and renewals. In the Gemini range, which is related to education they may have to redo homework assignments to obtain a higher grade. Children can have a major come back with their education. On the other hand, since Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer range it can promise the birth of children.

The advice from Advisors, Counselors, Teachers, and Mentors can put these individuals on the right path that will help them renew or restart their life with a brighter and better future.

Jupiter is the karaka for Husband in a women chart: For women, the native may have broken up with the husband (before marriage) only for him to return. Women experience many breakups and renewals in personal relationships. On the other hand, the husband has a twin personality in which he has two distinct characteristics. Nevertheless, a woman’s husband can bring to the marriage prosperity and abundance. The husband is philosophical, charitable, and spiritual. In the Cancer rage, the husband is caring, nurturing, and enjoys domestic life. In the Gemini range, the husband is talkative, witty, humorous, and enjoys traveling. Since Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer range, it can promise a marriage for a female.

Saturn in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Saturn in Punarvasu relates to hard work, delay, discipline, patient with the energy of Punarvasu.

Saturn in Ardra Nakshatra native works hard for success with many restarts. This is because Saturn represents success after hard, determination, perseverance, and delay. Saturn represented repetitions and related to restarts. This means these induvial with have to reap their efforts many times to retrieve success. This gain drains their resources (energy, time) but they must perceive to have the success their desire.

It can take years before these natives reap the fruit of their labor. These people have to work hard than the average person so hard it’s they are creating diamonds. A diamond takes millions of years to form in the earth with heat and pressure. These people have to put the time, pressure and wait for results. When they finally realize their goals, what they created shines like a diamond that the masses will want it.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Rahu relates to obsessions, falseness, and illusions, however, Punarvasu is about returns, restarting, and retrieving.

Rahu in Punarvasu Nakshatra people are obsessed with restarting things. They may begin a project only to restart it over and over again. This is because they are not satisfied with the results. Nevertheless, when they accomplish their goal, they can feel an emptiness that compels them to start another project to set another goal.

Guru Chandal Yoga: Rahu and Jupiter (the ruling planet) create a Guru Chandal Yoga. As a result, these people can attract others who give them false (Rahu) advice (Jupiter). Rahu in Punarvasu people will keep returning and retrieving false consultations. Advisors and Counselors can falsify advice, information, and even put the native on the wrong path.

Ketu In Punarvasu Nakshatra

Ketu in Punarvasu relates to spirituality, seclusion, past lives, nonattachment to worldly desires with the energy of Punarvasu (searching, renewal, objectives, retrieving).

People with Ketu in Punarvasu Nakshatra are on a spiritual quest. These people are on a spiritual quest, in which they have returned from a past life to complete a spiritual journey. This is because the Graha Ketu represents our past lives and spirituality and Punarvasu is related to returns. These individuals also have the experience from a past life on how to deal with retrieving their objectives and goals. Therefore, they know how to shoot for the target and get what they want. On the other hand, Jupiter (ruling planet) relates to teachers, and Ketu represents spirituality: Therefore, people with Ketu in Punarvasu are teachers of spirituality and religion. They can be ministers, preachers, teachers, and advisors of spirituality.



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