Magha Nakshatra Vedic Astrology

Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshatra is the tenth Nakshatra and comes after Ashlesha. Magha zodiac range is from 0o 00’ Leo to 13o 20’ Leo; therefore, the Leo energy dominates this nakshatra. On the other hand, the name Magha translates “mighty”, “the great one”, “power” “gift.” “beneficent”, “magnificent”. These names represent the nature and qualities of this Magha Nakshatra. On the other hand, the main symbol for Magha Nakshatra is a Throne. In addition, a Palanquin is a secondary symbol related to this nakshatra. Both a Throne and Palanquin are used to seat people of great power and authority.

Magha Nakshatra Constellation

Magha Nakshatra star is known as Regulus (Alpha-Leonis). Regulus is one of the stars in the constellation of Leo. Regulus is a very bright star and can easily be seen at night. it is the brightest star in the Leo constellation, and it is often called “Little Sun” or the “Little King”.

Magha Nakshatra Deity Pitris: Lord Ketu (Ruling Planet)

Magha Nakshatra deity is Pitris (ancestors). Pitris are our ancestors they are the genetic reason why we are born on this earth. Our ancestors are anyone that has come before us that shares our genetics. This includes great grandparents and cousins from both the maternal (mother) and paternal (father) linages.

Magha Nakshatra lord is Ketu (south node of the Moon). The Graha (planet) Ketu represents our past and especially our past karmas. Ketu being the ruling planet of Magha Nakshatra means our karmas are our ancestors. This means we repeat the reward and punishment of our ancestors’ karmas. We are also our ancestors, this me we are reincarnations of our ancestors. In a past life, you may have been your great grandmother or grandfather and you have reincarnated to deal with your karma. Karma can be both good and bad. Magha people are here on this earth to experience the good and bad aspects of past karmas from your ancestors.

Magha Nakshatra Symbol: Male Rat

Magha Nakshatra animal is a male rat. This is because the mail rat is one of the most sexual animals. Male rats have no control over their sexual desire and mate all day every day even until their death. You may be wonder “Why is a male rate be the symbol of this royal nakshatra”? This is because though sex is how our ancestors and parents created us. For our ancestors to have offspring’s children have to be born. Therefore, for children to be born we must engage in sexual activities.

Nature and Characteristics of Magha People

Magha nakshatra energy is a combination of the ruling planet (Ketu), the ruling deities Pitris (ancestors). , and the main symbol ‘male rat’. Therefore, people with Magha nakshatra strong in the chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra strongly. When Magha Nakshatra is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or Atmakaraka is in this nakshatra.

Magha people are very authoritative and powerful. You cannot tell a Magha person what to do or how to do it. They have natural leadership ability and are meant to rule or ‘sit on the throne. If Magha nakshatra is strong in your chart and is the 10th for or influenced by the 10th house lord of career. It is best to own your own business or be self-employed. You do not like to take orders from others which could lead to conflict if you are not in the seat of power. Many CEO, Supervisors, World Leaders, and Entreasures have Magha nakshatra strong in their chart.

Magha people have a deep connection with their ancestors. They want to know their family lineage and history. They are the type of people who get a DNA test from to know where they come from. They can also have dreams of their ancestors and can have hidden talents that are hereditary. Because they naturally connect to their ancestors, Magha people are here to fulfill the desire of their ancestors. For instance, if an ancestor desired to be the CEO of a multimedia dollar company but failed. A Magha person will instinct feel as if they should own a multimillion-dollar company. This urge will compel them to open their own business. Therefore, for Magha people when they are fulling their desire, and are also fulfilling the desires of their ancestors.

A royal life feels right to them; therefore, Magha natives love royal lifestyles and royal places. They feel connected with places linked with legacies. All historic and royal places like the United Kingdom, Japan, Roya Ancient Egypt. Any place that ‘is’ or ‘was’ ruled by Kings and Queens is a fascination to them. This is because they can feel royalty in their bloodline and know they come from royalty. They also enjoy royal artifacts and a luxurious lifestyle.

Magha natives are very sexual and have strong sexual urges. This is because a ‘male rat’ is the animal of Magha nakshatra and male rats have no control over their sexual urges. However, for people with Magha strong, this means they love sex and are passionate lovers. They can make love all night and still want more. This is especially true if the 8th House Lord of sex, or the 12th house lord of ‘bedroom pleasures’ influence this nakshatra.

Magha people love delving into the occult and esoteric. This is because Ketu the rules this nakshatra. Ketu is related to spirituality and enlightenment. These natives like exploring astrology, tarot cards, palm reading, astrology, meditation, ancient knowledge, or any subject that enlightens them with wisdom and knowledge.

Sun in Magha Nakshatra

Sun in Magha influences the meanings of Sun (soul, ego, character, career, identity, authority figures, father, etc.) with the energy of Magha (royalty, leadership, authority, ancestors, etc. )

Sun in Magha Nakshatra means these people love thrones, royal places, and a luxurious life. When traveling they prefer to stay at a 5-star hotel where they are treated like royalty. These individuals like to keep royal artifacts around the home, this could be any items connected to a royal dynasty like Ancient India, Egypt, Japan, etc. Sun in Magha Nakshatra people are born from a Royal Lineage, and they can feel royalty in their DNA. They are meant to rule; therefore, they desire their own business or have a career in which they are in a seat of power. These individuals have strong egos and think of themselves as King or Queen. They expect others to treat them like royalty. Because they naturally feel so high and mighty which can lead to an inflated ego. On the other hand, individuals love sitting on a chair that resembles a throne. This could be a large office chair or lounge chair. Any chair that is large and resembles royalty activates the positive aspect of Magha Nakshatra which helps individuals attract power and prosperity.

Sun represents career in Vedic Astrology. Magha zodiac range is completely in the political, powerful, and authoritative sign of Leo. However, Ketu, the lord of this nakshatra is related to spirituality and the occult. Therefore, careers include, Rulership Professions: Government, Politics, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Administrators, The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Occultists; Astrology, Numerology, Spiritual Advisors, Tarot Card Readers, Fortune Tellers. Careers related to the Past: Historians, Researchers.

Moon in Magha Nakshatra

Moon in Magha influences mind, emotions, desire, and home with the energy of Magha. Moon is in a friend sign in Leo (Magha zodiac range); therefore, Moon can give positive results here.

Moon in Magha Nakshatra means these people’s Minds (Moon) are focused on power, authority, leadership, and royalty. Their minds are focused on the leadership position they desire to acquire. That is to say, these people have a rulership mentality and are born to be in leadership positions. They feel powerful and have emotional well-being when they are sitting on the throne. On the other hand, Moon in Magha people’s minds is focused on history and family lineage. They enjoy researching history, especially ancient royalty. They appreciate reading history books and researching the dynasties of ancient Egypt, India, Japan, England, Mesopotamia, etc. Individuals are fascinated with ancient knowledge on how Kings and Queens rule. Nevertheless, individuals like to research their own family lineage and history. Often they discover they have come from royalty, which they felt all along. On the other hand, these individuals’ homes are their castles. They prefer large homes and love decorating their living space with luxury items or royal artifacts.

Mercury in Magha Nakshatra

Mercury in Magha relates to communication, business, logical intelligence, learning, mental curiosity, and skills.

Mercury in Magha Nakshatra means when these individuals communicate, they emanate power and authority in their speech. Once they talk other people listen attentively. Because of this, they have the natural gift to be able to influence people to follow their orders. Therefore, they can have a career working for the Government (Leo) in an intelligent communication division. On the other hand, mercury rules business. They have natural leadership abilities when it comes to making business deals. They use their logical intelligence to rule in a calculative mannerism. Nevertheless, Mercury rules learning and mental curiosity; therefore, Mercury in Magha person is curious about their family tree. These are the type of people who will research for hours on a genealogy site putting together the missing pieces to their family tree and knowing who their ancestors were.

Venus in Magha Nakshatra

Venus in Magha influences the karakas of Venus (marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, artistic talents) with the energy of Magha.

A Venus in Magha Nakshatra spouse (husband or wife) can be dominating, controlling, authoritative, and love being in the seat of power. Because of this marriage partner can be an entrepreneur or own his or her own business. The spouse enjoys sitting in a big office chair that resembles a throne because this activates the positive aspect of Magha Nakshatra. On the other hand, the spouse can have a career working for the Government in a leadership position. Nevertheless, the spouse will take the leadership roles in the marriage. The spouse could be a celebrity or have many followers on social media. On the other hand, a Venus in Magha person husband or wife will be the commander of the relationship, the marriage partner can develop a strong ego because of this. On the other hand, the spouse (husband or wife) comes from a royal lineage. That is to say, his or her ancestors were Kings and Queens. The spouse enjoys history and loves researching ancient royal civilizations.

Mars in Magha Nakshatra

Mars in Magha influences the meanings of Mars (ambition, passion, drive, exertion of energy, etc.) with the energy of Magha. The planet Mars is in a friend sign in Leo (Magha zodiac range), so there can be positive results here.

Mars in Magha Nakshatra means these individuals have an ambitious drive for power and authority. They exert their energy conquering thrones. That is to say, when they have their sights on a rulership position, they will fight hard to get it. For instance, when Mars in Magha has the will to obtain a supervisor position, they will stop at nothing to make sure they get the position. Because of this these individuals are very competitive and like to crush the competition. Because of their drive and competitive nature, they have the power to obtain a high position and a royalty status.

Jupiter in Magha Nakshatra

Jupiter in Magha influences the meaning of Jupiter (higher education, advisors, expansion, money, and husband (for women) with the energy of Magha. The planet Jupiter is in a friend sign of Leo (Magha zodiac range), so there can be positive results here.

Jupiter in Magha Nakshatra means these individuals are born to sit on the throne as an Advisor or Teachers. Therefore, they make excellent Consultants, Advisors, Mentors, and Teachers of Higher Education. Therefore, friends, family, and spouse will seek their advice and wise counsel. Jupiter is the karaka of luck, money, and finances and Leo (Magha zodiac range) relates to speculation. Therefore, a Jupiter in Magha person can have luck and can make money in speculation (stocks, gambling, lottery, investments).

Jupiter is the karaka for Husband in a female chart: Therefore, Jupiter in Magha female can marry a man who is dominating, powerful, and authoritative. The husband loves powers and sits on the throne; therefore, he can be an entrepreneur or own several businesses. The husband can have celebrity status or be active on social medial with thousands of followers. The husband comes from a royal lineage. That is to say, his ancestors were Kings and Queens.

Saturn in Magha Nakshatra

Saturn in Magha influences the meanings of Saturn (karma, hard work, delay, discipline, patient) with the energy of Magha (ancestors, royalty, leadership, power, etc.)

Saturn in Magha Nakshatra means these people are here to work hard to pay off their ancestor’s karma debt. If these people were to have a past life regression, they will discover that they are their own ancestors reincarnated. They could have been their great-grandmother or great-grandfather born in royalty. Because they have karma to pay back, a Saturn in Magha Nakshatra person must work hard for power, status, and to be in a leadership position. Having obstacles that delay power and status is the karma these natives have to pay back. However, the good news about Saturn is that it gives a leadership role and power after hard work, delay, and perseverance. Early in life, these individuals will be in a servitude position instead of a leadership role; however later in life when Saturn returns to its natal position in the birth chart, they can take the throne (lead).

Rahu in Magha Nakshatra

Rahu in Magha influences the meaning of Rahu (shortcuts, rule breakers, unexpected, explosion, foreign, illusions, material world, etc.) with the energy of Magha

Rahu in Magha Nakshatra means these people are obsessed with worldly power, status, leadership, and authority. However, when they do obtain the position of power, there is restlessness and emptiness which compels these natives to seek more power. This is because Rahu is the head without the body that is never satisfied. Therefore, only through spiritual practices and enlightenment (Ketu) can these people become satisfied with their accomplishments.

Ketu In Magha Nakshatra

Ketu in Magha influences the meaning of Ketu (occult, seclusion, introverts, past lives, investigation, research, nonattachment to worldly desires, etc.) with the energy of Magha.

Ketu in Magha Nakshatra means these people are here to finish the karma and desires of their ancestors. However, these individuals are their own ancestors reincarnated. This is because Ketu is related to karma and our past lives, and Magha relates to our ancestors. Therefore, these natives are here to manifest past life karma in which they were their own ancestors. However, Leo (Magha zodiac range) relates to positive karma from past life. Therefore, these individuals can reap rewards from a past life. On the other hand, a Ketu in Magha person loves researching their family lineage in which they can discover their own past incarnation. However, Ketu relates to nonattachment to worldly desires; therefore, individuals may not desire power, authority, power, status, fame because they achieved this in a past life.

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