Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra is the sixth nakshatra and comes after Mrigashira. Ardra zodiac range is from 6o 40’ Gemini to 20o 00’ Gemini. The entire nakshatra is in the air sign Gemini; therefore, the energy of Gemini influenced the traits of this nakshatra.

The ruling animal of Ardra Nakshatra is a female dog. Therefore, the characteristics of a dog influence Ardra natives. Dogs are considered ‘man’s best friend’; so, Ardra people are faithful, devoted, and loyal friends. However, dogs are known to howl. Consequently, if you get an Ardra person angry they can howl and scream at you.

Ardra Nakshatra Constellation

Ardra Nakshatra is represented by a red star in the constellation of Orion (Warrior). This red star is known as Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis). The constellation of Orion is known as the warrior or hunter. This warrior characteristic is reflected in Ardra natives. That is to say, once an Ardra person has their eyes set on a target (goal) they shoot for it.

Ardra Nakshatra Name

The name Ardra means moist or wet. The meaning of the name is in alignment with the nature of Ardra nakshatra. The main symbol a ‘Teardrop” or “Raindrop” both are moist (wet) and come after a storm. When one’s shed teardrop it is usually after a storm (life change). During a storm, the skies are dark and raindrops fall. However, after a storm, the light shines again which is the message of Punarvasu Nakshatra, ‘Return of the light’. When the light shines things are bright again. In summary, the meaning of the name indicates that Ardra natives have to go through a storm before the light shines.

Ardra Nakshatra Symbol

Ardra Nakshatra symbols are a “Teardrop”, “RaindropDiamond”, and “Skull”. All four symbols express the qualities of this nakshatra. The teardrop and raindrop represent the transformations an Ardra native feels after a stormy event. Ardra people are known to shed a tear and often howl like a storm when things get chaotic. The diamond symbolizes the effort Ardra people invest in a project, idea, or goal. Finally, the Skull represents the raw destructive powers of Ardra Nakshatra.

Deity Rudra (Storm God): Ruling Planet/Lord Rahu

Ardra Nakshatra deity is Rudra (storm god). The deity Rudra is known as the howler, and he is the destructive aspect of Shiva. In ancient mythology, Rudra shot down one of Brahma’s heads using an arrow and later was abandoned (exiled) by the gods. Because the gods exiled and turned their backs on him, Rudra was so upset that he howled and screamed. This is why Rudra is known as the howler. Rudra is also known as the god of catastrophic storms, and he is associated with the red star Betelgeuse. In Summary, Rudra is the deity of chaos, storms, confusion, exile, disorder, and rebellion. However, changes are necessary to clear the unnecessary in our lives.

Ardra Nakshatra ruling planet/lord is Rahu. The graha Rahu is related to eccentricity, outcast, illusions, externals (material world), obsessions, electricity. Also, the energy of Rahu is unpredictable and explosive. Rahu is untamed energy like a wild dog. This characteristic and meaning of Rahu are also embodied in Ardra Nakshatra.

Nature and Characteristics of Ardra People

Ardra nakshatra energy is a combination of the planet Rahu, the ruling deities Rudra (storm god). The main symbols “Teardrop”, “Raindrop“ Diamond”, and “Skull” also influence the nature of this nakshatra. Therefore, people with Ardra nakshatra strong in their chart will express the qualities of this nakshatra powerfully. When Ardra is strong in your chart this means your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Atmakaraka, or many planets are in Ardra nakshatra.

Ardra natives are known to ‘shoot at the target’. That is to say, they are very goal-oriented. When they want to accomplish a dream, desire, or goal they go after it. However, like a diamond (forming in the earth). It can take a long time for them to realize their goals. However, once they have ‘hit the target’ people will admire their achievement like a shining diamond. For instance, an Ardra native can take a year developing a product; however, once the product is complete it can fly off the shelves. Because of this Ardra native can be very successful and accomplished in life.

Ardra people experience more than their fair share of transformation. They go through storms that eventually clear their path so light can shine. When they go through a storm, they are prone to seeing the glass half full. The transformations they experience seem unfair. To cope with their situation, they may shed a tear which helps them cleanse their soul. However, the storms can destroy situations so they can let go of events that no longer serve a purpose. Once they let go of an unfavorable situation, they can experience a bright new day (return of the light). Therefore, the storms are blessings in disguise. However, because they have been through so much change, it helps them grow into good people.

Ardra people are known to shed tears. They do not necessarily have to be in transformations to shed a tear their eyes can ‘well up’ over joyful events. Ardra natives can shed a tear when reading romantic novels, watching love stories, even heartfelt love letters bring a tear to their eyes. If the tear is not she externally, they weep from within. An Ardra native can be the hopeless romantic type. They love the idea of being in love with someone. Their heart is touched when watching love stories or reminiscing about a past lover.

Ardra people are true loners; they enjoy solitude and personal space. Ardra natives have to spend quality time to balance their mental and emotional well-being. They are the type of people who can go to restaurants, movies, or the local coffee shop enjoying their own company.

Ardra people are extremists and have explosive temperaments. They do almost everything intensively. Even their emotional disposition can be extreme; they can flip from one extreme to the next within minutes. For instance, one moment they can be extremely happy and the next pessimistic. They can bring the storm and howl and scream when angry then be filled with a peaceful calmness. This storm quality has to do with the ‘raindrop’ (storm) being the main symbol of Ardra Nakshatra.

Inspiration can strike an Ardra native like a flash of lightning. They are the people who experience that ‘aw ha moment’ and can have deep insight and realization. Out of nowhere, like a flash of lightning, they can be hit with a brilliant idea. Often, they do not have to go through the mental process for ideas to come, inspiration can strike them at any time and anywhere. They can be walking the dog, grocery shopping, exercising, doing laundry, or relaxing around their home and then be hit with a million-dollar idea.

Ardra people enjoy mystery and sci-fi books and movies. This is because of the mysterious and illusionary energy of Rahu. Therefore, they enjoy watching ghost stories, paranormal shows, and UFO sightings. Anything that is a mystery captures their attention.

Sun in Ardra Nakshatra

Sun in Ardra influences traits, character, career, authority, and father with the energy of Ardra (intelligence, transformation, change)

Sun in Ardra Nakshatra people shoot for the stars, especially in their careers. The constellation Orion (the Hunger) influences their personality to aim for the target. As a result, when they set their sights on something they will shoot for it. However, if they miss their target, they have the willpower to try again until they accomplish their goal. Nevertheless, Sun in Ardra people are very intelligent, and they use their intellect in their careers. Because of the raindrop symbol (which is related to stomps), these people get flashes of ideas that come sharp and fast similar to lightning. For instance, if they are working on a project on the job an idea can hit them out of thin air without even going through the intellectual process. However, when they get flashes of ideas, they have to work hard to accomplish their goal similar to a diamond forming in the earth which takes millions of years of heat and pressure. A Sun in Ardra person will work harder than anyone else on the job to get their diamond (reward or a compliment)

They can have ups and downs in their career. Many storms will blow in their profession even though they are loyal and dedicated to their career. However, after each storm is over a brighter new opportunity shines in their career.

People with Sun in Ardra Nakshatra can have bosses who bark orders. Supervisors and bosses can howl and scream if these individuals make mistakes on the job. If the planet Mars is conjunct or aspect Sun, natives get into a verbal argument with authority figures. Bosses and authority figures can be intense: Bosses can blow up now and then this is because Rahu represents explosions and Ardra related to the storm. Natives can have problems with receiving credit or recognition from authority figures on the job. As a result, this can eventually lead to explosive communication between the individual and their boss. The native might feel as if their authority figures are making them accept toxic situations at work. Authority figures or people, in general, can bruise their egos. An Ardra person may be told by their boss that they are careless on the Job. Especially if Saturn (Karma, Service, Duty) or Moon is in this nakshatra. When they perform a duty, they can come off as careless even if they double-check their work, this is the karma of Ardra and it’s not their fault.

Sun is the karaka of career and Ardra zodiac range is completely in the sign of Gemini. Also, the ruling planet Rahu relates to electricians and technology. Therefore, professions include All Destroy and Building Careers: Building Demolition, Renovating Old Home, Fixing Broken Down Cars, Fixing Broken Items Around the Home. All Electronics and Engineering Careers. Electronic Repair, Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Electronic, Computer Science Software Engineering, Computer Hackers: Career Related to the Weather and Disasters: Meteorologist, Strom Chasers, Hurricane, Flood and Tornado experts.

Moon in Ardra Nakshatra

Moon in Ardra influences mind, emotions, sensitivity, intuition, and mother with the energy of Ardra.

Moon in Ardra Nakshatra people have a mind detached from reality. Because of this, they can feel both mentally and emotionally isolated. As a result, they feel as if no one truly understands their feelings. Because their minds are focused on transformations, they have emotional highs and lows. They can feel isolated and rejected by society and may have self-imposed mental isolation. Because Rahu (explosion) is the ruling planet of Ardra, this intensifies their emotional transformations to the point they can have shed a tear. In addition, a Moon in Ardra person cries when they are emotionally distressed and when they go through an intense stormy phase in their life. On the other hand, Moon is related to liquids and Ardra represents storms. Consequently, they are very sensitive to weather changes. As a result, rainy, cloudy, and dim days influence how they feel. Nevertheless, they are also gifted with the ability to predict the weather because they are so sensitive to the environment.

Moon is the karaka of Mother: The mother is a strong woman. She can appear masculine and has a hard shell. This is because she has withstood many storms and turbulence and this build-up her armor.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra

The planet Mercury own the sign of Gemini (the zodiac range of Ardra). Therefore, Mercury is strong here.

Mercury in Ardra Nakshatra people are very intelligent. They can synthesize ideas and their life experiences and come to a rational conclusion to make sense of their struggles. This is why they like to get down to the root cause when they experience a catastrophic event. On the other hand, unlike the previous Nakshatra Mrigashira in which mind (Moon) and intellect (Mercury) roam freely. A Mercury in Ardra person can grasp ideas and concepts from their experiences. They also have a good memory and are quick to respond and adapt to changing circumstances. These individuals have clever and witty speech and are naturally gifted with starting conversations and keeping them going. They can joke about their transformations sarcastically. On the other hand, they have a love for traveling, especially to places where there are natural phenomena. For instance, places that have thunderstorms, hurricanes, volcanoes, and tornadoes are ideal. On the other hand, these people often communicate about their transformations to others. Also, when they are talking, they can say things out of nowhere that may not make sense to other people.

Mercury is the ruler of the original 3rd house which represents the hands and shoulder and Ardra relates to transformations. Therefore, Mercury in Ardra people can have a scar or tattoo on their hand or shoulder. On the other hand, Mercury is the karaka of friends; therefore, friends can bring transformations or disappointment in their lives. Nevertheless, they can have very few friends because they are a natural loner.

Venus in Ardra Nakshatra

Venus in Ardra influences marriage, relationships, passion, creativity, and artistic talents with the energy of Ardra. The planet Venus is in a friend sign in Gemini; therefore, here Venus can give favorable results.

Venus is the karaka for marriage in male and female charts: Therefore, Venus in Ardra Nakshatra individuals go through many transformations, changes, and turbulence in marriage and personal relationships. These people will go through their fair share of heartbreaks. However, each disappointment in love brings new opportunities in life. This is because the storm always brings sunshine. These individuals have very loyal and devoted hearts. When they do meet Mr. or Mrs. Right, they are faithful and devoted to the person.

Venus in Ardra Nakshatra people are passionate about helping others with their transformations. This is why they make wonderful counselors, advisors, and therapists.

Venus is the karaka for wife in a male’s chart: A man can marry a woman who has been through many ups and downs in life. Because of this, the wife can be a strong woman. However, transformations will linger in her heart. She experienced many events that will be carried with her for the rest of her life. The wife will also appear physically masculine or very strong in the characters. This is because the wife and endured so much that she now has thick skin which comes across as a masculine characteristic. The wife is also very loyal and can have a love for dogs or wolves. However, when the wife gets angry at you, you may notice that she often howls and screams. Also read, Darakaraka Ardra in this article for more information.

Venus relates to creative talents: This placement brings a destructive and rebuilding energy to artistic projects. Because of this artistic and creative projects can go through many processes and transformations. A Venus in Ardra person can work hard at a project only to destroy it and rebuild it even stronger and better.

Mars in Ardra Nakshatra

Mars in Ardra influences drive, passion, energy, siblings, with the energy of Ardra. Mars is in an enemy sign in Gemini (Ardra zodiac range), so there can be issues with 3rd house significations.

Mars in Ardra Nakshatra people are driven to fight the wars of transformation. Mars represents drive and where you exert your energy. Therefore, these individuals have a warrior spirit to defeat and defend the turbulence in their lives. On the other hand, these people have an engineering intelligence. That is to say, they are good with technology and engineering subjects. On the other hand, out of nowhere, these people can have bursts of energy. This is because Rahu (ruling planet) represents explosions, and Mars relates to energy. Mars in Ardra people need to channel this energy into creative projects or sports. Many athletes have a Mars and Rahu alignment. Nevertheless, these people can often take careless actions. This is because Ardra is wild, and Mars is action. As a result, they can scatter their energy sporadically with this placement.

Mars is the karaka of siblings: Mars in Ardra individuals go through many transformations with siblings. When they fight with siblings it can be a massive blowup and with hail storms and fire. This is especially true if Mars is placed in the 3rd House (Younger siblings) or 11th House of Eldest siblings. With Mars in the 3rd or 11th houses, siblings can start arguments and fights “out of the blue” and it makes seem impossible to get along with siblings. Siblings can isolate the natives and reject them from social events.

Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra

Jupiter in Ardra influences wisdom, children, advisors, teachers, counselors, and husband (for women) with the energy of Ardra.

When a Jupiter in Ardra Nakshatra person goes through a transformation the native gains wisdom and knowledge from the experience. They also have faith that things will get better in life. After a major change, these people become more spiritual or religious. On the other hand, relationships can end with Advisors, Teachers, Counselors, and Mentors. These people can blow up at the native if they fail to follow their advice. In extreme cases, they can yell and howl at the individual.

Jupiter represents children in both men and women charts. These people children like to play with toys of destruction and bows and arrows. This is because Rudra (the ruling deity) is associated with a bow and arrow and destruction. On the other hand, Children enjoy splashing around in the rain. Nevertheless, children can have temper tantrums when they do not get what they want. Parents must have a lot of patients when raising children, the parent can often explode due to stress and changing events related to children.

Jupiter is the karaka for Husband in a women’s chart: A woman marries a man who has been through many turbulent life events. Because of this, the husband is a strong person. However, transformations will linger in the husband’s heart. He experienced strange life events he carries with him. The husband will also appear physically masculine or very strong. This is because the husband endured so much turbulence, he developed a thick skin. As a result, this comes across as a macho man characteristic. The husband is also very loyal and can have a love for dogs or wolves. However, when the husband gets angry, he can howl and screams. Also read, Darakaraka Ardra in this article for more information.

Saturn in Ardra Nakshatra

Saturn in Ardra relates to hard work, delay, discipline, patient with the energy of Ardra. Saturn is in a friend sign in Gemini. As a result, Saturn can give good results here with hard work.

Saturn in Ardra Nakshatra people have to work hard for success. This is because Saturn represents success after hard work, determination, perseverance, and delay. It can take years for these individuals to reap the fruits of their labor. Saturn in Ardra people have to work harder than the average person, so hard it’s like they are creating diamonds. A diamond takes millions of years to form in the earth with heat and pressure. Similar to forming a diamond, these people have to put the time, pressure, and wait for results. When they finally realize their goals, what they created shines like a diamond and people want what they have. As a result, Saturn in Ardra people can be very successful and accomplished.

These individuals will have challenges communicating their ideas: Saturn suppresses communication here. This is because Ardra is completely in the sign of Gemini which relates to communication. Because of this, these individuals prefer to write down their thoughts and ideas instead of communicating them verbally. When they speak, they used very few words or may prefer to be silent. Their choice of words can come across as cold, harsh, or blunt, this is because Saturn is a cold planet and this coldness influence communication.

Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra

Rahu in Ardra relates to outcast, explosion, breaks, foreign, material world, and illusions with the energy of Ardra.

People with Rahu in Ardra Nakshatra have wild personalities. They can have sudden bursts of anger. This is because Rahu is about the explosion and this nakshatra is related to changes. When they get angry, they can often destroy and break items. They also howl and scream when irritated. On the other hand, they often feel like an outcast from society. Because of this they can isolate themselves and prefer to be alone.

Ketu In Ardra Nakshatra

Ketu in Ardra Nakshatra relates to the occult, moksha, seclusion, introverts, past lives, investigation, research, nonattachment to worldly desires with the energy of Ardra.

Ketu in Ardra Nakshatra individuals dealt with transformations in a past life so they know how to deal with change. Ketu represents our past lives and the experience we gained from those lives. These people have natural intuition on how to manage life changes. However, the native might have a detached personality, they will internalize transformation and prefer to be in isolation when dealing with life struggles.


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