Sun in Moola Nakshatra
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Sun in Moola / Mula Nakshatra

A person with Sun in Moola Nakshatra burns their karma by experiencing hardship in life. This is because Nirriti (God of Destruction) is the ruling deity of this Nakshatra and her job is to bring enlightenment to Moola natives through sudden changes (8th house energy). However, on the bright side, after sudden changes, individuals often experience enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

Because of the Goddess Nirriti Sun in Moola, people can experience a profound spiritual awaking that can set them on a wonderful path of enlightenment. This is one of the most spiritual nakshatras because it compels the native to get to the root of their soul (atmakaraka) through spiritual practices. Often, major transformation compels them to delve ‘deep into spirituality.

They enjoy investigating anything unseen, unknown, or hidden. This is because the main symbol of Moola Nakshatra is ‘tired roots’ in which all roots are hidden in the ground until they are uprooted. So, the natives love uprooting hidden information).

Because Sun rules the ego, their ego (self-identity) is connected to spirituality and their ancestors. They can be a bridge between the mundane world and the spiritual world, bringing enlightenment to the masses.

On the other hand, since Sun is an indicator of career, they will notice when they are working on a project on the job, it can have an unexpected impact ending. Careers can also end suddenly putting the native on a new career path that changes their life. As a kid, they may have opened up their toy to understand mechanical engineering (how the inside parts work.

Moola Nakshatra Careers

Moola people can have successful careers in fields of alternative medicine or research. Other wonderful careers include careers as Healers: Doctors, Physicians, Medicine, Herbologist, Alternative Medicine: Spirituality: Ministers, Preachers; Priest, Priestess, Monk, or Solute Spiritual Paths. Careers in Researchers and Investigators: Detectives, Private Investigators, Data Mining, Working with Private or hidden information, Treasure Hunters, Gems, and Gold Miners. Researchers especially in the field of medicine, healing, and spirituality. A career involving demolition and rebuilding.

Sun in Moola Nakshatra Four Padas

The ruling planet of Moola Nakshatra is Ketu (the south node of the moon). So, the graha Keta and Sun will influence each pada, sign, and ruling planet.

Pada Sign Ruler Degrees Sound
Pada 1 Aries Mars 00′ -3° 20′ Sagittarius Yeh
Pada 2 Taurus Venus 3° 20′ – 6° 40′ Sagittarius Yo
Pada 3 Gemini Mercury 6° 40′ – 10° 00′ Sagittarius Baa
Pada 4 Cancer Moon 10° 00′ – 13° 20′ Sagittarius Bi

Sun in Moola Nakshatra Pada 1

This pada is governed by the sign Aries which is ruled by Mars. Sun is exalted here, so natives are very powerful and have natural leadership abilities.

Sun in Moola Nakshatra Pada 2

This quadrant is governed by the sign Taurus which is ruled by Venus. The planet Venus represents devotion, Ketu is spirituality, and the Sun is the soul (atmakaraka). Therefore, the person can have a deep devotion to spiritual practices that nurtures the soul.

Sun in Moola Nakshatra Pada 3

This quadrant is governed by the sign Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. A person is a natural researcher, intelligent, and has a natural gift for inspecting things. They can have a successful career as secret agents, researchers, and explorers or in any job in which their intelligence (Mercury) helps them get to the root of any issues.

Sun in Moola Nakshatra Pada 4

This pada 4 is governed by the sign Cancer which is ruled by Moon. A person’s home (Moon) is their kingdom (Sun). A person is the sole ruler of their personal space and my desire to have a home in the woods, forest, or anywhere near trees. A person can also have a home in isolation (hidden from the world). This is because tree roots (which are hidden) are the main symbols of this Mula Nakshatra, so this energy influences the home.

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