Darakaraka in the 27 Nakshatras

Darakaraka in the 27 Nakshatras: Your Spouse’s Secret Characteristics.

The Nakshatra your Darakaraka is positioned in can dig deeper into the qualities and personality of your husband or wife. You can know secrets, talents, and hidden qualities that even your spouse may not know. It is important that you get your vedic astrology horoscope report to accurately know which nakshatra your darakaraka is placed in.

Darakaraka in Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Ketu and the deity Ashwini Kumars (twin horses). The main symbol of this nakshatra is the head of a horse. Therefore, darakaraka Ashwini means your spouse has qualities of the main symbol, a horse’s head, and the characteristics of the ruling deity Ashwini Kumars.

The deity Ashwini Kumars is a horse with two heads and is considered the physician to the gods. Healing powers and problem-solving is related to this deity. Healing Power is a natural gift your spouse has. Your spouse can be a Physician, Surgeon, Doctor, Spiritual Healer, or Herbalist.  This gift for healing comes from a past life because Ketu (past lives) rule Ashwini nakshatra. Your spouse also heals people by solving their problems and can have a career as a Counselor, physiotherapist, therapist, or spiritual advisor.

A Dual Personality is a natural characteristic of your spouse. At one moment, your husband or wife can be very helpful and polite. A moment later, your spouse can be detached and irritated. Or, very serious at one moment to prankster.  You notice the personality of your spouse dramatically changes from one moment to the next.  Your spouse has such a dual personality is like two people are living in your spouse’s body. Fast movement is the nature of this nakshatra. Your spouse wants things fast. Your significant other can move, eat, drink, and drive very fast. Your spouse can be an adrenaline junkie obsessed with excitement and adventure. As a result, your lover can have a passion for fast cars, sports trains, helicopters, drones, airplanes, jets, or any fast-moving object. This interest can influence your spouse to have a profession as a professional Athlete, Outdoor Adventurer, Race Car Driver, Motorcyclist, or Pilot.

Athletic abilities come naturally to your spouse. Your spouse has a passion for martial arts, karate, judo, kendo, or any self-defense discipline because they are fast-moving and energetic.  Bruce Lee, well-known for martial art has his Ascendant in Ashwini nakshatra. He was surprisingly fast and swift with this discipline. When he was thought to be paralyzed for life, Ashwini magically healed him from paralysis. Even though doctors thought he would be paralyzed for life. Gardening is a hobby your spouse enjoys. Your husband or wife loves gardening, growing herbs, or being in an agricultural environment.  Your spouse can have his or her garden in the backyard or be fascinated with the cultivation of herbs. If your spouse is an herbalist or nutritionist, your partner grows herbs for healing purposes.

Darakaraka in Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Venus. The main symbol of this nakshatra is a womb (a female reproductive organ). The ruling deity of Bharani Nakshatra is Yama, the God of Death. Darakaraka in Bharani Nakshatra means your spouse (husband or wife) will have the characteristics of the main symbol, a womb, and traits of Yama, the God of Death. Sexuality is suppressed until later in your spouse’s life. Early in life, your marriage partner is reserved and private about his or her sexuality. This is because Bharani is associated with extremes (polar opposite). In one part of their life, they are sexually reserved, and in the next part of their life, their spouse is sexually explorative. However, in your spouse’s early years, he or she may not like to talk about sex and may restrain sexual expression. At first, you may be the one who initiates sex in the relationship because your partner may be reluctant to show his or her sexual nature. This reluctance to have sex early in life can cause your spouse to go through long periods of abstinence and can be celibate for some time. However, as your spouse ages and matures he or she will gradually open to sex and come out of his or her shell. In your spouse’s later years, he or she is very sexually explorative and wild in bed. If you meet your spouse when he or she is older, you may not even be aware of the fact that your spouse was reserved sexually. Womb Symbols – Because the womb is the main symbol of Bharani Nakshatra your husband or wife could have a career or interests in childcare, reproduction, fertility, In vitro fertilization (IVF), or fascinated on how babies are made. This fascination can lead your spouse to watch television shows or Youtube videos on these subjects. Ending Phrases is a natural part of your spouse’s vocabulary. Because Yama, the God of Death rules Bharani Nakshatra. You may often hear your spouse say phrases that relate to endings. Phrases like “I’m Done with You”, “All Done”, “I’m Finished”,  “Goodbye” are often spoken by your spouse. Life After Death Fascination – Yama, the God of Death blesses your spouse with a fascination with life after death. Your spouse wants to understand the process of life, birth, and death. Your marriage partner may be interested in reincarnation, the spiritual world, mysticism, and astral travel. He or she wants to know and access the other side (spiritual world).  Your spouse is also courageous when it comes to death-looking places.  He or she can walk in graveyards or dark basement and not be afraid. Polar Opposites –  Since Yama, the God of Death rules this nakshatra and death is the extreme polar opposite of life. Your marriage partner will have an extreme personality going from one polar opposite to the next. Your marriage partner may be happy one moment then sad the next. Sexually innocent to sexually exploitive. Or, full of hope or full of pessimism. He or she can be naive at one point in life and full of wisdom in the next part of life.

Darakaraka in Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Sun (Power, Authority, Leadership). The main symbol of these nakshatras is a pair of scissors (razor, sword). All sharp objects (used for cutting) are associate with Krittika nakshatra. The main deity of Krittika Nakshatra is Agni, God of Fire. Darakaraka in Krittika Nakshatra means your spouse will have the qualities of the main symbol (scissors or razor) and the Fire God, Agni. Fire Fascination – Your spouse can have a fascination with fire. He or she can enjoy fire rituals. Especially, if a fire planet (Sun, Mars, Jupiter) is positioned in Krittika nakshatra. Your spouse enjoys bond fires, barbecue, firecrackers, fireworks. or collecting aromatherapy candles. Fire can make your .spouse feel alive and connected with the Fire God, Agni. Critical – Your spouse has a critical personality and perspective of the world. Because of these critical natures, your partner may be a Banker, CEO, CFO, CIO, Economist, Manager, or Execute. Any role or job that requires criticizing or being able to a critical look at things is well suited for your spouse. Because of this critical nature, your marriage partner also has natural proofreading and editing abilities. Your spouse can criticize you on the smallest things. You can get cut off in conversations or interrupted when you speak. Knives – Your spouse can be skilled with knives. He or she may be a chef, surgeon, or have special skills that require the use of a sharp object. Seductive – Your spouse is very seductive and can be the one who seduces you first. Riverbanks, Beaches – Whenever your spouse is  feeling down and out, he or she should walk near riverbanks, beaches, jungles, forest, or the woods to uplift his or her spirits.

Darakaraka In Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Moon. The main symbol of this Nakshatra is an Oxcart. The ruling deity of Rohini Nakshatra is Brahma. Darakaraka in Rohini Nakshatra means your spouse (husband or wife) has qualities of the main symbol an Oxcart and the characteristics of the ruling deity Brahma. An Oxcart is pulled by two oxen. The Oxen is an ancient symbol of fertility (sexuality) and an  Oxcart is used to transport resources (which is a 2nd house indicator) to the Marketplace (7th house indicator).  On the other hand, Moon is exalted in Rohini. From ancient mythology, Chandra married the 27 nakshatras because of his lust and Rohini was his favorite. Therefore, there is a seductive nature of this nakshatra. Below are some indicators when you have your  Darakaraka in Rohini Nakshatra. Seductive – Your spouse is seductive can be the one who seduces you. For men, their wife can dress in attractive clothing, make sure their hair and nails are immaculate, and wear perfumes and scented oil to seduce you. Attract – Your spouse can attract people like a moth to a flame. This is especially true when Rohini is in Taurus. Because they have the power of attraction your spouse can easily have multiple partners and secret love affairs. Surface –  Once your spouse seduces you notice that that person’s passion can fall below your expectations. However, if Purva Phalguni (sexual nakshatra) influences your Darakaraka in Rohini your spouse is sexually passionate and is amazing in bed. Lasting Impression – Your spouse can leave a lasting impression on people with just a single gaze.  This is because your spouse is so attractive, alluring, engaging, and seductive. Your spouse is the one people remember even years later. Honeymoon – Your spouse loves to be in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. However, when the relationship gets dull and mundane your spouse will become bored. When your Darakaraka is in Rohini you must keep the passion lit in the bedroom. This keeps your spouse happy and engaged. Trying new things in the bedroom is necessary to keep your lover entertained. Affairs can happen If the bedroom becomes dull. Your spouse may have multiple affairs This is because they are looking for the honeymoon phase of a relationship will thing get boring. Luxuries are a must for your spouse. Your spouse has very expensive taste and loves a luxurious atmosphere. When going out to eat they will choose the top-notch restaurant that serves the finest dishes and wines. When vacations they want to stay in 5-star hotels. Your spouse is also fascinated with luxury vehicles or sports cars. Venus energy is strong in your spouse. Venus represents beauty, art, music, money comfort, fashions, creativity, socializing, the performing arts. Your spouse will be involved or have a deep interest in one of these things.

Darakaraka in Mrigashira Nakshatra

Mrigashira Nakshatra is ruled by the planet Mars. The main symbol of this Nakshatra is a Deer or deer’s head.  The ruling deity of Mrigashira is Soma (Moon God). Darakaraka in Mrigashira means your spouse will have the qualities of the main symbols a Deer and the characteristics of the ruling deity Soma (Moon God). The Moon is known by many different names; therefore, each name reflects the quality of the Moon. The quality of the moon relates to changeability, sensuality, lust, sensitivity, perception, and fickleness. These qualities are part of this nakshatra. On the other hand, deer have the qualities of fickleness, wandering, and changeability which are like the Moon. Searching -The energy of Mrigashira is about searching; therefore, you will notice that your spouse (husband or wife) is constantly searching for things. It can be their car keys, lost items around the house, or a goal. Your spouse search is never complete. Once they have found what they are looking for or for their search begins all over again. For instance, if they were looking for their car keys and found them, then they will start searching for something else. Your spouse is infatuated with the quest of searching. Chasing Objects of Desire is never-ending. Your spouse is the one who chases you because they are obsessed with the idea of going after something. Your spouse stopped at nothing to get you. However, there can be a tendency to lose interest when the chase is over. Therefore, your spouse may come up with new inventive ways to chase you like getting you to go on a romantic vacation or trying something new in bed. The chase is never-ending. On the other hand, later in life, they will notice that people may chase them.  This is the karma that comes with  Mrigashira Nakshatra. Chasing a Dream is a natural quality of your spouse. They love to chase a dream or goal in life. However, once the goal is accomplished, they will find another dream to chase after. Change of Eye Color – Men will notice that their wives are constantly changing the color of their eyes. The wife can change contacts to make their eyes look different. The wife can wear different colors of eye shadow, mascara, eyelashes, or eye jewelry.  On the other hand, women will notice that their husband or significant other also wears contacts to change their eye color. Also, the eye color of men and women may seem to change naturally. Elope – You and your spouse may decide to elope instead of having a traditional wedding. Running off to get married can be highly considered due to the nature of this nakshatra. Real Estate is an interest your spouse has.  Your spouse can have many real estate investments, especially after marriage. Also, all your spouse’s wishes, dreams, and desires, come true after marriage.

Darakaraka in Ardra Nakshatra

Ardra Nakshatra is ruled by the Graha (planet) Rahu and the deity is Rudra. The main symbol of this nakshatra is a teardrop or raindrop. Darakaraka in Ardra Nakshatra means your spouse has the qualities of the main symbol  (a teardrop( and the characteristics of the ruling deity Rudra. Loner – Your significant other is a true loner and a lover of personal space. Your partner doesn’t like to be a part of large groups or crowds. Spending quality time alone is required for your spouse’s mental and emotional health. When married to an Ardra spouse it’s best to give him or her the space they need to reflect. Your spouse may go to movies or restaurants alone enjoying his or her own company. Extremist – Just because your spouse is a loner doesn’t mean he or she cannot explode.  Rahu as the ruling deity of Ardra Nakshatra causes your spouse to have an accelerated quality. In addition, your spouse can flip from one extreme to the next within minutes. One moment your spouse is happy and the next pessimistic. Or one moment he or she is angry and the next moment your spouse is calm. In other words, your spouse can bring the storm. This storm quality has to do with the ‘raindrop’ being the main symbol of Ardra Nakshatra. Pessimism is held in the heart of your spouse. Your spouse carries some type of pain within them. He or she may have lost or loved one or was hurt by an ex-lover. When you communicate with an Ardra spouse they often speak about their emotional transformations. On your first date, your spouse may have talked about an ex-lover who broke his or her heart. However, new love (you) heals this hole in your spouse’s heart. Tears – Your spouse often sheds tears when watching love stories or reading romantic novels. Even heartfelt love letters bring a tear to your spouse’s eyes. If the tear is not she externally, the spouse weeps from within. An Ardra spouse is a truly hopeless romantic. Your spouse loves being in love and is touched when watching romantic movies. Mysteries – Because of the mysterious and illusion energy of Rahu your spouse loves watching mysteries and sci-fi movies. Your marriage partner is also a gift as spooking people. Dogs are your spouse’s best friends. The ruling animal of this nakshatra is a Female Dog. Your spouse loves dogs or has a fascination with wolves.

Darakaraka in Punarvasu Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Punarvasu means your spouse is focused on goals and accomplishments in life. Your husband or wife likes to go after what they want in life; because of this, your spouse is ambitious objectives, dreams, and desires. Nevertheless, since Punarvasu Nakshatra name translates into “return of the light”, this indicates that your partner may have to repeat a task several times before they can achieve an objective. Your spouse’s first try at achieving a goal may fail, however, once your spouse try again at an objective the individual will succeed. Therefore, you should encourage your spouse to keep trying even though they fall below their expectations.

Darakaraka in Pushya Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Pushya Nakshatra means your spouse is compassionate, generous, nurturing, and finds joy in helping other people.  Your marriage partner is sympathetic to other people and has a very charitable nature. Because your companion is so kind to others the deity Brihaspati (Jupiter) blesses your spouse with prosperity and good fortune. The deity Brihaspati (Jupiter) rules Pushya Nakshatra, therefore, your husband or wife is a natural advisor, teacher, or counselor. Your spouse gives advice and wise counsel. You often ask your spouse your opinion when making big decisions. Your partner gives you advice from their own knowledge, wisdom, and personal experience.

Darakaraka in Ashlesha Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Ashlesha Nakshatra means your partner is charming and hypnotic.  Your spouse has a magnetic aura of attraction; as a result, you are drawn to your husband or wife like a moth-to-a-flame, On the other hand, since the mystical snake (Nagas) who are healers rule of Ashlesha Nakshatra; your partner has natural healing abilities. Nevertheless, your spouse has hypnotic eyes that can charm you. Therefore, your spouse can charm you and get you to manifest their desires.   Nevertheless, your marriage partner, is clairvoyant, intuitive, psychic, and can have powerful ESP experiences. Because your spouse’s intuition is so high, he or she can sense heavy energy in the environment. Because your spouses’ senses are so alert the individual can protect you.

Darakaraka in Magha Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Magha Nakshatra means your spouse (husband or wife) is a very powerful individual and has natural leadership abilities. Your partner can take charge of the relationship and dictate how things are supposed to be. Your spouse is a natural leader and exerts authoritative power in the world. Therefore, your companion is a natural businessman or businesswoman who can be an entrepreneur or own several businesses. Nevertheless, since Magha Nakshatra is related to  royalty and ancestors, your marriage partner comes from a lineage of royalty. That is to say, their ancestors were King, Queens, and ruled kingdoms and dynasties.  Because your spouse feels royalty within their genes your companion enjoy living a lifestyle or luxury and comforts,

Darakaraka in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra means your spouse has a relaxed and carefree nature. As a result, your spouse enjoys lounging around the house and relaxing. Taking life easy is a natural characteristic of your marriage partner. your husband or wife does not like to stress themselves out over everyday life routines. they enjoy a peaceful mental disposition and an easy life.  Since Bhaga is the ruling deity of Purva Phalguni Nakshatra, and he is the deity of pleasure and luxuries, your partner enjoys indulging in a luxurious lifestyle. The individual enjoys good food, socializing, parties, sensual pleasures, and luxuries. On the other hand, since, Venus  (Shukravara)  is the ruling planet of Purva Phalguni, your companion is extraordinarily creative and gifted with visual artistic talents. Nevertheless, your spouse enjoys having a partner and being in a relationship with you.  This is because the deity Bhaga influence your spouse to value relationships in contractual agreements such as marriage

Darakaraka in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra means your spouse is a humanitarian and loves helping people. Your partner is sincere, caring, and loves children. Your spouse love supporting charities, the individual enjoys giving favors and lending a helping hand; however, just because your spouse has a kind heart does not mean he or she is vulnerable. Your partner, will not let others walk all over them. Since the planet Sun rules Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra this gives your spouse a strong backbone.  On the other hand, your marriage partner is independent and can stand on their own two feet. The individual has leadership abilities and can take charge of the situation. Nevertheless, since is the ruling deity of Aryaman of Uttara Phalguni and  Aryaman is the God of marriage and contractual unions, this means your spouse values partnership and unions and they feel more content when they are in a relationship with you.   Darakaraka in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra means Aryaman bless you with a soul matched marriage

Darakaraka in Hasta Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Hasta Nakshatra

means your spouse is talented with handcrafts or using their hands in a skillful mannerism. That is to say, your husband or wife has a natural gift with handcrafts, handiwork, and using their hands to fix things. Your companion is an alchemist, the individual can turn anything to gold. that is to say, they can take something that has little value and transform it into something valuable. For instance, your spouse has a magical ‘golden touch’ and can build a business idea into profitable value or create a handicraft item that flies off the shelves. Your spouse has a natural talent in business, marketing, trade, and being a merchant. Nevertheless, the main symbol of Hasta Nakshatra is an open hand with ‘five fingers spread’; therefore, this means your spouse can easily grasp ideas, concepts, and factual information which makes the individual very intelligent.

Darakaraka in Chitra Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Chitra Nakshatra means your spouse has natural architectural talents. That is to say, your partner is gifted when it comes to design, structure, engineering, and technology. The nakshatra Chitra is in both the Libra and Virgo range; the zodiac sign Virgo is related to polishing forms to perfection and is detailed oriented. Consequently, your spouse is good when it comes to proofreading, editing, critiquing, and polishing craftworks. You have a very beautiful spouse; your partner is so attractive that he or she captures the eyes of many people. This is mainly because a “shining jewel” is Chitra Nakshatra main symbol and everyone enjoys gazing at a beautiful gem, such as your spouse.  Nevertheless, your companion has a visual mind and learns best when they are viewing a video demonstration as opposed to reading instructions.  In addition, since your spouse’s visualizing power is so potent, the individual materializes their desire with visions board or creative visualization techniques. On the other hand, a Darakaraka in Chitra Nakshatra spouse is highly active, energetic, and dynamic. They enjoy being active and moving their physical body; therefore, the spouse has natural athletic abilities. This is because Mars is the ruling planet of Chitra, and Mars is related to athletes.

Darakaraka in Swati Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Swati Nakshatra

means your spouse is independent, boundless, and believes skies-are-the limit.  Because your marriage partner is so independent, he or she is focused on developing their own individuality and identity. This is mainly because a ‘blade of grass swaying in the wind’ is Swati Nakshatra main symbol, which translates as an independent nature.  On the other hand, your spouse strongly believes that skies are the limit, and they can accomplish almost anything. As a result, your partner is ambitious and has big goals and dreams. Your spouse’s dreams are so big that your spouse objectives are often are unattainable. Even if other people tell your spouse that they are objectives are too big, your spouse will do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals and prove everyone wrong. On the other hand, your spouse has excellent communication skills and musical talent. your partner can express their thoughts and feelings through music.

Darakaraka in Vishakha Nakshatra

means your spouse has an unconquerable nature. The individuals will do whatever it takes to manifest their hopes, wishes, dreams, and objectives.  Because of this your husband or wife can have many victories and accomplishments. Your marriage partner can have so many victories that they may be viewed as undefeatable by others. Because your spouse has such a victorious nature, the individual is very powerful and can realize their fondest hopes and wishes. Your spouse never gives up when faced with oppositions the dividual keep trying until they’ve conquered the world. On the other hand, your spouse has a dual characteristic, In which there seem to be two people are living in one body, this is because both Indra and Agni rule Vishakha Nakshatra. Consequently, your spouse has the characteristics of both Indra, power, and Agni, fire.

Darakaraka in Anuradha Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Anuradha Nakshatra means your spouse has a friendly and  inviting nature. Your companion enjoys making friends and being in the company of good people. Your partner enjoys being in an upbeat social environment; therefore, your spouse has a natural gift when it comes to negotiations, mediation, and making agreements. On the other hand, Anuradha Nakshatra is partially in the zodiac sign of  Scorpio, therefore, your companion has a secret and hidden nature and can enjoy delving into the secret science of the occult, esoteric, and mysticism.  Nevertheless, your spouse has an original and unique mind. Because your significant other thinking pattern is so unique the individual becomes a trendsetter. That is to say, people follow your spouse’s uniqueness and often copy their style.

Darakaraka in Jyeshta Nakshatra

means your partner has rare mystical gifts, a powerful nature,  and was born to rule. Your spouse was meant to sit on the throne and rule a kingdom.  Indra (King of the Gods) rules Jyeshta Nakshatra and the God Indra is all about power, authority, and rulership. Because your partner is so authoritative, he or she must have their own Kingdom established. That is to say, the individual must own property, a business, resources, or be in any position in which the individual can rule and give commands. on the other hand, your spouse has unique mystical gifts it can manifest what they desire in life. because your spouse’s manifestation powers are so potent they must learn to control their thought patterns. This is because their thoughts can materialize. if they focus on positive expectations this is what they will attract.

Darakaraka in Moola Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Moola means your partner is a researcher and enjoys getting to the root of things. Consequently, your marriage partner can have a career in investigating, researching, or any job in which digging for information is required. On the other hand, your spouse has healing gifts; this is because a ‘bunch of tied roots’ relates to healing and is one of the symbols of Moola Nakshatra. Therefore, your spouse can be a physician, herbologist, or into alternative medicines.

On the other hand,  at one point in time, the relationship with your spouse can be uprooted and then replanted. That is to say, there can be a break in the relationship, and then you get back together with your spouse with a stronger foundation. Nevertheless, your spouse experiences very tough lessons in life that can open their eyes and enlighten their minds. This is because the deity Nirrti rules Moola Nakshatra. The deity Nirrit governs breaking down and rebuilding a stronger foundation with a new perspective.

Darakaraka in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra means your spouse is a strong believer of justice,  truth, and treating others with fairness. Consequently, your spouse doesn’t tolerate falseness and he or she likes to be truthful and honest with others and expect the same in return. On the other hand, Darakaraka in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra means your partner is a good communicator, writer, and has a talent for the written word. Therefore, your spouse excels when it comes to public speaking, publishing, writing, and can be a novelist.  Nevertheless, your partner often feels unconquered which gives the individual a sense of invincibility, as a result, your spouse feels as if no one can overpower or defeat them.

Darakaraka in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra

means your spouse has righteous, law-abiding, and truthful characteristics similar to Purva Ashadha individuals.  Your spouse’s moral compass is always pointing in the righteous direction. Your spouse frowns on dishonesty and believe in truth so much that your spouse can often reveal the secrets of other people. when asked a question. Your spouse must tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  On the other if you’re Atmakaraka or Ascendant lord ‘is not’ in one of the truth nakshatras such as Purva Ashadha or Uttara Ashadha, your spouse truthfulness can often annoy you. Your significant other  is a true believer in practicing what they preach. that is to say, your spouse is true to their word and always follows through with commitments and promises.  On the other hand, Uttara Ashadha is known as the ‘latter invincible one’ which means your spouse has many accomplishments in their life.

Darakaraka in Shravana Nakshatra

means your spouse is educated, learned, and knowledgeable. Your spouse is highly educated and intelligent even without a formal education. Learning new things, a skill, or techniques intrigues your spouse’s mind. Your partner enjoys being in the company of educated people; therefore, intellectual conversations is how you connect with your spouse before intimacy. On the other hand, your significant other has exceptional listening skills. The main symbol of Shravana Nakshatra is an ‘ear listening’, therefore, your spouse truly listens to you and makes an effort to understand what you are truly saying. Because your spouse’s listening skills are so sensitive, your significant other can have clairaudience experiences that can channel messages from other dimensions.  Because ‘three uneven footsteps’ is another symbol for Shravana, your partner can walk with a limp or wobble.

Darakaraka in Dhanishta Nakshatra

means your spouse has natural musical gifts. A natural rhythm flows through your spouse veins; therefore, the individual can be musically inclined a vocalist, dancer, musician, play a musical instrument, or have singing talents.  This is because a ‘drum’ is a symbol associated with Dhanishta Nakshatra. Because your spouse is so in-tune with the music of the universe, your companion has perfect timing. Because of your partners’ perfect timing opportunities comes to your partner because they always seem to be at the right place at the right time. Nevertheless, your significant other has high expectations of you and wants you to live up to his or her high standard.

Darakaraka in Shatabhisha Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Shatabhisha Nakshatra means your spouse (husband or wife) is intellectual and can analyze, process, and memorize information like a computer. Because your spouse is smart and has an analytical mind, your companion may come off as a know-it-all or may have an answer to almost everything, even if the information is inaccurate. Your companions loves to give their intellectual opinion in all matters. Nevertheless, your significant other is secretive and may not always reveal what they are truly feeling or thinking; however, an intellectual conversation is a way to have your spouse opened up emotionally. On the other hand, Shatabhisha Nakshatra is associated with skywatchers. Consequently, your marriage partner can have a deep interest in aerospace, space, astrology, astronomy, sky watching, space science and they very well may have a career in one of these fields

Darakaraka in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Purva Bhadrapada means your spouse has extraordinary mystical powers. Your partner can influence the elements of nature. That is to say, your spouse has a gift to control the weather and even change the temperature in a room. Your spouse can unconsciously use their mystical powers and can surprise you when your partner does strange things; however, with spiritual practice, your spouse can consciously manipulate the elements (earth, water, air, fire) in an environment. On the other hand, Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra symbol is ‘twin faces’; therefore, your spouse can have a twin personality. Your spouse can adapt their personality when needed to suit their purpose. Nevertheless, your spouse has a very sharp mind which makes him or her highly intelligent because the individual can pierce information gaining insight and to the facts.

Darakaraka in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Uttara Bhadrapada means your partner is wise and mature. This is because Saturn is the ruling planet of Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra; therefore, the planet Saturn relates to maturity and elders who have wisdom. Because your spouse is so wise and mature, your partner makes a wonderful counselor or advisor. Your spouse is able to give wise counsel from their personal experiences, which creates a connection with the person they are counseling.

On the other hand, similar to Purva Bhadrapada your partner has magical gifts and has the ability to control the elements. Nevertheless, Purva Bhadrapada is one of the most mystical and rare nakshatras. Because of this, your spouse can have unusual experiences with things “out of this world,” like extraterrestrials, UFOS, out-of-body experiences, and even enlightenment. Your spouse has the unique power to awaken the kundalini and experience spiritual awakening.

Darakaraka in Revati Nakshatra

Darakaraka in Revati means your partner is compassionate, has a  benevolent nature and is kind to you. Revati is the most peaceful and upbeat nakshatra. This is because  Revati Nakshatra is completely in the sign of Pisces (the natural 12th house), which relates to releasement or a  retired/retreat nature. With a retired nature, your spouse is more relaxed and at ease than other nakshatras. Consequently, your spouse is very forgiving and does not like to hold on to grudges. Your partner is a true humanitarian with an optimistic perspective on life. Your spouse loves helping people and is generous to others. Because your spouse has such a big heart here, she enjoys supporting charity organizations, especially those related to children. Because of your spouse’s kindness, good heart, and charitable nature, your companion easily attracts good luck and fortune.

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