Meghan Duchess of Sussex – Birth Charts

Here is Meghan Duchess of Sussex Case Study that apply the Timing of Marriage Principles. These principles have been applied to her chart to show that her marriage to Prince Harry was activated in her Jupiter Dasha.

Marriage Activators

D1: DK (Moon) in 1st House (conjunct) MDL (Jupiter)
D1: LL (Moon) in 1st House of MDL (Jupiter)
D1: 7L (Saturn) in 1st House of MDL (Jupiter)
D1: UP (Gemini) in 7th House of Chara AD (Sagittarius)
D9: MDL (Jupiter) Conjunct DK (Moon)
D9: 7L MDL (Jupiter) Conjunct 7L (Saturn)

Birth Chart – D1: Megan was running her Jupiter Dasha when she married Prince Harry. The planet Jupiter is the Mahadasha Lord (MDL) and the marriage activator in her Birth Chart (D1) . The planet Jupiter activates a marriage because it is conjunct her Darakaraka (Moon), Lagna Lord (Moon), and her 7th House Lord (Saturn). Notice that Moon is both her Darakaraka and Lagna Lord making the Moon a powerful marriage activator. Anytime the MDL is conjunct either the 7th House Lord, Darakaraka, or Lagna Lord a marriage is triggered. If the MDL was only conjunct one of these marriage activators like her DK it would trigger a marriage, but in Meghan’s case she has 3 major marriage indicators conjunct her MDL (Jupiter) in her D1 chart which strengthens the opportunity for a marriage, this also indicated that a marriage was destined to take place.

Navamsha – D9: Jupiter is MDL and is also the Marriage Activator in her Navamsha Chart (D9). MDL (Jupiter) iis conjunct her Darakaraka (Moon) and her 7th House Lord (Saturn) in her Navamsha chat which are similar conditions in her birth chart. This strengthens the activation of a marriage during this time period.

Chara Dasha – D1: Her Chara Dasha (Sagittarius) and her Upapada (UP) Gemini are in a 1 – 7 axis triggering a marriage in her birth chart. Her Upapada (Gemini) is positioned in the 12th house and her Chara Dasha (Sagittarius) is positioned in the 6th House. Anytime two signs are 7 houses away from each other (1 – 7 axis) this triggers a marriage in their time periods.

Meghan Duchess of Sussex – Transits Day of Marriage

Transit – Jupiter/Saturn

Saturn: Retrograde Saturn aspects natal 7th House Lord (Saturn) for its 10th aspect.

Jupiter: Retrograde Jupiter conjunct natal Lagan Lord (Moon) from previous house (Virgo)

Jupiter: Jupiter aspects Vivah Saham (VS) Aquarius with its 5th aspect.

Saturn: Saturn aspects Vivah Saham (VS) Aquarius with its 3rd aspect.

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