Saturn in the 9th House

Luck – Saturn is a malefic planet and the natural karaka of the 8th and 12th house. The 9th house is the highest of luck and fortune. The 9th house is the most potent trikona house in one’s birth chart. Saturn in the 9th house suppressed ones good luck and fortune. Things will not come easy to individuals with this position. The native will feel as if lady luck is not on their side, or they have to work harder than others to have good fortune.

Karma – The native can have an estranged relationship with the father. If the father is in the native life, he may seem cold toward you.

Father – Father is strict and disciplined. Father may have had you when he was older (Saturn). Father could have been in his 40’s or 50’s when you were born.

Chronic Illness – The native can have issues with the thighs and buttocks.

Religions – The native will understand religion and spirituality better later in life. Wisdom comes slowly as one ages and mature.


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