The Strength Tarot Card
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The Strength Tarot Card

The Strength tarot card is a representation of our inner strength. In the strength tarot card, there is a female figure who seems to be wrestling with a wild lion, but actually, she is taming the lion through gentleness and patience. She will have success in this endeavor and the lion will obey her completely, and salute her as its master. The Strength tarot card epitomizes self-discipline, emotional control, compassion, and forgiveness. Even though the woman in the Strength tarot card may have been injured while taming the lion she completely forgives the lion and has compassion for this animal’s wild instincts. Despite her injuries, she preserves on with her training and will eventually succeed in mastering this beast. To successfully, tame the lion it is required that she be both loving and brave while holding her ground. The Strength tarot card may be advising you that even though you have been hurt in a situation like a relationship or some type of disappointment, you’re able to heal yourself and all past hurt by forgiving the person completely, with a compassionate heart.

When the strength tarot card shows up in a reading it may be telling you to apply a gentle attitude in resolving your situation. You must have complete faith and belief in yourself and control over your negative emotions (taming the animal spirit) to achieve the success you desire. You must persist with a gentle, slow, and steady mannerism without rushing and pushing the progress too harshly. You must have patience in a situation without being overzealous. If you have been struggling with problems such as anger, hatred, depression, despair, or any type of addiction, the strength card may be advising you to find peace within by forgiving yourself and the light of a new day will be born. In addition, when the strength tarot card shows up in a reading and health is a concern it is telling you that you can expect healing to take place which will result in a speedy recovery.

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