The Emperor Tarot Card
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The Emperor Tarot Card

The emperor tarot card represents a component of our conscious mind, which is our ability to reason. The emperor tarot card has strong masculine energy to it. The number four is represented by the emperor tarot card which is a mystical number relating to order and a firm foundation. Unlike the magician, which focuses on our awareness, your ability to reason gives you the capability to weigh the pros and cons of a situation. Through this ability, you’re able to set things in the right order in your physical world and decipher the truth in any situation. The emperor tarot card is the magician, but he is now older and more firmly positioned in life. The emperor is well-established and has the authority to put in perspective all things in his domain.

When the emperor tarot card shows up in a reading, you can use your mind over your emotions to see things clearly and to come to a rational conclusion; in other words, your head now rules your heart. You can handle any situation will out being too emotional; overreacting with your emotions clouds our judgment. The emperor tarot card is viewed as the head of the household, or an authority father figure and can often symbolized your birth father or a father figure. Also when the emperor tarot card shows up in a reading it is advising you that you have rational thought and the ability to focus your energy into action to achieve success in your life. The emperor tarot card can also appear when you’re about to receive advancement in your career in which you will move into a more authority position and others will ‘take orders from you’. This card can also symbolize your boss or someone who gives you orders and you are expected to follow them due to their high position. The emperor tarot card may also be advising you to seek an experienced mentor to assist you in your situation. In romantic relationships, the emperor tarot card can symbolize that one partner is being over dominating and controlling in the relationship, or is considered the leader who makes all decisions, and the other partner is expected to follow them. Regarding family life, when the emperor tarot card shows up in a reading, and the question is about family for it represents a family structure that is solid and well organized and the parents (authority figures) are highly respected by their children

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