The Chariot Tarot Card
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The Chariot Tarot Card

The chariot tarot card represents how you drive your life. This can include your inner worlds such as emotions or thoughts or outer world like achieving goals. Regarding your inner world, the chariot can bring to light how you truly view yourself or harness your inner world. The chariot advises you that no one controls how you feel or think because you are in complete control of these things. If you are feeling upset due to a circumstance in your life, you are the only ones who have the power to alleviate these emotions. The chariot tarot cards are also a symbolism of controlling one’s life through the power of your free will. The charioteer represents your ‘true self’ which is your soul that drives your chariot. your body and senses. In the chariot tarot card, the charioteer is driving the chariot without any reigns, this symbolizes through the power of your ‘free will’ you can control both our inner and outer worlds.

When the chariot tarot cards show up in a reading the person is taking control of their life and directing their energy towards a sole purpose. When this person is faced with difficulties or challenges, they’re able to handle the situation calmly without being too emotional. The person can stay on track without falling off the course. Magically everything will seem to work out in your favor because you are in control of yourself.

The chariot tarot cards are also a representation of victory through your efforts. This is the card of success and triumph in your endeavors. To attain success you may have to overcome lots of adversity and hardship, but now you come out on top through hard work and commitment. If you have not already achieved the success you desire, the chariot tarot cards advise you to stay on course and do not waver despite obstacles in your life, and eventually, victory will be yours. The card also advises that the best way to be successful in your endeavors is to control yourself. Once you have full control over negative emotions such as worries, anxieties, fear, or doubt your outer world be a reflection of your inner world and you will gain complete control over your situation thus giving you the power to direct everything the way you desire. The chariot tarot cards can also mean that the person may be about to soon travel by vehicle. If you inquire about buying a car, and this card shows up you will soon be purchasing that card.

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