Empress tarot card
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The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress tarot card represents creativity, fertility, growth, and abundance. The Empress is also a component of the subconscious mind and she works closely with the High Priestess to help manifest our desires. Once an idea or wish has been impressed on the subconscious mind through the Priestess, the Empress nurtures this idea will love and care until it’s ready to be reaped. The Empress is pregnant symbolizing the growth of one idea. For example, the Empress tarot card can show up after someone has invested their energy and love in either project or relationship and the fruits of their desires are about to be realized. This can be a reward card symbolizing that all hard work pays off and you get what you want.

The Empress tarot card also symbolizes pregnancy or motherhood. If the person is a female, she may be pregnant or become pregnant shortly. It also indicates that the pregnancy and birth will be healthy. On the other hand, if the person is a male their significant other may be carrying their child or soon will be. Regarding relationships, the card can show up as a very sexually active relationship that radiates you with a glow. The Empress is very sexually active and is a willing sexual partner. The greenery in the Empress tarot card is interpreted as having more than enough whether it’s money, love, good karma, or happiness which all symbolizes good fortune. Since the Empress tarot card also represents creativity, it indicates that all creating endeavors will be well rewarded because you’re able to channel infinite creativity which will allow you to create your best work. For people with creative blocks, such as writer’s block to increase the flow of creativity and to be inspired by original ideas, they should meditate on the Empress tarot card and visualize a light pouring onto them like a waterfall and their surroundings sprouting with greenery as shown in this scenery of the Empress tarot card. On the other hand, for those who want to increase abundance in life such as money. They should visualize corn seeds being planted within the soil of their subconscious mind and luscious corn fields sprouting up symbolizing infinite abundance. Meditating on this at least once a day will allow abundance to freely flowing in your life.

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