The Magician Tarot Card
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The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician tarot card represents your conscious mind, It is through your awareness and intellect that gives you the ability to use your logical thought to solve all problems in your life. In the Magician tarot card, a man is standing in front of a table with one hand holding a wand pointing upwards towards the heavens and the other hand pointing towards the earth. The Magician is a channel of pure energy which passed through him, and he uses this energy to produce tangible results in the physical world. There is also the symbol of infinity hovering over the top of his head like a halo, symbolizing that we all have the potential to create infinite possibilities by just using our conscious minds. This can also be interpreted as above so below, or the skies are the limit. The Magician wears a white shirt which represents being illuminated through absolute omniscience. The garden in the background of the Magician tarot card symbolizes the subconscious mind. This means with a pure concentration on a particular goal, this thought can be impressed on the subconscious and later spring forth into reality. On the table in which the magician stands behind, is the symbolism of all the elements that exist within man. There is a cup that symbolizes water/emotions, a sword representing air/intellect, a pinnacle symbolizing earth/solid form.. including anything tangible such as our bodies, and a wand representing fire/will. Using these elements wisely and collectively can bring one’s desires into manifestation.

When the Magician tarot card shows up in a reading it shows that you are about to take action or start something new. The card urges you to move forward and does not procrastinate for things will work out because of your actions. During this time you can also master any new situation or venture by taking venture of all the elements in front of you, For example, if you are starting a new business this means that you have the time, money, knowledge, and any other resources to start this new venture with success, and now is a good time to use these resources wisely. Always remember you have everything you need in front of you to master your situation, the power is at your fingertips to manipulate the situation to produce a desirable result on your part. The Magician tarot card also shows up when a person is a practitioner of magic and maybe casting spells to manipulate the situation in their favor. The card is a sure sign of success in your magical workings.

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