The Hermit Tarot Card

The hermit tarot card symbolizes wisdom, searching within, and withdrawal. The hermit tarot card depicts an elderly man standing high on a mountain top in which the mountain symbolizes accomplishment and achievement. The white snow that is capped on the mountain is a symbolism of seclusion in which one will gain purity of thought from their isolation. In the hermit tarot card, the elderly man holds up a lantern turned to a path, which is not shown in the card. The light from the lantern brightens this path so others who seek wisdom can see and find their way up the mountain top for his guidance.

When the hermit tarot card shows up in a reading, it is a good time to withdraw from the outer world and search for truth within. This withdrawal does not have to be taken to an extreme, like locking yourself in a room for months and not speaking to anyone. The hermit tarot card is just suggesting that you should take a few minutes out of your day, for some ‘you time’, and get in touch with your inner self. To succeed in your endeavors you must think and meditate on the issue at hand. You may seem like a loner during this time and may prefer to stay indoors instead of socializing and being out with family or friends. You must execute patients in your solitude to unfold all answers that you need which lie within the core of your soul. This is a card of self-discovery and withdrawal from societal affairs. People close to you may view you as a ‘hermit’ at this time because of your quiet withdrawn nature. Now is the time to pay close attention to yourself and getting in tune which your true thoughts and feelings. Your mind may be highly active during this time. Once you have discovered the knowledge that you need, you can reconnect with the outside world. You must demonstrate self-reliance and trust yourself like never before.

If you are unable to seek the answers from within, the hermit tarot card is advising you to seek counseling or wise advice from someone knowledgeable in your situation. The wise counsel should come from someone who has already walked the path in your situation, or experienced what you are going through; for this person will help you the most because they know what you are going through. The hermit tarot card can also relate to being heavily involved in studying a particular subject that highly captures your attention. You will use this knowledge to discover the truth about something.

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