The Hanged Man Tarot Card
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The Hanged Man Tarot Card

The Hanged Man tarot card represents reversals, suspension, and enlightening to a new point of view that will allow you to have fresh ideas guaranteeing your success in any situation. In the hanged man tarot card a man is suspended by his foot while his other leg is cross to form the number four, which relates to the Emperor tarot card signifying using one’s reason, to get a clear perspective of your situation. The hanged man tarot card may be advising you to look beneath the surface of your situation to get to the root of your problem, which may be hidden so you need to dig deep to find it.

When the hanged man tarot card shows up in a reading, the card is advising you to cease action by suspending all activities in your situation. You must cease action to reflect on your true values and expectations to make sure they are in proper alignment with the end goal in mind. If you’re involved with someone, the hanged man tarot card may be signifying things may be moving slowly in the relationship for this is necessary because you must evaluate yourself and where you want the relationship to go before any progress can be made. This is the time of suspension, all situations may seem to move slowly doing this time and very few goals will be reached because you are going through a testing phase In which you must take a step back and reflect.

You must begin to view things right side up instead of upside down. It is favorable to spend some quality time alone contemplating and meditating on your situation, this will allow new ideas to spark in your mind which can free up any stagnant conditions which are slowing down your progress. You must spiritually connect which your inner world and hidden self to seek the advice that you need. The spiritual world is now open to you and is available at your fingertips to help you through your situation with the right guidance that you need. Just by changing your thoughts, you can completely change your life for the best.

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