The Justice Tarot Card
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The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice tarot card represents truth, justice, and bringing balance to one’s situation. This card brings a message that you will get what you deserve. The scale that the figure holds symbolized the law of cause and effect or karma. The sword is a symbol of truth and righteousness, and justice will be served. In reality, true justice is not concerned with winners or losers, just balance, and complete fairness. The justice tarot card advises that all actions bring a reaction, and even if you have been wronged in some way, cosmic justice will prevail.

When the justice tarot card shows up in a reading it is advising you that justice will prevail in your situation. If you have been lied to, the truth will be exposed, and you will receive the persons’ sincere apology. On the other hand, if you have been wronged or hurt in your situation the universe will bring justice onto the person who has hurt you. The justice tarot card can help you achieve more balance in your life. If you have invested positive energies into your situation, you would attract good luck, however, if you have been negative to someone else to manipulate the situation in your favor, your luck will be reversed, this is true especially if the justice tarot card appears upside down in reading. The justice tarot card also shows up if you have to physically appear in court, the justice tarot card signifies that there will be a fair verdict. This card represents lawyers, judges, and attorneys, and people with high legal authority such as courthouses.

The justice tarot card may also show up in a reading when you must decide by weighing the various factors, the card advises you to think things through carefully weighing the many factors before you conclude. Decisions must be made on truth, justice, and fairness for your situation to progress successfully.

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