The Death Tarot Card
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The Death Tarot Card

The death tarot card represents transition, transformation, change, and closing one door to open another. The number 13 is associated with the death tarot card, this number is often feared as a bad luck number; however, it represents birth from the death of a situation. Old ways must die to give birth to new circumstances. The death tarot card is widely misunderstood.

When the death tarot card shows up in a reading people often become frightened because they think it means physical death. However the card does not relate to physical death but the death/end of a project, relationship, idea, or bad situation. The death tarot card is a blessing to show up in reading if someone is currently going through a bad situation, it symbolizes that the bad situation will end followed by a change. The death tarot card could signify the death of a being single and transforming into a husband or wife. Death and transformation come in all shapes sizes and forms. The get a better understanding of what type of ending condition the card is referring to, it is best to look at other tarot cards that show up in the reading. For example, if the death card shows up in a spread with the Ace of cups, this may signify the end of lonely times followed by a transition into a life filled with love and happiness. This may come from a new love like a significant other or the birth of a child. The death tarot card can also symbolize a relocation, major changes in life, divorce, or becoming a new parent in which you have to put an end to the old life to make room for a new life.

When the death tarot card shows up, change is guaranteed and you can probably expect a transformation that will put an end to circumstances in your life that are no longer useful for your growth. There will be a new beginning followed by such death. It is only through the death of the situation that you can be fully released so a new door can open. For example, you may change jobs and take on a new higher position in another company that is more rewarding and self-satisfying.

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