3rd Lord In 12th House

Meaning of the 3rd Lord in 12th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 3rd Lord in 12th House for All Ascendants means you will likely see journeys to distant lands. Along with that, there is a recurrent theme of privacy that will affect how and when you communicate.

This is because the 12th house represents spirituality, charity, foreign travel, prison, isolation, expenses, asylums, hospitals, and privacy. In addition, your privacy becomes an important element affecting the way you proceed in the physical world. And so, your communications will happen in private. Further, there will be a connection between how you express yourself through travels. Therefore, you may be secretly writing about your spiritual beliefs. Perhaps, you are a motivational speaker, or you are going to become one. You will likely do this while traveling and exploring other countries.

Maybe you are someone who loves writing and discussing foreign travel: where to go, which landmarks to visit, where to eat. This is something you will have expertise in. You also may become a writer or speaker that focuses on institutions such as hospitals and prisons. So, you may visit the prisoners in jail. Or, you might visit patients in the hospital, trying to help them and working to improve their conditions. Thus, you are using your healing skills. Subsequently, you may be treating and healing people in confinement.

Nevertheless, you may be somebody who is a psychologist or psychiatrist treating patients because you’re using your intellect in this house. Whatever form of communication you choose, you’re trying to heal people through those efforts.

This house also shows your artistic talent will always convey a spiritual side. So, you may incorporate music together with movement, like dancing, which is a recurring feature in your life. Further, you will work hard to become an accomplished dancer. Or you may spend time training to become a yoga teacher or a martial artist who can showcase your mental, physical and spiritual strength and development.

Additionally, this is a house of guilty pleasures like extended sleeping. Perhaps, you like to indulge in TV or video games or drinking on the weekends.

And then, there is an emphasis on siblings in this house. So, your brothers and sisters might live overseas since the 3rd house relates to siblings.

Also, the Pisces sign is significant here, representing our feet. So, this means you will be working with your feet or using your hands, which can mean the conception of dance or another physical art such as martial arts or yoga. Perhaps you will go into teaching in one of these practices. Also, this can include athletes because athletes use their hands and feet to accomplish goals. As well, you may travel overseas and ultimately use your hands and feet to train or run a business there.

Of course, each planet will be affected differently, so let’s look at each one.

3rd Lord In 12th House Sun for Gemini Ascendant

The 3rd lord Sun in 12th house for Gemini Ascendant means that you may have a career overseas. This is because the Sun signifies your father, and your profession and travel are influenced by him. And so, your father probably takes trips for business. Plus, the Sun relates to your ego and your personality, and these can all affect your career. Therefore, both you and your father may find business overseas. Perhaps you run an import-export business or pursue service in foreign governments. Also, you may have been born in one country and crossed into another. This can mean you may have been trained and certified to work across different continents. Therefore, you may find you are working as an ambassador because you are acting as a diplomatic agent to a foreign government.

Since the Sun also signifies spirituality, you like to talk about your intentions and feelings beyond the physical. This can help develop your personality, but because of the element of privacy, you may be reserved in how you communicate. Therefore, you are likely somebody who prefers to socialize with people confidentially quietly.

3rd Lord In 12th House Moon for Taurus Ascendant

The 3rd lord Moon in 12th house for Taurus Ascendant means you are likely regarded as an introvert. This is because you enjoy solitude by protecting your privacy. So, you have an intense need to do things in private or in secret as well as you tend to be reclusive and contemplate situations in isolation.

In addition, your mother, who is significantly influential for you, may travel to foreign countries. Thus, she may do business there. Perhaps, she brought you with her overseas to do business, and that led you to explore. And then, because of your need for seclusion, you find inner peace when you do this exploration. Therefore, you prefer to venture to those remote areas where you can rest in solitude and focus on your thoughts. You probably even prefer to sleep alone because it allows you to float into that transcendent, spiritual zone.

Alternatively, the seclusion aspect can mean you are somebody who experiences mental unbalance because you have delusions or sees otherworldly visions. And so, these visions can lead to mental isolation because your mind is isolated, and it is hard to escape.

3rd Lord In 12th House Mercury for Aries and Cancer Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mercury in 12th house for Aries and Cancer Ascendant means have a natural talent as a fantasy writer or science fiction novelist. This is because Mercury represents your intelligence, which involves your analytical thinking and speaking skills. It also develops your writing and your education. As it moves into the 12th house, Mercury shows you are most astute when you’re in private surroundings. Perhaps, you feel most focused when you are daydreaming because it allows you to concentrate and learn.

In addition, you are traveling across the country for education. Once there, you may find yourself writing about topics based on fantasy. Further, you may enjoy writing about science fiction because you develop your mindset from interacting with an imaginary world.

However, your logical, analytical thoughts can suffer. This is because it can seem like a lost cause to focus on concrete, grounded ideas when you want to be obscure and mysterious.

On the other hand, when you’re strong and your thoughts are grounded, you can be somebody such as an accountant and work in distant countries. Further, you may write your fantasy novel or science fiction story in a foreign place.

3rd Lord In 12th House Venus for Leo and Pisces Ascendant

The 3rd lord Venus in 12th house for Leo and Pisces Ascendant means you will journey overseas while remaining reserved and introverted. This is because you are destined to travel but you like to maintain your privacy. Subsequently, your trip abroad will sharpen your artistic skills, your verbal and written skills as well as your aptitude in interacting with others. Thus, you will build relationships overseas. And, you may even meet your spouse while traveling or the wife will be from another country.

Also, you have an intense love for divine energy. This means you are connected with spirituality and feminine energy, so for example, you have a fondness for dancing, traveling, and developing relationships. You also love immersing yourself in culture and art. Therefore, you may do all of these activities in another country, away from home.

Privacy surfaces again in that you tend to be quiet and thoughtful even in your travels. Thus, your artistry will be practiced solo or your love life will be secret. Additionally, your talents are based in the spiritual realm, so if you are an actor, you may choose acting roles that are quite outside of your personality. This happens because you like to transcend your physical body.

3rd Lord In 12th House Mars for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mars in 12th house for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant means you will likely travel far to practice your combative skills. This is because your ability to fight is strong as an athlete or a soldier. Therefore, you may be regarded as somebody who goes to battle to protect others. Also, you are able to strengthen your opposition through power and concentration, thus you could become a tai chi apprentice or a yoga instructor. Subsequently, you may travel across the country to fight or become involved in some sort of sports competition.

But because Mars is a malefic, it could mean that you use your hands to physical combat others.

On the other hand, you could be a person who applies their feet or hands in creative ways. Perhaps, you practice yoga or are a yoga instructor. Maybe you are into martial arts which requires strength in the upper and lower body. Further, these artistic and physical practices allow you to preserve mental peace as well as exercise the body.

3rd Lord In 12th House Jupiter for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant

The 3rd lord Jupiter in 12th house for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant means you may be regarded as a spiritual teacher. This is because Jupiter relates to spirituality as well as connection to culture. Therefore, you will experience traditions, laws, and academics while traveling overseas. So, you may start as a student, but soon become an expert or leader in these areas. And then you might express your knowledge by speaking about transcendence. Further, your siblings may also write or speak about spirituality and so, they can be leaders in this area as well. In addition, this house also reveals that you may have many brothers who will move overseas. As a result, you and your brothers will find opportunities in international business. But it could be that your work is dealing with foreign products or sales like shipping, transnational transportation, or even cosmetics made from across the globe.

3rd Lord In 12th House Saturn for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Saturn in 12th house for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant means your siblings enjoy solitude, foreign travels, and isolation. In addition, this could lead to you becoming separated from your brother or sister. On the other hand, you can experience mental isolation or entrapment. Therefore, you may feel like you are losing your sanity because you cannot surface from your obstacles. And so, it can feel like you are in a mental entrapment.

Alternatively, you could be somebody who builds barriers and creates structures and institutions as a form of control. Further, you may travel overseas to organize the business for a foreign government or organization. Also, since this house represents multinational corporations, you may bring your skills overseas to run a large accounting business or financial corporation.

But your mind or imagination can also be restricted, and this can result in constraint of communication, so you may feel pressure resisting your ability to express artistic talent. This can be frustrating, especially in youth or young adult life.

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