3rd Lord In 9th House

The 3rd Lord in the 9th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 3rd Lord in the 9th House for All Ascendants means you are using your intellect to be an overall creator. In that regard, you are using communication and skills to craft or produce art in various forms. You may be respected as a painter, a sculptor, a seamstress, or a designer. Or you may show your intelligence and skills through more dramatic media such as plays or movies.

In addition, family, friends, and neighbors are deeply involved in developing your education, most profoundly, through writing. And so, your skills of writing, of expressing yourself in written form, will be used to share your views on life. As a writer, you have discipline and clarity. You are someone who is open to changes and focuses on the details.

Further, the 9th house is a house of courage and willpower because when the planet going into the 9th House, it moves higher. Therefore, you will rise as you gain knowledge in religion, law, and spirituality because you will be learning alongside gurus. It may be that these mentors are helping build your communication skills. Further, you will also be traveling and meeting new people, immersing yourself in new cultures. Consequently, your conversations may be highly philosophical, religious, or spiritual.

Perhaps, your siblings may even become your guru. That is because your sister or brother may be highly educated or intelligent. In particular, it will be those older siblings who offer the wisdom. Further, you may be someone who learns indirectly through friends whose parents are educated, for example, doctors or lawyers. You may gain valuable knowledge from those parents without even realizing it. In addition, long-distance travel stands out in this house. Therefore, you will be taking many extended journeys, perhaps to meet your siblings, to further your education, or even your business.

in summary, the 3rd Lord in the 9th House for all Ascendants means several themes are surrounding you. Some of those themes include intellect, creativity, writing, long-distance travel, siblings, physical strength, and courage. This means you are likely to be someone who is intellectual and creative. You are growing your wisdom through different channels of communication. As well, your family, friends, and neighbors play a significant role in developing your knowledge. Long-distance traveling is also highlighted and plays a role in how you build relationships and knowledge. Therefore, you may be traveling around the world to meet your brothers and sisters or to meet a special person, or to seek knowledge. Also, there is a strong possibility you will meet your life partner and marry. As a result, you will experience positive influence and fortune because the spouse is highly educated with good moral standing. Consequently, you will rise as you gain wisdom from this traveling and from those you see as mentors. And you will surround yourself with people who fulfill your thirst for culture, philosophy, and spirituality. Finally, you may be an athlete or athletic coach since the 9th house represents courage and willpower.

3rd Lord In 9th House Sun for Gemini Ascendant

The 3rd lord Sun in 9th house for Gemini Ascendant means your parents are significant in developing your communication skills. In addition, it shows they are deeply spiritual and express their knowledge through spirituality and philosophy. They follow the law, meaning they are righteous and moral. And therefore, you gain experience and honorability from your proximity and communication with them. Since Sun represents your father, you are someone who has developed your skills from your father. For example, maybe you watch your father at work or he helps you with problems that arise in school or with friends. As well, you likely learned your resiliency and dependability from him. However, your father has helped develop your personality and self-esteem, or what is often called the “ego.” Perhaps your father acts like your guide and is someone you can consult on social or financial issues.

3rd Lord In 9th House Moon for Taurus Ascendant

The 3rd lord Moon in 9th house for Taurus Ascendant means your parents are major influences on your spiritual and philosophical education. Additionally, they are also highly involved in how you develop your communications skills. However, in this case, it is your mother who plays a more profound role. This is because the moon represents your emotions. Maybe, you are more patient, caring, and nurturing due to your mother’s guidance. With her influence, you feel nurtured – you are experiencing that unconditional love and warmth. Further, you feel a mother’s generosity and kindness. In addition, you are always thinking beyond your physical self, pondering reality, and considering religion and diverse philosophies. As a result, you are expressing all of those thoughts and ideas through the written word. These positive influences allow you to flourish in your communication. Maybe you enjoy poetry or song-writing to convey your feelings. Alternatively, your ego is strong because it’s in the 9th house; it’s in a good place. That means that you follow the rules and do as you are expected by society or in the eyes of your parents.

3rd Lord In 9th House Mercury for Aries and Cancer Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mercury in 9th house for Aries and Cancer Ascendant means you are likely to be an author or acknowledged public speaker. This is because you already represent the 3rd house of communication through speech and writing. In addition, public speaking and publication are in the 9th house, so you will likely succeed as a published author. You write in the 3rd house and it gets published in the 9th house. Therefore, you have done the hard work that comes with writing and now it’s going to pay off. Further, you have done all the networking and building of important relationships that have allowed you to get this far. Also, you will travel abroad to enhance your education, perhaps at a young age. You may decide to develop your business skills through education as well. So, you may decide to go further in school – you may seek to get a Master’s degree, for example.

3rd Lord In 9th House Venus for Leo and Pisces Ascendant

The 3rd lord Venus in 9th house for Leo and Pisces Ascendant means you may marry someone in a far-away country. Consequently, if you are a man, you may make a long-distance trip to meet your wife. In addition, you also use long-distance travel as inspiration in that you gain spiritual enlightenment. Venus in the 9th house shows you may meet your wife (significant other) in a foreign country, and you may marry someone who is quite religious or philosophical. In addition, they may be open and curious about other cultures or intellectuals. Further, your spouse will be highly educated and have a significant impact on you. So, they will likely motivate you to be successful in your pursuits and bring you good fortune. In addition, they are likely to be clear and independent thinkers, have good judgment, and appreciate the pursuit of knowledge. As a result, you will have a happy marriage that brings you the benefits of both spiritual and financial success.

3rd Lord In 9th House Mars for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mars in 9th house for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant means you are likely to be a sportsman. This means you are able to intensely focus on your goals. Further, you are someone that commits to excellence and exhibit abundant desire and motivation. Therefore, you may be a coach for fight training like martial arts or boxing. That is because Mars represents courage in combat. This is a good placement for sports. Therefore, you behave like an athlete who has the mindset to never give up and won’t quit until they win. This means you are strong both physically and mentally. In addition, your brothers and male friends assist you in your physical endeavors. Maybe they hold the timer as you train or become your sparring partner. Alternatively, you may not be an athlete, but someone who works in less aggressive fields like engineering or medicine. That is because you communicate well, are organized and conscientious. In addition, you are persistent in advocating for others.

3rd Lord In 9th House Jupiter for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant

The 3rd lord Jupiter in 9th house for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant means you are regarded as a coach or a guru to others. You like to act as an intellectual guide. Further, you may be a sports coach, one who trains fighters or martial artists. Moreover, you are an active listener and provide positive, constructive feedback to those you coach. They trust you and you, in turn, value them. This is because the 3rd house represents your artistic skills and your willpower. And so, you may also act as a guru for other people. Therefore, you can be a teacher, maybe even an art teacher or teacher of philosophy, culture, or religion. You are someone who is approachable and compassionate. Yet, you are somebody who respects your own teacher or your own personal guru because you feel they helped you build your communication skills from an early age. As a result, you may feel a deep devotion towards your gurus or teachers.

3rd Lord In 9th House Saturn for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Saturn in 9th house for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant means you will have some obstacles in your pursuits as a traveler. You are also someone who learns from other people, especially gurus and siblings. However, Saturn is an interrupter; it demands structure and discipline. Therefore, you may feel frustrated because your progression is being suspended. That means you may have a difficult time because you may run into people that don’t share your beliefs or principles. Or maybe you won’t be able to attend those esteemed institutions or be a published author. Alternatively, you may not graduate or complete your education for an extended period. However, you have a strong relationship with your family and get along well with your teacher or mentor. But this house can make you feel stuck because it is delaying you or holding you back. Therefore, you may find your communication skills develop slowly and your teacher will be hard on you, perhaps they may even get into a physical altercation with you.

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