3rd lord in 11th house

Meaning of the 3rd Lord in 11th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 3rd Lord in 11th House for All Ascendants means that all of the abilities you use to communicate with other people in your network circle are done solely to bring large organizations and institutions together. You like to gather big ideas in your mind, ones that can uplift your surroundings and the society you live in, and use your communication, writing and speaking skills to bring these ideas to life. You’re an innovator that writes, speaks and communicates publicly to help organizations innovate, get larger funding and become successful. You’re a means of connection for large corporations, and whether it’s your speaking skills, your writing skills that you put out there, or your artistic ability that the people in your network so love, you use them to connect the dots for things larger than you, providing the anticipated success to organizations that they want from you. However, a lot of specific aspects of your innate communication skills benefit you in a certain way, solely depending upon what planet rules the 11th house, which is discussed as follows:

3rd Lord In 11th House Sun for Gemini Ascendant

The 3rd lord Sun in 11th house for Gemini Ascendant means that a lot of different aspects related to your personality and your life, in general, become a section of a large corporation, typically residing in the political or government arena. The sun represents your self-esteem, your ego and your personality, and as mentioned before, all are enclosed in a larger network that deals and interacts with people around you, confidence for which was given to you by your father, which is represented by the sun. Since the third house is also the house of siblings, your siblings play a large role in shaping your personality into what you are today, allowing you to create networks. Here, the sun ruling the third house represents that younger siblings are way more mature than the older ones, and with their help, you’re more aware of how to create a social network, and how to converse with other individuals, typically within the law, political or executive positions, as mentioned before.

3rd Lord In 11th House Moon for Taurus Ascendant

The 3rd lord Moon in 11th house for Taurus Ascendant means that your mother, who plays a big role in your upbringing, is quite active socially, and has a liking to making social interactions in her circle, and it is through her that you’ve developed strong social interaction skills, and learned how to deal with other individuals. Moon stands for a lot of different things, but most importantly in this context, it represents a motherly figure, your way of thinking and your collective emotions. For you, achieving emotional peace and balance only comes through interacting with the people around you. With the moon controlling the 11th house, its significance in your life not only becomes about writing, like it is in the 3rd house but more about the state of your mind.

3rd Lord In 11th House Mercury for Aries and Cancer Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mercury in the 11th house for Aries and Cancer Ascendant means that you’re going to use your logical skills and intelligence as a way to make connections with people in a social setting. As a representation of writing, sculpting, speech, sculpting and business, with Mercury ruling your 11th house, you’ll most likely end up in big organizations that are centered around the mentioned categories, and make use of your mental abilities to form lasting connections. You will fulfil your hopes and wishes through your hard work. Though not a writer at heart, you’re able to bring a corporate organization together by funneling your intelligence through writing proposals. Through efforts made while making connections with other people is how you will gain benefits in this position, and since Mercury itself stands for corporations and business, ultimately, connecting to other people like this will ultimately be beneficial for you and your business, and will bring your financial success in your corporate life.

3rd Lord In 11th House Venus for Leo and Pisces Ascendant

The 3rd lord Venus in 11th house for Leo and Pisces Ascendant means a high number of female individuals in your network, which can be interpreted in a way that women, that you hold close, will aid you in gaining success and benefits. You’ll be able to use your communication skills to receive the success that channels through women around you. Chances are, the large social circles you’re present in, will also provide you with your life partner, and it is through communication that you will be with the woman you love. Venus, most importantly, is a representation of a wife, and with the 11th house under its control, it shows that you’ll most likely stumble upon your life partner in a big corporate event or a function. Additionally, since Venus also represents your creative ability, it’s ruling the 11th house points to the financial gains you can make by putting your acting skills to use in your respective network. The organizational world you so live in provides benefits to those people that can impress others with their conversational skills and swindling the right people, and with Venus ruling your 11th house, you’re capable of that.

3rd Lord In 11th House Jupiter for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant

The 3rd lord Jupiter in 11th house for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant means gains for you in the aspects of a variety of different things. Starting, Jupiter is the representation of things like religion, spirituality, finance, inner self and children. With Jupiter going into the 11th house, it represents that you’ll be gaining or achieving all of the aforementioned things. The planet, being a strong significator of finance as well, shows that you have a strong notion of excelling in the stock market field. You’re a natural teacher, which is why it’s really easy for you to teach others and market your ideas through communication. You have a strong future for having a seat in large corporate organizations where you have to market certain ideas or teach something, which can include finance and spirituality, to other individuals. However, your skills are not limited to financial numbers and mundane mathematical tasks, it can also be classical music or your passion for art that you can take with you into the corporate world, showcase and teach to others.

3rd Lord In 11th House Saturn for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Saturn in 11th house for Scorpio and Sagittarius Ascendant stands for the hardships in your life that you have had to face during the early stages of your innocent childhood, typically centered around the hardships of you having to make connections and creating social networks with the people present around you. Saturn is a planet that represents hardships, frustrations, delays, and things that are present below the ground, which relates to the situation just mentioned. However, with Saturn ruling the 3rd house, it goes to show that you’ll be gaining success through your younger siblings, typically those who have a large age gap compared to you, which is signified by the “delay” that Saturn represents among other planets. This is because Saturn takes the longest time to revolve around the sun, which signifies the elongated periods between your birth and the birth of your siblings. However, even though you’ve had quite a hard time making meaningful connections with people your age during your childhood, Saturn took its time to teach your virtues like patience and focus, which will help you now in creating large and benefitting social networks. On that note, since Saturn is a significator of masses, it shows that you’ll be able to communicate and, consequently, control a large network of people through your innate communication skills as well.

3rd Lord In 11th House Mars for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mars in the 11th house for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant means you will gain success through the male people in your life, especially your male siblings that you share blood with. However, that comes with its pros and cons, which are, respectfully, being more organized and having an aggressive attitude towards your older siblings.

For Virgo Ascendant, if Mars is controlling the 11th house, that means it’s quite close to its debilitation degree, which doesn’t mean a lot of good things for you. It goes to show that, as a person, though you have a lot of ideas in your mind, mustering up the courage to start a work of your own, perhaps a business, is quite hard for you. In addition to this, this can also show that you tend to get into a lot of communicative fights in your circle.

On the other hand, for Aquarius Ascendant, Mars ruling the 11th house represents the consistent efforts and hard work that you put in towards the gain of education, spirituality, religion and philosophy. You like exploring on your own and diving deeper into the studies of the inner self and high powers, mostly related to religion. However, you’re quite forceful when it comes to smearing your religious views on the people in your network circle.

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