3rd Lord In 2nd House

Meaning of 3rd Lord in the 2nd House for All Ascendants

In general, the 3rd Lord in 2nd House for all ascendants means you put the effort, hard work, and determination into developing your personal finances. In addition, younger siblings, cousins, family, neighbors, and people you are close with influence your values and speech.

3rd Lord Mercury In 2nd House For Aries Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mercury in 2nd house for Aries Ascendant means your resources and income comes through writing, speaking, communication, social media, sales, business, marketing, accounting. or skillfully using your hand. This is because Mercury relates to skills and communication, and the second house is how you make a living. In addition, your younger sibling can help you earn money and can be your business partner in a family company. On the other hand, with mercury in your second house, you can very well have your own business marketing or managing other people’s money. You can be the financial manager or accountant of a family business. Nevertheless, this placement shows that siblings and people you are close with help develop your intelligent speaking power. Friends, family, and siblings shape your communication skills. You can make money with handcrafted hobbies or any hobby you enjoy.

3rd Lord Moon In 2nd House For Taurus Ascendant

The 3rd lord Moon in 2nd house for Taurus Ascendant means your mother helped develop your communication and speaking skills. Your mother also helps you earn money and you can be involved with your mother and a family business. On the other hand, when you have financial stability, you have mental in a motional piece. However, when you fall on hard times financially this can affect your emotional wellbeing. You have many unique and brilliant ideas on how to make money and develop your own personal resources. this is because Gemini is in your second house, and it gives you brilliant ideas. You’re also a brilliant writer; when you write it brings you mental peace and your writing skills can emotionally inspire others.

3rd Lord Sun In 2nd House For Gemini Ascendant

The 3rd lord Sun in 2nd house for Gemini Ascendant means you take the authoritative role when managing your personal finances and resources. Your father is a big influence when it comes to developing your speaking abilities. Therefore, when you speak, it can be powerful, which gives you the ability to influence others. On the other hand, a younger sibling or a friend may have taken the role of being a father figure; this individual gave you guidance on how to accumulate your own finances. On the other hand, since Sun relates to career and the sign of cancer which controls your second house and Cancer relates to hospitality. You can have your own business in the hospitality or food industry. You may be in a family business that was influenced by your father, government, or an authority figure. You take the authoritative role when it comes to taking care and nurturing your family. in addition, you are a father figure to someone in your family, but with a nurturing and caring personality.

3rd Lord Mercury In 2nd House For Cancer Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mercury in 2nd house for Cancer Ascendant means you are practical and have the skills and intelligence when it comes to managing your resources. You can make money in a technical field or when critiquing and analyzing are required. Therefore, you’re going to earn an income as a proofreader, editor, or critiquing. on the other hand, since the 2nd house relates to your voice when you communicate, you may often criticize other people; this is because Virgo rules your third house. Nevertheless, when you speak, you must present yourself perfectly or be very analytical with your choice of words.

3rd Lord Venus In 2nd House For Leo Ascendant

The 3rd lord Venus in 2nd house for Leo Ascendant means you earn a living when it comes to the agreements, negotiations, and even with your marriage partner. this is because the natural seven health of marriage and contractual relationships are coming to your second house of money. You also can make money through creative and artistic pursuits. Therefore, any creative hobby that you have a passion for can be turned into a ‘cash cow’. Or the other hand, your spouse can be involved with you in a family business. However, Venus is debilitated in Virgo for a Leo ascendant: therefore, you have a practical way of looking at marriage and you keep your head ‘out of the clouds’ when it comes to the responsibilities of marriage. On the other hand, Venus is a significate of a wife and a man chart. Therefore, a man can meet his wife through a family member or a family gathering.

3rd Lord Mars In 2nd House For Virgo Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mars in 2nd house for Virgo Ascendant means you put energy and effort into accumulating your own resources and increasing your personal finances. You’re actively involved with family members. However, since Mars is malefic, you may get into arguments with family members, brothers, or a particular person in your family. Nevertheless, since your third house is a Scorpio (which is the natural 8th house), you can make money managing other people’s resources. On the other hand, your tone is speech is aggressive and assertive, which can often intimidate others. You have the habit of using profanity when you speak; this is because Mars influences your choice of words to be to come across as harsh. Nevertheless, since Mars represent real estate, you can make money through property investments.

3rd Lord Jupiter In 2nd House For Libra Ascendant

The 3rd lord Jupiter in 2nd house for Libra Ascendant means you put effort and hard work into building your personal finances. This is because the family you grew up with, siblings, early education, and people you are close with help develop your wisdom or how to manage your own personal resources. You have the natural wisdom and knowledge to advise others on how to manage their finances. This is because Jupiter relates to wisdom and the ability to give advice, and Scorpio, which is the second house for a Libra Ascendant, relates to other people’s money. Therefore, this placement gives you the ability to be able to counsel others on how to invest, build, develop, and manage their personal finances and resources.

3rd Lord Saturn In 2nd House For Scorpio Ascendant

The 3rd lord Saturn in 2nd house for Scorpio Ascendant means you have to work harder than others to accumulate your own money and resources. Therefore, early in life, your ability to save money can be suppressed. However, through effort, discipline, hard work, and determination, you are able to make your resources grow exponentially. The ability to make money will increase at a steady pace as you get older and more mature. However, early in life, you could put in 10 times the effort to only receive a fraction of the reward. On the other hand, an older wiser person or a family member is responsible for helping to develop your communication skills and values in life.

3rd Lord Saturn In 2nd House For Sagittarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Saturn in 2nd house for Sagittarius Ascendant means you grew up in a family that valued hard work, discipline, structure, and organization. In life, you use these tools that were developed early on to make money and build your own wealth. Since your second house is on the ambitious side of Capricorn, and your third house is in the sign of Aquarius, which relates to the organizations. You can have a career in which shoe make money put effort into large organizations, helping people and the underprivileged. However, Saturn in the 2nd house can show that you can be frugal with your money; that is to say, you try to hold onto and keep every penny you make; this is because you’re afraid that your money can slip through your fingers.

3rd Lord Jupiter In 2nd House For Capricorn Ascendant

The 3rd lord Jupiter in 2nd house for Capricorn Ascendant means you are blessed with financial prosperity and good fortune. This is because Jupiter is a natural benefic, and it blesses every house it is placed in. You have a natural skill and talent for teaching people, especially in large organizations or dealing with groups of people. You can make money by being a public speaker spreading your knowledge to people. Or the other hand, since your second house is in Aquarius (which is the natural 11th house), it relates to elder siblings and younger siblings (3rd house) play a big role in developing your communication skills values and even help you build your resources.

3rd Lord Mars In 2nd House For Aquarius Ascendant

The 3rd lord Mars in 2nd house for Aquarius Ascendant means you put self-effort energy, and you take the proper initiatives to build your personal finances and resources. Since your second house is Pisces which relates to foreign entities, the second house naturally relates to money and resources. This shows that you take the effort to grow your personal resources with foreign banks, investments, and working with people of foreign birth. Your resources and your ability to save money can be due to having foreign investments. On the other hand, Mars in the second house show you enjoy eating spicy foods, especially spicy foods, and foreign dishes.

3rd Lord Venus In 2nd House For Pisces Ascendant

The 3rd lord Venus in 2nd house for Pisces Ascendant means you can make a living putting effort into the performing arts or a creative hobby. Therefore, you can grow your finance, through Acting, Vocalist, singing, fine arts, musicians, dance, acting, or creative writing etc. Even if you pursue these as a hobby being involved in the forming arts could help make you muddy and grow your finances. On the other hand, with Venus in the 2nd house, you have a beautiful tone to your voice, and you can be a talented singer. Your speech is very sweet; even if you are a man with a deep voice, you have a soothing tone to your speech pattern. On the other hand, Venus is the karaka of wife and a man’s chart; therefore, a male can meet his wife through a family member or in his immediate environment (3rd house).

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