Your Children’s Solitude

Anytime Putrakaraka is in 12th house peace and quiet is actually important for your children well-being. Being alone helps your children recharge their batteries. Quality time alone helps the native connect with internal ideas as well as feelings.

Your children are quite secretive and also enjoy personal space. A quiet atmosphere is actually essential. Your children end up being agitated if the environment is actually noisy.

Because your children enjoy their reclusiveness the native appears as a hermit to others.

People view your children as a puzzle, a person that is challenging to figure out, especially if the eighth ruler is positioned, conjunct, or even aspect this positioning in the individuals chart.

Your Children’s Spirituality

Your children reclusiveness is simply essential to cultivate their spirituality. Your children may spend time in holy places, ashrams, monasteries, churches, or perhaps in the security of one’s bedroom in religious practice or even reflection.

The native quickly connect with the metaphysical realm with the imagination and acquire messages. Your children can experience enlightenment easily.

Your Children’s Loss of Energy

Your children energy is quickly zapped when taking care of day-to-day typical issues. The native can recharge batteries when in reclusiveness. If your children doesn’t get the required reclusiveness to replenish, your children will experience physical health problems that can certainly cause a hospital stay.

Your Children’s Expenditures

The 12th house in Vedic astrology is the signification of expenditures. When the Putrakaraka is in 12th house the native has unneeded expenses. If the 6th lord is actually placed in the 12th house, your children may go into financial debt easily. With this placement, the native will definitely have to pay back karmic debts also.

Your Children’s Foreign Journeys

Your children have a deep passion for foreign travel. Your children travel to foreign lands absorbing new way of livings and also customs. Your children might have a long-term resident in a distant country if malefics are actually situated or even aspect the fourth house.

Your Children’s Lucid Imagination

Your children imagination is very picturesque. Through the creative imagination, the native leave schedules of typical daily life. Your children enjoy lucid visions and fantasies.

Whenever Venus (Shukra) is positioned in ones twelfth house, your children have a dream romantic partner. Within the secret world of the mind, the individual spends time with this dream love.

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