9th lord in 10th house

The 9th Lord in 10th House for All Ascendants

In general, the 9th Lord in 10th House for All Ascendants means, in basic essence, that you will have communication and interaction with people that work in a legal profession. Your work involves you being surrounded by a stream of people who are into the legal business, or that you’re having regular interaction with people who have careers in law. Additionally, the 9th lord going into the 10th house also shows that your beliefs, religion, and philosophy will have a strong impact on your career, and might even cause problems for you. Certain restrictions of your religion might also have a deep effect on your career, and disallow you to work in certain environments or fields. The 10th house represents your work life, and this position of the 9th lord represents that you’ll be bringing all the laws, regulations, and ethics, that you’ve learned from your parents your whole life, into your workplace. You’re the type of person that is quite strict about following the given laws at work, and you’re quite methodical in regards to your career. However, in contrast, your urge to follow the rules makes you restrict your opportunities, as you’re afraid to take big risks that might change your financial conditions. On the other hand, the 9th house represents “travel”, and since the 9th house is shifting to the 10th house, it shows that you’ll have to travel, whether voluntarily or not, because of your work. People from foreign places will come to you in regards to your work, or you’ll be the one going to foreign places to work.

9th lord in 10th house Sun for Sagittarius Ascendant

The 9th lord Sun in 10th house for Sagittarius Ascendant means that your respect, image, and reputation that you have among other people will be because of your father. Your father’s fame, his values, his reputation as a person is what others are going to think about when they visualize you. People around you seem to recognize you concerning your father more often than they do otherwise. Since the 10th house is a representation of the government, this can show that you might have some links in government, or that you have a future where you’ll be working for the government. In another interpretation, this can also mean that you’ve got some links in the governmental area, and you’re the man when someone needs to get a certain job done. However, the key point here is that people around you will see you in your father’s shoes, and visualize you as a person who has some form of interaction with the important government people.

9th lord in 10th house Moon for Scorpio Ascendant

The 9th lord Moon in 10th house for Scorpio Ascendant means that mental peace and satisfaction are only activated the most when you’re conveying your religious beliefs and teachings to other people, typically centered around your work environment. You feel comfortable being surrounded by people that will bring higher wisdom, knowledge, and values to you, and at the same time, you wish to communicate your religious values to them. This gives you a lot of potentials to have a successful career in fields like HR Managers, teachers, and political leaders. This is sole because your mind is quite comfortable devoting its energy to other people and expressing its belief to the people that surround you. Since the moon represents the motherly figure in someone’s life, this position shows that your mother is someone who subjected a lot of higher values and beliefs to you throughout your childhood. However, since the 10th house is a representation of the father, it shows that you possess this deep emotional connection to your father as well, and all your higher values are strongly connected to him.

9th lord in 10th house Mercury for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant

The 9th lord Mercury in 10th house for Libra and Capricorn Ascendant means that you’re quite comfortable and fond of motivating other people, and all of your collective abilities that include your logical intelligence, your analysis skill, your speech pattern, and your communication play are activated and play a big role in helping you do that. You tend to include your higher values and belief in your speech and have your way into motivating and convincing people of these values. With Mercury in the 10th house, you have the potential to be a great leader, or perhaps a manager, who can elevate the status of your society, community, or your workplace through strong communication, and enhance it to a much higher, much better level. Mercury here will give you the power to emotionally connect with other people, a virtue that can be deemed the most important one in politics and being the CEO of a company. Emotional connection with the masses is the key to winning in life, and you possess that gift.

9th lord in 10th house Venus for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant

The 9th lord Venus in the 10th house for Virgo and Aquarius Ascendant means that you have a never-ending passion for traveling, and you wish to be surrounded by people that also share this devotion for traveling with you. Different cultures, artistic values, and creativity get you excited, and you use traveling as a means to experience the aforementioned things and express them in your career or work field. This can also mean that, for men, you have a high chance of meeting the love of your life while you’re traveling with your work buddies, and your wife will be the one who instills a high portion of both religious and professional values. On a different note, you might just meet your wife at a meeting or a conference, where you hit things off and eventually travel abroad to experience new cultures. However, the important point here is that, since Venus is a representation of your ability to form connections and relationships, you’re quite confident and professional when it comes to making work-related relationships, which allows you to have a vast professional network.

9th lord in 10th house Mars for Leo and Pisces Ascendant

The 9th lord Mars in 10th house for Leo and Pisces Ascendant means you’re prone to bring a high concentration of fighting spirit and strict rules and regulations into your work environment. You’re very orderly and brutal when it comes to laws, especially the ones that revolve around religion and philosophy and can show the potential firefighter and policeman inside you. Typically, in this position of Mars, lawyers can be seen quite often. This is because Mars is a significator of law, and the 9th house is a big representation of the law. However, you’re not limited to these professions only. In your case, any place where you have to exert your intelligence and your mind, you develop an interest in that work field. You also possess a quality to motivate others, allowing you to become a motivational speaker at a high level, professionally. You have the gift to light a fire inside other people and encourage them to do things they think they cannot.

9th lord in 10th house Jupiter for Aries and Cancer Ascendant

The 9th lord Jupiter in the 10th house for Aries and Cancer Ascendant means that your collective beliefs are not highly logical. The belief system of yours will mostly be directed to working or under the government, or any place that has a lot of strict boundaries and laws that you will be forced to follow. However, interestingly enough, if the 10th house is debilitated, this goes to show that there will be a clash between your set of beliefs and the laws of your workplace. Your work environment will slowly become insufferable because of their unacceptance of your beliefs, which will be quite bothersome for you. On the other hand, this also shows the possibility of you becoming a guru of a certain profession that scams other people for your benefit. In the opposite sense, it also shows that you might be the one with a fraudulent coach or guru above you that is scamming you for their benefit.

9th lord in 10th house Saturn for Gemini Ascendant and Taurus Ascendant

The 9th lord Saturn in the 10th house for Gemini and Taurus Ascendant means that you’re very methodical and strict when it comes to your work or your workplace. You love to establish a routine or a set of laws for yourself when you’re working, without which you can’t be 100% efficient. On the other hand, while you want your workplace to be very rule-regulated and strict, you bring a stream of different ethical, religious, and philosophical views into your workplace as well, and you communicate it to your co-workers and the people around you. You refuse to work for the tiniest bit if you don’t see your required conditions where you’re employed. This position of Saturn shows that you’ll be quite comfortable working in administrative jobs, preferably in a government institution, where the routine is very strict and certain rules and boundaries are established. To be clear, this strictness loving personality of yours isn’t limited to administrative jobs, as it doesn’t matter if you’re an engineer, a dentist, or any other profession, you’ll be dealing with a lot of paperwork, and compartmentalize a set of different boundaries anywhere you go.

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