Your First Child’s Seclusion

When ruler of the 5th house in the 12th house in eastern astrology solitude is really essential for your 1st child health. Being all alone can help your 1st child re-energize his or her batteries. Quality time alone helps the native get in touch with inner ideas and emotions.

Your 1st child is very reserved and appreciate personal space. A serene environment is actually needed. Your 1st child become agitated if the space is loud.

Given that your 1st child enjoy his or her solitude the native seems like a lone wolf to most people.

Other people see your 1st child as a puzzle, someone that is hard to comprehend, particularly if the eighth lord is positioned, conjunct, or aspect this placement in the individuals birth chart.

Your First Child’s Spirituality

Your 1st child solitude is truly necessary to help enhance his or her spirituality. Your 1st child may possibly spend time in shrines, ashrams, monasteries, churches, or even in the solitude of one’s living space in religious practice or meditation.

The native easily get in touch with the spiritual realm with the creative imagination and obtain messages. Your 1st child can experience moksha easily.

Your First Child’s Loss of Vitality

Your 1st child vitality is effortlessly zapped when handling everyday mundane problems. The native can easily charge batteries when in peace and quiet. If your 1st child do not acquire the required solitude to renew, your 1st child can easily experience health problems that can result in hospitalization.

Your First Child’s Expenditures

The 12th house is the Karaka of expenditures. If the ruler of the 5th house in the 12th house the native has unneeded expenditures. If the 6th lord is actually placed in the 12th house, your 1st child can easily go into financial obligation quickly. Through this placement, the native is going to need to repay karmic debts as well.

Your First Child’s Foreign Travels

Your 1st child takes a deep interest for overseas travel. Your 1st child travel to overseas lands soaking up new way of lives and customs. Your 1st child may have a permanent resident in an offshore country if malefics are actually situated or aspect the fourth house.

Your First Child’s Vivid Mind

Your 1st child has a wild creative imagination. Through the creative imagination, the native retreat from cycles of mundane daily life. Your 1st child experiences fantasies and dreams.

Whenever Venus is in the 12th house, your 1st child has a fantasy special someone. Inside the secret realm of the mind, the individual spends time with this fantasy love.


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