22 Major Arcana Cards of A Tarot Deck

Meaning of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards

The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards. They represent the many different stages the soul travels while living in the physical world. They symbolize more permanent conditions in our lives whereas the minor arcana represent temporary conditions.

The word Arcana means secret in Latin. Through the subconscious mind, we all have infinite access to the secrets of the soul. This gives us the power to manifest our physical world as we desire. Since our true self is the soul, and the body is a vehicle for the soul; therefore, the Major Arcana symbolizes our journey on earth from the soul’s perspective.

The major arcana represents pure undiluted energy. In addition, it also symbolizes forces in the physical world that are highly energized. The energy of the Major Arcana is more intense than the minor arcana cards. Therefore, the Major Arcana is a direct channel to the highest spiritual energy in its purest form. As a result, if we channel this energy correctly, we can experience all the positive aspects of the major arcana. As a result, this is expressed as positive experiences on the earthly plane, such as love, money, success, and good health. They can reveal psychological impressions. These psychological impressions influence your thoughts and actions in the mundane world.

In summary, the Major Arcana represents the journey of our soul in the physical world. They reveal information about our spiritual purpose. They unveil the divine order of the universe. For instance, they can help us understand and deal with major changes like death and sudden changes.

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