Marriage Prediction Reading

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You are purchasing a marriage prediction reading. I will analyze your horoscope using Vedic Astrology Secret Marriage Techniques and provide the 2 best times for marriage.

This technique is different from my relationship prediction reading because I analyze all your marriage points (darakaraka, seventh house, seventh house lord, vivah saham point etc.) along with your D9 (Marriage Chart), Vimshottari Mahadasha, Chara Dasha, and transits of Jupiter and Saturn to predict marriage, I use a technique similar to the Megan and Prince Harry Marriage Case Study. I have used this technique on hundreds of charts to predict marriage accurately.

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Before Your Marriage Prediction Reading

  1. Once you have completed your purchase, expect to receive your reading in 3 weeks.
  2. While waiting for your reading, a free horoscope report will be emailed to you. Please check to make sure your birth data is correct.
  3. Please send your top two questions about marriage in advance to guide our discussion.
  4. This reading is available to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. If you are gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgender, please let me know ahead of time and share any gender preferences you have for your partner. This will help me know what I need to look for in your chart.

After Your Marriage Prediction Reading is Complete

  • After I analyze your horoscope to identify the best times for marriage, you’ll receive a one-page summary of my findings in a PDF.
  • I will answer one post (after reading) question.

Before Making A Purchase, Please Take Note.

  • I DO NOT tell you if you have a denial of marriage in your chart; I just provide the best times for marriage.
  • I DO NOT tell you if you are meant for marriage.
  • I DO NOT verify your birth time; please ensure your birth time is accurate.
  • THIS IS NOT a compatibility reading; although I can tell you the characteristics of your future spouse, I cannot tell you if you are compatible with a person you are in a relationship with, or someone you have an interest in. Compatibility reading is another service that requires looking at both horoscope reports (you and your partner)
  • THIS IS NOT a phone or audio reading, your reading will be provided in written form and delivered in a PDF.
  • NO REFUND POLICY. Once a purchase is made, Refunds are not offered. Please be certain you want a reading before purchasing.


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