Master Guide to Palmistry: Learn How to Read Palms the Quick and Easy Way
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Master Guide to Palmistry: Learn How to Read Palms the Quick and Easy Way

What is Palmistry?

Studying palmistry is an ancient practice of analyzing the lines in a person’s hand to foretell someone’s future, temperament, personality, spiritual path, past life, or physical health. The lines in our hands are unique like our fingerprints. Learning palmistry can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. Palmistry can help heal emotions and mental blocks by uncovering the root of all pain and revealing obstacles that may be holding you back in life.

How Can Palmistry Be Used?

Since palmistry is a language used to speculate or predict a person’s future or personality, it can be used to foretell when a person will get married, how many children a person will have, a person’s career destiny. In addition, palmistry can also foretell whether or not someone will be rich, or if the person will live a long and happy life.

Also, palmistry can be used to foretell a person’s characteristics or temperament such as whether a person is adventurous, courageous, loving, thoughtful, emotional, or a lover of solitude. Palm reading can also predict a person’s life path or destiny. For example, when small vertical lines are shown directly below the little finger it’s a sign that a person was meant to be a spiritual healer or doctor. On the other hand, if there is a stick figure underneath the index finger this means that the person will marry someone who will be poor when they meet them but later acquire wealth. Also, if there are small pyramids in certain areas of the palm it is a symbol that the person may have been a priest or priestess in ancient Egypt skilled with healing with herbs.

Palmistry Basics – The Major Lines in Your Palm

Learning the fundamentals of the basics of palmistry s is just the beginning of a bright and wonderful future as a palm reader. If you are curious about the lines in your palms and what certain lines mean, studying palmistry can reveal a whole new world that is just at your fingertips. Continue reading below to learn the basics of palmistry. Mastering the fundamentals is just one step further to a knowledgeable path as an experienced palmist.

Palmistry Marriage Lines

The marriage lines (also called) can predict marriages or deep relationships. The reason why experienced palmists now call these marriage lines ‘union lines’ is because nowadays many relationships do not lead to marriage due to people’s values and views on marriage. Many couples who live together will have strong marriage lines. However, if these individuals were dating 50 years ago these lines would indicate a marriage because of the social values then.

In summary, marriage lines can forecast when a person will get married or be involved in a deep relationship.  The marriage lines are shown as horizontal lines under the little finger. Everyone wants to know when they will get married and if the marriage will be a long-lasting and heartfelt one. When a relationship is approaching, the marriage lines will look very strong, deeper. This indicating that the person is about to be in a marriage or deep relationship.  On the other hand, when the timing is completely off, or a person has no desire for a deep relationship (yet one is approaching) the marriage lines will look very faint and thin.

Timing of Marriage and Relationships – When Will I  Meet Someone Special?

The timing when a person will meet someone special or be involved in a deep romantic relationship can be accurately foretold by dividing this area by two lines. The first line marks the age of 25, and the second line marks the age of 50. For example, a marriage line before the first marking can show a relationship before age 25. On the other hand, a marriage line found after the first line but before the second line shows a relationship before age 50 but after 25. Any marriage lines after the second line foretell a relationship after 50.

When the Marriage Line Ends in a Fork.

Marriage lines that end in a forks is a sign that the person will have difficulties in the relationship. If the person is married, a divorce is imminent.  Nevertheless,  if the person is dating someone a breakup is possible. Overall, marriage lines that end in forks foretell that the relationship the person will be involved with in the future, or currently involved with will not last very long for various reasons.

When the Marriage Lines has an Island.

When the marriage lines have a small circle (islands) inside of them this foretells a period of separation. This separation may be because the two people may have grown apart and need some time to sort things out or there is heavy traveling due to career obligations that are keeping them apart. If the marriage lines continue on after the island this shows that the two people will be reunited.  If the marriage line is deeper after the island, their relationship will be stronger and more heartfelt.

When the Marriage Lines Cross the Heart Line.

When the marriage lines crossed the heart line, it can be a sign of a very passionate relationship, filled with fireworks and romance.

When the Marriage Lines is Broken.

When the marriage lines are broken, it can foretell lots of stress and strain in the relationship. This frustration can lead to the couple feeling distant from one another or they will be unable to express their emotions to each other. However, under this circumstance, the couple can work out the difficulties with communication and expression of their feelings. Once the relationship is repaired, the broken marriage line will also be repaired.

Palmistry Children Lines

The palmistry children’s lines can predict when you will have children, how many children you will have, and if your children will be boys or girls. The children’s lines are the vertical lines found directly underneath the little finger. Each vertical lines that pass a marriage line represent a child that the person will have. The vertical lines will be straight for a boy and angled for a girl.

Many times, an experienced palmist can predict how many children you will have and the characteristics of each child. For example, if there is a small eye in one of the children’s lines this can indicate that the child may have the gift of sight and can be clairvoyant. The child can have prophetic dreams and have high intuition.

Having many vertical lines on this side of the hand does not necessarily mean that the person will have biological children. In many instances, short vertical lines that do not pass the marriage lines can indicate that the person may parent others by showing them deep compassion and a nurturing heart. Many nuns who look after foster children usually have many of these vertical children lines under the little finger.

Head line Palmistry Basics

Learning the basics of the head line can reveal a person’s intellect and how a person’s mind works, like how one processes information. For instance, a head line with many frays and breaks can indicate a person who worries often and may be hesitant to act on ideas because of their dark thoughts. The head line can also point out the development of a person’s physical brain, it can also reveal health issues related to the physical brain. If the head line is longer than the heart line then a person’s head rules their heart. This means that this type of person will think things through before committing to a project or relationship.

Palmistry Head Line Your Intellect

The head line starts near the life line which is just below the index finger. The head line most often ends a couple inches below the little finger. The way the head line begins can forecast a person’s characteristics. The head line can start directly inside the life line, be tied to the beginning of the life line, or slightly touch the beginning of the life line. On the other hand, where the head line ends determines the length of the head line. When the palmistry head line ends under the middle finger, it is considered short; however, if it ends under the ring finger the head line is considered to be very long. The head line can also be curved or straight as it crosses the center of a person’s palm.

When The Palmistry Head Line Begins Inside the Life Line.

When the palmistry head line begins directly inside a person’s life line. This indicates that the person is shy and reserved. The person may also have self-confidence issues and may need constant approval from other people to feel good about themselves.

When the palmistry head line is attached to the beginning of the life line.

When the palmistry head line is attached to the beginning of a person’s life line, the person is dependent on positive feedback and advice from their friends and relatives on how to go about living their lives. This type of person is also likely to be best friends with many relatives because they value their opinions so much. They love being around family and like to be a part of groups or organizations.

When the head line ends under the little finger. The long head line.

When a person’s palmistry head line ends under their little finger, it is considered long. These types of people are usually very versatile and multitalented. They are usually the master of all trades and can be successful at more than one career or business venture. People with long head lines also like to increase their knowledge and share this knowledge with others.

When The Head Line Ends Under The Ring Finger – Short Life Line

When a person’s palmistry head line ends under their ring finger it is considered to be short. These types of people are very heartfelt and they like to focus on one interest or subject and master it to perfection.

When The Palmistry Head Line Is Curved.

When a person’s palmistry head line is curved this indicates that the person has a vivid imagination. The person may use this vivid imagination for creative endeavors such as writing poetry, short stories, or fantasy books. This person often fantasizes about their dreams coming true; through their vibrant and colorful images and in combination with their fertile subconscious mind they usually get what they want… their desires manifest into reality.

When The Palmistry Head Line Is Straight.

When a person’s palmistry head line is straight this indicates that the person is strong-minded and takes a risk in a structured manner. These types of people like to form a firm foundation, like making sure their home life and career are stable. People with straight head lines may desire and most likely own their own home and have a solid position in their career, whether they are working for a company or themselves (in their own business). Every project or venture they seek will usually be long-term instead of short-lived. These types of people of very practical and down-to-earth.

Life Line Palmistry Basics

Learning the palmistry basics of the heart line can reveal major life events and physical energy. The life line can forecast whether a person is active or inactive. The life line can also reveal if the person likes physical activities such as running, hiking, or working out at the gym or if someone prefers to live a sedentary lifestyle. For example, if the life line is curved to the center of the palm this person has an adventurous lifestyle, is daring, and takes chances. Activities like skydiving or bungee jumping would be an ideal pastime for this type of person. On the other hand, when the life line curves more towards the thumb these types of people may live an active lifestyle and prefer to stay at home and watch a movie on the couch instead of seeking adventures, these types people may also be resistant to change. There are many speculations about whether the lifeline can reveal how long a person will live; however, this line can reveal a person’s overall general health and enthusiasm in life, but not how long a person will live according to a modern palmist.

The Life Line Overall Physical Health

The palmistry life line can foretell a person’s overall physical health (or life force energy.. as some may call it). This may include physical strength and vitality. The life line is the line that circles the thumb and begins under the index finger and usually ends at the bottom of the palm (for people with a long life line). The life line can also reveal inherited characteristics that have been passed down to you from hundreds of generations. The life line is also used to tell time by dividing this line into equal parts from age 7-80. When marks cross the lifeline where it begins, it can indicate much about one’s early childhood and personal relationship with their parents. The marks that cross the lifeline can also foretell when a person makes a major change like first job and prospects that one should take advantage of. Many people believe that the length of the life line can predict how long a person will live, unfortunately, this is a misconception. A person’s life is determined by their overall health and their desire to live. If someone’s life line is clearly visible in their hands and expands to the bottom of the palm, without any major frays or breaks this means that the person is very optimistic and passionate about life in general. These people always put their best foot forward in any plan or personal relationship. On other hand, if someone’s life line is very thin and hard to see the person is more likely to be wrapped up in their thoughts (a deep thinker) and view life as if they were looking through a looking glass instead of having a passion for expressing themselves in the physical world.

When the Life Line Is Widely Curved.

When the palmistry life line is widely curved these people are enthusiastic, outgoing, cheerful, and have lots of eagerness and zest for life. These are the type of people others hang out with to have a good time or for inspiration and advice. Others consult with these people because they believe they have more experience in life, and most do because they love being active participants in various activities. People with widely curved life line generally have many friends, love to meet new people. and love socializing regularly.

When the Life Line Narrow.

When the life line is narrow a person is generally a loner and loves to spend quality time with themselves, they may often be shy but they come up a shell when they are doing something they really like.

When There Are Two Life Lines.

When they are two palmistry lifelines, it is considered a double life line. People with two life lines can easily recuperate and recover from any sickness. A double lifeline is a blessing to have because it indicates the person will get through any physical challenge successfully because their body has the ability to heal quickly.

When Life Lines is Broken into Two.

When the palmistry life line breaks in the middle then resume stronger and more clear this can indicate a major move that will completely change the person’s life for the best.

Heart Line Palmistry Basics

Learning the palmistry basics of the heart line can reveal how one expresses their emotions. This line can foretell a person’s emotional nature. The heart line can point out how a person responds emotionally to events and how they express their emotions to others. For example, the heart line can indicate whether a person is warmhearted, cold-hearted, overly emotional, or detach. For example, people who have long heart lines are more emotional than those who have short heart lines. The heart line can also reveal what triggers a person’s happiness and romantic characteristics such as whether and a person is a passionate lover or cold in bed. The heart line can also be used to determine a person’s health, it can show how strong their physical heart is or if there are any signs of complications or diseases related to the physical heart. If the heart line is longer than the head line a person’s emotions rule logical thought. These types of people live off impulse instead of thinking things through.

The Heart Line Your Emotions and Physical Heart

The heart line in palmistry relates to the human emotions and physical heart. The heart line can reveal how a person reacts emotionally to the various events in their life, such as personal relationships. The heart line starts underneath your little finger and ends either just below the ring finger or middle finger. The heart line in palmistry is considered long when it ends below the index finger and is considered short if it ends under the middle finger. The heart line in palmistry can either be curved or straight. A test you can do at home to determine if your heart line is either straight or curved is to take a ruler and place it directly over top of your heart line. If your heart line is in alignment with the ruler then it is considered straight otherwise it is considered curved. For people with a long heart line, they are more emotional than those which a short heart line. If the heart line is straight a person’s emotions are balanced by their thoughts, these types of people, think things through before they act.

When The Heart Line Surpass The Index Finger – Very Long Heart Line.

When the heart line in palmistry extends past the index finger it is considered very long. People with these extremely long heart lines have a very passionate nature for life. They approach a romantic relationship with lots of zest, excitement, and passion. They can easily express their emotions with their lover and usually shower them with gifts.

When The Heart Line Ends Under The Index Finger – Long Heart Line

When the heart line in palmistry ends under the index finger, it is considered long. These people are very affectionate and loving. They live life as givers and receive love. They are very affectionate towards their partner and expect the same in return.

When The Heart Line End Under the Middle Finger – Short Heart Line

When the heart line in palmistry ends under the index middle finger the line is considered short. These people are not emotionally patient, especially in romantic relationships. When these types of people go through problems with their lover, they usually distant themselves instead of expressing how they feel. After some alone time to collect their thoughts these people are able to come to a compromise with their partners.

When The Heart Line In Palmistry Is Curved.

When the heart line in palmistry is curved these people always have an optimistic and upbeat nature. They are willing to work out any problem in the relationship no matter what it may be. People will a curved heart line have very deep emotions and live an energetic life. They also like to be involved with family and their community.

When The Heart Line in Palmistry Is Straight.

When the heart line in palmistry is straight these types of people have a reserved nature to them. They do not always reveal how they are feeling to others, because of this they may often appear to be cold and withdrawn on the surface, but they do have strong emotions but do not often show them. In a relationship, these type of people needs their space and their partners often have a hard time understanding how they feel.

Fate Line Palmistry Basics

Learning the palmistry basics of the fate line can show a person’s career, destiny, major life changes, adaptability traits, and the power of their will. Often, the fate line is not present in a person’s palm, but when it is present a palmist can help forecast major life events. When the fate line is not present in a person’s palm, this means that a person’s strong will controls their life instead of being subject to their environment. In other words, A person without a fate line has full control over their lives and is not influenced by unfortunate circumstances and setbacks. They can always see the light at the end of the tunnel and steer their way into clearer days. A person without a fate line may be fired from a job, but instead of glooming themselves into pessimism and drowning their sorrows in tears, they have the willpower to take control of their life. For instance, this type of person may start their own business and end up becoming a millionaire and may eventually buy the company that they were fired from.

The Fate Line Your Career Path

The palmistry fate line can reveal a person’s career path as well as major life changes. The fate line can expose how one adapts and develop themselves in the physical world. Their experiences in this world can lead to their ultimate fate in life or the realization of their goals. The fate line usually runs vertically and is centered to the middle finger. They are various beginning points where the fate line can start. The starting point of the fate line can reveal when a person will make their mark in the world, such as being firmly established in the career of their choice. The fate line can start anywhere parallel with the middles finger.

When the palmistry fate line starts below the head line

When a person’s fate line starts directly below the head line a person will usually be in their late 20s before they are firmly settled in a career that has a firm foundation and financial security.

When the palmistry fate line starts below the head line.

When a person’s fate line starts directly below the head line a person will usually be in their late 20s before they are firmly settled in a career that has a firm foundation and financial security.

When the fate line starts on the head line.

When the palmistry fate line starts before the head line these types of people usually have their first big success at age 30.

When the fate line starts between the head line and heart line.

When the fate line starts between the head line and heart line the person will be successful in their career at age 35.

When the Fate Line Starts Above the Head Line.

When a person’s fate line starts directly above the head line this can forecast that the person will be financially secure and well established in their career after the age of 40.

Palm Reading Guide – How to Become An Experienced Palmist.

This is a simple palm reading guide that can be followed consistently to help the novice palmist become an expert at palm reading. Becoming an experienced palmist doesn’t happen overnight it requires dedication, practice, and hard work. May palm reading guide books have been written to help develop a novice into a professional palm reader. However, if the person doesn’t take the time to practice, they will never truly become knowledgeable in the arts of palm reading. Please follow the palm reading guides below for wonderful tips on becoming an experienced palmist.

Palm Reading Tips

As you start in your palm reading journey it’s best to begin practicing with family and close friends. These people are more understanding and patient than a paying clients. Reading palmistry lines for family and friends will allow you to get the practice and experience you need to become an expert. When paying clients seek a palmist for a reading they expect the person to be knowledgeable in the subject and give them as much detailed information as possible with little error. When performing a reading for a paying client, they are putting their trust in your hands, and the client’s subconscious mind is open to suggestions. If you are new at palm reading and you misinterpret a line and tell the client that an unfortunate circumstance will take place in their life. Since the client’s subconscious mind is open to suggestions, (and it has been proven that whatever is impressed on the subconscious materialize in the physical world). The client may actually manifest this ill-fortune. So it is best to get as much practice on family and friends their subconscious is less open because they know you are learning and they may also find it fun and take errors less seriously.

Palmistry Party

It is best to let your family and friends know that you are studying palmistry so you can get as much support as possible. For practice, many novice palmists have palmistry parties in the privacy of their own homes. They invite a few close family, friends, and acquaintance and give them free readings. This practice would not only help you gain experience in the arts of palm reading but you also have a support network of people who are encouraging your success

Get Palmistry Readings Often from An Experience Palmist

Another great way to learn palmistry is to get readings often by an experienced palmist. When the palmist reads your palm and points out a certain event that will take place in your life, you can kindly ask the palmist which lines are related to that particular event. Not only will you have a very detailed reading, but you will be learning palmistry at the same time.

History of Palmistry

The history of palmistry and the practice of studying the lines in a person’s hands go back to ancient Egypt. The priest and priestess of the temples were skilled in analyzing a person’s hands for healing practices and also to speculating if a person’s birthright was to be initiated in the temples (pyramids) to become a priest, priestess, or pharaoh. The ancient Egyptians were able to link various parts of a person’s palm to the constellations in the sky. Astrology and astronomy which were considered one science in Ancient Egypt were closely related to palm reading. Palmistry was also practiced in ancient India, England, China, Japan, and in Roman in which gypsies foretold a person’s destiny and their future by analyzing the palmistry lines. Each culture has its own technique when analyzing the palmistry lines in a person’s hand

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